Senior Scouts

When Senior Scouts were first organized in the 1920's they were developed as a means of keeping older boys in Scout Troops. There were several branches of Senior Scouting.  This included Sea Scouting, Explorer Scouting and Rover Scouts.  All were connected with a Troop. They wore a "Senior Scout B.S.A." strip over their pocket and had to be at least fifteen years old.  Rover Scouts had to be 17 years of age or older.  In other words, Senior Scouting was the advance program for Scouts "who can take care of themselves" according to the 1938 Edition of the "Handbook For Boys."

The first four Senior Scout Patrols in the Concho Valley Council were organized in 1936, with a roster of 81 Scouts. Eleven members were in the Senior Patrol of Troop 7 in San Angleo, Texas.  There were also Senior Scout Patrols in Troop 49 of Iraan, Texas, Troop 53 of Ozona, Texas, and Troop 8 of San Angelo, Texas.

The Senior Scout group in Troop 49 of Iraan was so large, when it was organized in November of 1936, that it was divided into two patrols.  There were eight boys in each patrol.  They spent three days of camping, fishing and squirrel hunting on the ranch of L. Jones in Fort McKavett, Texas, on December 29-31.

By March of the following year, there were only two Senior Scout groups still organized in the Council.  They were in Troop 7 and Troop 49.  They both participated in the Senior Scout Event at the Scout Circus held on March 5, 1937.  Later that year Troop 4 of San Angelo organized a Senior Scout patrol that met in the basement of the Baptist Church in San Angelo. By the end of the year there were Senior Scout Patrols in Troops 70, 71, 73, 76 and 77 in Del Rio, Texas on the border.

When the Scout Circus rolled around in 1938 they had nine Senior Scout Patrols participate. Later that summer, the Senior Scouts went to Big Bend in West Texas.  They also went on canoe trips, served as leaders in troop and council camps, and acted as officials in water meets and rallies.

1938 Senior Scout Trip to Big Bend

Information used on this page was taken from Panjandrum A History  of Scouting in the Concho Valley Council 1911 - 1941 by Frank T. Hillton, 1990.

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