Buffalo Trail Council

This annual event was held for many years at Webb Air Force Base at Big Springs, Texas. Units from all over the Council attended these events and joined in the competition. The many events offered were, swimming, ping-pong, car rodeo, auto mechanics, marksmanship, obstacle course, bowling, tennis, ·track events and chess.

Ist, 2nd and 3rd place medals were given to the winners of each individual event. Special team trophies were given in events of marksmanship, track and swimming. The Explorers could enter as many events as they wanted to, or as time would allow.
Meals were served at the base mess hall, the boys always enjoyed having their meals with the Airmen.

One year Webb Air Force Base brought in a huge transport plane to give the Explorers a plane ride. When we got in the air, the friendly pilot invited the kids to come up to the cockpit, two at a time to see how the plane was operated.  Things went well until one of the Explorers got airsick just as he reached the cockpit, then he proceeded to puke all over the pilot. When we returned to the ground, the pilot wasn't his old friendly self, he didn't even tell us good-by.

One Saturday night an Explorer social was held at Cosden Country Club, where the awards were presented. Many years the social was held at the Webb Air Force Base.

Information posted from pages of West Texas Cubs, Scouits and Explorers, by Olan B. Draper, 1973

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