West Texas Rendezvous

Rendezvous in 2002 at San Angelo State Park.  Not very many trees in sight.

John Clark, Scout Executive of Chisholm Trail Council of Abilene, and Frank T. Hilton, Scout Executive of  Comanche Trail Council, Brownwood, met together several times a year for lunch and at other activities.  At one of these meetings the idea of having a joint camporee between the two councils was born.

A year was spent in putting together an organization to make this camporee happen.  Along the way, Concho Valley Council of San Angelo as well as the Buffalo Trail Council of Midland were incorporated in the planning group, and the “West Texas Rendezvous” was born.  This was the first time that these four councils had come together for such an event.

Several sites for this big event were considered.  The committee selected Hord’s Creek State Park, west of Coleman, as having the best facilities for such a large gathering of Scouts in one place.  The site was centrally located for the most number of troops that would be coming to this event.

The date April 18-30, 1995, was selected and the various events and activities for the weekend were divided up among the four councils.  Each council was responsible for a given number of competitive events.   Camping areas were surveyed so that each troop had the same amount of camping space, approximately 100’ by 100’.

Over 2,000 Scouts, Scouters and visitors came to the Rendezvous.  This was the largest event ever held in this part of Texas.  For most Scouts this was the next thing to a National Boy Scout Jamboree that they were able to see.  There were over sixteen competitive events, a snake display, model airplanes, the National Guard, Religious Awards display, hot air balloon, a helicopter from the Border Patrol, mountain men camp, Indian teepee camp and a fly over by the Confederate Air Force.

The second West Texas Rendezvous was held on April 25-27, 1997.  The weather was rather wet and cold.  Some 1,200 Scouts from the four councils participated in as many events as they could considering that they had four to six inches of rain that weekend.  A third event was held at Hord's Creek in April 2000, minus the wet and cold weather!

The fourth West Texas Rendezvous was held in San Angelo State Park, April 26-28,2002.  There were over twenty-five areas of events.  As in past Rendezvous, all events were patrol based for Boy Scouts and Webelos Scouts.  A large trading post with special rendezvous patches and other items from all participating councils was available.  The weather was hot and sunny.  One had to hunt for shade!

Fifth Rendezvous in 2004

The fifth Rendezvous was held at San Angelo State Park, April 23-25, 2004, involving four councils and some 1,800 Cubs, Scouts, Venture Crews and Scouters.  For the first time they featured several events for Venturing Crews.  Three of the four councils had a special Council Shoulder Patch (CPS) featuring the Rendezvous for purchase at their trading post. South Plains Council did not have a trading post nor a special Council Shoulder Patch.  The Rendezvous was part of the 94th anniversary celebration of the Scouts in Central and West Texas.  This was the second Rendezvous that it rained, but only on Friday night, and only after everyone had bedded down for the night. Saturday was a little cooler than most expected it to be but by afternoon, it was nice a warm and the sun came our.   Instead of troops being grouped together by council, they were mixed up just as they would be at a real National Jamboree.

Under the theme “Rekindle the Spirit”, Scouts participated in patrol events which reflect the skills of the program. These events included a climbing wall, barrel rolling, hoop rolling, rock chunk'n, paint ball target shooting, steer roping, atomic transportation,  tomahawk throwing, zip line and other fun activities including "When Pigs Fly" and the Amoeba Race.  Special events included Trail Bike rides, Kite Flying, Visit the Buffalo, 5K Run, a Scout Iron Man Event and an Orienteering Course (3 courses Located on the state park property).

San Angelo State Park is located about 2 miles West of San Angelo, off Highway 2288 on the shores of Lake O. C. Fisher.

An additional activity was a Jamboree Reunion of all Scouts and Scouters that had participated in a National Jamboree.  And of course, each council present promoted their group's attendance at the next Jamboree.  In this case, promoting the 2005 National Jamboree. The Rendezvous hosted a reunion of all persons who have participated in Wood Badge training.  Promotion was held for the upcoming course hosted by the Texas Trails Council.

A joint Rendezvous like experience was held by the Concho Valley Council and Texas Trails Council at Hord’s Creek State Park, west of Coleman, in late April 2010, as part of the Centennial Celebration of the Boy Scouts of America. Some 800 Cubs, Scouts, Venturers, Scouters and other participated in the weekend event.  The Sahawe Indian Dancers of Uvalde provided the entertainment for the Saturday night show.

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