Comanche Trail Council

First Scout Troops

Eastland/Oil Belt Council

Here is a list of the first Scout Troops in the Eastland/Oil Belt Council, when they were chartered, the first sponsoring institution and the first known Scoutmaster. 

Troop 1     Cisco                3/19/27
    First Presbyterian Church,  Robert M. Herron, Jr.
Troop 2     Cisco                3/16/27 
   First Baptist Church, John Tingley Maddux
Troop 3     Eastland            3/31/27 
   First Methodist Church,  Horace M. Condley
Troop 4     Cisco                3/18/27
     First Methodist Church, Ernest E.Tennon
Troop 5     Eastland            3/21/27 
    B.P.O. Elks #1372, Robert R. Huddleston
Troop 6     Eastland            3/27/27
     First Presbyterian Church,  Kenneth B. Tanner
Troop 7     Ranger              5/1/27 
  Central Baptist Church,  W. R. Clardy
Troop 8     Ranger              5/1/27 
  First Christian Church,  J. E. Fletcher
Troop 9     Cisco                5/23/27 
  First Christian Church, Harmon E. Crone
Troop 10   Ranger              6/1/27 
  Presbyterian Church, James E. Cox

Troop 11   Olden               8/1/27 
   Olden High School, G. Lewis Smith
Troop 12   Carbon             12/8/27 
  City of Carbon, Hurshel H. Nance
Troop 13   Okra                11/18/29 
  Citizens of Okra, Thurman Covey
Troop 14   Gorman            4/1/28 
  Baptist Church, C. H. Burton
Troop 15   Rising Star        4/25/28 
  American Legion, Otha V. Venable
Troop 16   Pioneer            11/11/28 
   Citizens of Pioneer, Lawton South 
Troop 17   Breckenridge    7/28 
  First Christian Church, Carl L. Garvin
Troop 18   Breckenridge   3/1/28 
  First Methodist Church, Irvin E. Jolly
Troop 19   Desdemona     6/13/29 
   Group of Citizens, Charles W. Andrews
Troop 20   Breckenridge   2/12/33 
   First Baptist Church, George D. Henshaw
Troop 21   Thurber   4/13/28    Baptist Church, 
  J. R. LaGrone

Pecan Valley Council

Here is a list of the first Scout Troops in the Pecan Valley Council, when they were chartered, the first sponsoring institution and the first known Scoutmaster.

Troop 1    Brownwood    3/28 
First Methodist Church, J. H. Ragsdale
Troop 2    Brownwood    5/11/28 
 St. Johnís Episcopal Church, C. L. Pouncey
Troop 3    Brownwood    10/15/30 
 Woodland Heights School, Tom Kellum
Troop 4    Brownwood    2/23/29 
 Central Methodist Church, B. H. Murphy
Troop 5     Brownwood   3/28 
Austin Ave. Presbyterian, E. M. Davis
Troop 6     Brownwood   4/20/28 
First Christian Church, James Ming
Troop 7     Brownwood   11/20/28
 Central Methodist Church,  J. W. Wilkes
Troop 8     Brownwood    3/28 
 First Baptist Church , O. E. Winebrener
Troop 9     Brownwood     4/23/28 
Brownwood  Heights PTA, B. C. Evans
Troop 10   Comanche     4/28  Unknown
Troop 11   Comanche     3/26/28 
Chamber of Commerce,  D. M. Bightman
Troop 12    DeLeon        6/10/31 
American Legion, T. Everett Hanson
Troop 13    Brownwood  11/7/32 
 Bell Plain Baptist Church, C. M. Rogers
Troop 14    San Saba       5/28 
 San Saba Rotary Club
Troop 15    Lampasas      8/31/28 
 Group of Citizens, Warren M. Talioferro
Troop 16    Goldthwaite   3/19/28 
 First Baptist Church, E. D.  Stringer
Troop 17    Goldthwaite   3/20/28 
 First Methodist Church, 
 Willliam M. Johnson
Troop 18    Stephenville   4/22/28 
 Stephenville Lions Club, 
 Lindsey W. Phillips
Troop 19    Stephenville   4/13/28
 Stephenville Lions Club, J. A. McMahan

Troop 20    Stephenville   5/28 
 Stephenville Lions Club, Reid B. Bassel
Troop 22    Dublin    8/16/28 
  First Methodist Church, Elmer Cox
Troop 23    Stephenville   1/16/31
  American Legion, Homer W. Tudor
Troop 83     Stephenville 6/31/83
  Paradise Imports, Ruben L. Encinos
Troop 88     Ranger  5/30/65
 Jaycees, Duke Dixon
Troop 90     Kempner  2/28/74
  S & T Uphostery Shop, William T. Theel
Troop 92     Brownwood 1992
  Lake Brownwood United Methodist Church
Troop 99     Breckenridge 9/30/60
  B.P.O.E. Lodge #1480
Troop 100   Scanton  12/31/59
 Group of Citizens, Alford Parks
Troop 101   Cisco  5/30/33
  First Presbytereian Church
Troop 102    Desdemona 12/31/38
  Group of Citizens, Charles Hensarling
Troop 103    Eastland  4/30/33
  Eastland Lionís Club
Troop 104    Eastland  9/30/57
 Douglas School PTA, Garland Washington
Troop 111    Cisco  12/11/55
 First United Methodist Church, J. D. Laws
Troop 115    Rising Star  4/30/33
 American Legion Post 433,  Otha V. Venable
Troop 122    Kempner  10/31/77
 First Baptist Church, Edward D. Oneill
Troop 130    Brownwood 12/31/74
 VFW Post #3278, John M. Stanley
Troop 168   Woodson  12/31/60
 Group of Citizens, Geroge W. Sullivan
Troop 268   Woodson  12/31/70
 Neighborhood Patrol, Laylon Peacock
Troop 287   Cisco  4/30/88
 American Legion Post #123,  Bruce D. Watson

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