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Truett McClung Memorial Scholarship

The Truett McClung Memorial Scholarship was set up at Angelo State University following his death.  The scholarship is a living memorial honoring McClung’s lifetime of service to scouting, youth and their pursuit of educational opportunities.  McClung was a long-time Scouter in San Angelo and a former professional Scouter.  The award is made to two or more students who are currently registered or past members of the Boy Scouts of America, who have at least a. “C” average in a minimum of 12 academic hours.

The Scholarship was set up in the spring of 1979 by a group of his friends following a memorial service for Truett McClung as the best way to honor a friend and educator.

1979-80 Will Allison
1979-80 Charles Allen Kujawa
1981  Kevin Wynn Alston
          Jon Behrens
          Kevin Wynn Alston
1982  Mike Brosig
1984  Stephen Ray Long
1984  Anthony W. Chambless
1986  Robert Fierro
1986  Jeffrey Cameron Wagnor
1986 Fall John D. Brennencan
1986 Fall Scott Walker Brookshire
1988 Spring Jonathan Robert Hilland
1988 Spring Robert Fierro
1989  Paul Hendricks
1989  Wes Wolfe, III
1990-91 Thad Scroggins
1990-91 Wes Wolfe, III
1992-93 Monty Gibson
1992-93 Thad Scroggins
1995-96 George Whaley, Jr.
1996-97 Jim Bates
1996-97 Lance Lunsford
1996-97 Amanda Russell
1998-99 Frederico “Rickey” Medina, III
1999-2000 Michael J. Erickson
2000 Fall Kevin K. Pearce
2000 Fall Michael J. Erickson
2001 Fall Michael J. Erickson
2002 Fall Charles Jeremy Hasty
2002 Fall Brigette Rosalyne Allen
2004 Fall Azchary Edward Holland

Gordon Buttery Memorial Scholarship

A memorial scholarship was established in 1988 in memory of Gordon Buttery by his sister, Dorothy Buttery Olson.  Gordon Buttery was an active Scout in Troop 2 of San Angelo.  He died of double pneumonia, at age 16, on Thursday, April 17, 1930.   He was an Eagle Scout, a recipient of the Chase Holland Award, attended summer camp, member of the Exhibition troop and the Kunieh Camp Society.  He was active in the First Christian Church and participated in debate, basketball, tennis and track.  Recipients have included the following:

1990-91 Monty Gibson
1992-93 Jack Massey
1993-94 Monty Gibson
1994-95 David O’Neill
1995-96 David O’Neill
1996-97 Lance Lunsford
1998-99 Louis Torres
1998-99 Brad Cory Gibson
1999-2000 Chris Evans
2000 Fall Anton  X. Malkowski
2000 Fall Justin Lewis Epperson
2001 Fall Jason Herm White
2002 Fall Bardley Justin Jones
2004 Fall Valeri Kery
2004 Fall Crystal Yungman

Clarence Wiseman Memorial Scholarship

1992-93 Thad Scroggins
1993-94 Jack Massey
1994-95 Martin Calvert
1995-96 Heatherm Burt
1996-97 Jenny Neddo
1998-99 Danny P. Miller
1999-2000 Danny P. Miller
1999-2000 Marsha Diane Baxter
2000 Fall Gilberto Padillo
2000 Fall Christopher Shrum
2001 Fall Justin Lewis Epperson

Information obtained for this page came from Panjandrum, A History of Concho Valley Council, Boy Scouts of America, 1911-2001 by Frank T. Hilton, 2000, Angelo State University and Concho Valley Council, BSA
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