Eagle Scouts of 

Chisholm Trail Council

Eagle Scout BadgeThe Eagle Award is the highest award that a Boy Scout can earn in Scouting.  The requirements for this award were printed in the first Boy Scout Handbook and required Scouts to be a First Class Scout for a period of one full year, showing that he had actually put into practice the ideals and principles of the Scout Oath and Law, the motto “Be Prepared” and the Daily Good Turn, had made an earnest effort to develop his leadership ability and earn twenty-one merit badges. 

 In the early days of Scouting, a Scout earned his Star Award by earning just five merit badges, being a First Class Scout and appearing before an examining committee.   For Life, a Scout had to qualify for ten merit badges and be a First Class Scout.  However, he had to earn the First Aid merit badge, which required six months service since becoming a First Class, and the Physical Development merit badge (which also required six months to earn) or Athletics.  In addition, he had to earn Personal Health, Public Health, and Life Saving or Pioneering. 

Later the requirements for Star, Life and Eagle were changed and additional required merit badges, community service and time requirements were added.  It was not until 1927 that Eagle Palms were added to the list of awards for Boy Scouts.  The Eagle Scout Award could be earned by adults until 1965.  In 1965, a requirement was added to Eagle that an Eagle Scout applicant must have served for at least six months in a youth leadership position since becoming a Life Scout. Adults could not do this so they could no longer meet all the requirements for Eagle. 

The record here of Eagle Scouts starts with the year 1923. We have not found records of Eagle Scouts listed before that time, although we know there were Eagle Scouts then.  There are gaps in these records and not all persons who earned the Eagle Award are known.  Also, for those counties that joined Chisholm Trail Council at a later date, we do not have the list of Eagle Scouts prior to their joining on this page, however, there are records of Eagle Scouts in Nolan, Fisher and Stonewall Counties prior to 1954 in the Buffalo Trail Council Eagle Scout List found at 


The names of Eagle Scouts in the former Chisholm Trail Council were taken from information provided by the Texas Trails Council, local newspapers and other sources.  Note: Those Eagles earned after 2002 were earned in the Texas Trail Council and their names will be found in that council's Eagle list.  Click on the dates below to go to the lists for those years.

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| 1984-1990 | 1991-1996 | 1997-2000 | 2001-2002 |

Key:  T - Troop    LS - Lone Scout    Post - Explorer Post    Crew - Venturer Crew    Ship - Sea Scout Ship


Baker, Terry T-1 Stamford 


Baker, Edward T-1 Stamford
Kight, Charles T-1 Stamford


Benton, Edward T-2 Abilene 
Cannon, Otey H. T-1 Abilene 
Day, Clarence C. T-1 Abilene 
Durrett, Harrison T-1 Stamford
Hanson, Edwin T-1 Stamford 
Hudson, Ike T-1 Stamford 
Mathews, Delma T-5 Abilene 
Milam, Aaron T-11 Abilene 
Sterling, Parker T-11 Abilene 
Wood, Carroll T-5 Abilene 


Barnes, Tom T-2 Abilene 
Callicoath, Welby T-1 Stamford 
Morgan, Jr., Jones T-7 Abilene 
Pollock, Byron T-3 Abilene 
Potts, Jim T-8 Abilene
Rector, Tommie H. T-1 Stamford 


Burnam, EdwinT- 3 Abilene
Carr, James T-22 Anson
Carter, Jr., George T-8 Abilene
Clay, Jr., Comer T-7 Abilene
Collicoatte, Ralph T-33 Stamford 
Edwards, Jack T- 22 Anson 
Evans, Morgan T-3 Abilene
Franklin, Mack T-2 Abilene
Hampton, Jerry T-22 Anson
Harp, Ralph B. T-38 Albany 
Hudson, George PottsT- 22 Anson
Jones, Jr., Morgan  Abilene
Lindsey, W. T. T-21 Anson
Lofland, William T-2 Abilene
McEachern, Vernon T-3 Abilene
Morris, L. J. T-22 Anson
Pittman, Randolph W.T- 38 Albany 
Schmidt, Benno T-1 Abilene
Tidwell, J. N. T-3 Abilene 


Harris, W. T. T- 8 Abilene 
Henderson, Mike T-11 Abilene
Johnson, Lee Roy T-2 Abilene 
Kuhn, Yewell P. T-10 Abilene 
McCurtain, Edmund T-14 Coleman
Morgan, Denman T-15 Hamlin 
Norman, Jr., A.N. T-11 Abilene
Osborne, Jr., Thomas T-1 Abilene 
Pope, Jack T-2 Abilene
Strong, Jr., Randolph T-14 Coleman 
Taylor, Robert T-29 Hawley 


Amy, Hurst T-8 Abilene
Baker, Altus T-4 Abilene 
Blailock, Harvey LS Sweetwater 
Bunkley, Tom T-53 Stamford
Carter, Weldon T-4 Abilene
Darsey, Jr., J. T.  T-20 Merkel 
Goulding, Lefebore T-12 Lueders 
Granger, W. Hanson T-4 Abilene
Harrell, Edw. T-20 Norfolk
Harrell, Gene T-22 Anson
Jackson, Jr., Rupert T-18 Baird 
Kelton, Norris T-18 Baird
Kincaid, W. L. T-2 Abilene
Lee, Naron T-15 Hamlin
Patton, W. O. T-19 Baird
Sheppard, Benjamin T-20 Merkel 
Whitaker, Bob T-2 Abilene


Allen, Billy T-49 Coleman
Allen, Weldon T-49 Coleman 
Baker, John C. T-22 Anson
Blake, Jr., Jack T-5 Abilene 
Bowyer, Mack Fisher T-22 Ansen
Brooks, Joe A. T-144 Rule
Clifton, M. A. T-11 Abilene
Davis, Austin T-42 Sweetwater
Dickinson, Tom T-8 Abilene
Moore, Charles T-11 Abilene
Parsons, Gerald T-42 Rule
Smith, Charles T-49 Coleman
Walter, Woodrow T-2 Abilene 


Allen, Otho T-42 Sweetwater
Barnes, Rigsby T-2 Abilene
Bernard, Ralph E. T-36 Haskell
Cook, R. Lowell T-40 Stamford
Eakins, Raymond T-33 Rotan 
Gardner, Parker T-53 Stamford
Hotchkiss, Bill T-13 Abilene
Metcalf, R. C. T-40 Stamford
Pauling, F. W. T-40 Stamford
Polk, James K. T-3 Abilene 
Latch, R. E. T-53 Stamford
Ramey, Jr., Frank T-53 Stamford
Rutherford, Joe T-40 Stamford
Selmon, Tony T-40 Stamford
Simpson, Ben T-40 Stamford
Stringer, J. B. T-18 Baird
Wisdom, Bill T-17 Putnam
Wooldridge, Bert C. T-17 Putnam


Adams, Jesse T-33 Rotan 
Brown, R. D. T-17 Putnam
Casey, Charles F. T-26 Tuscola 
Eastus, Jr., Robert T-13 Abilene
Gavin, T. J. Bud T-12 Abilene
Jodie, Isenhower T-17 Putnam
Woodward, Mac T-49 Coleman


Beard, Dearl Lee T-26 Tuscola
Bickley, Alexander T-8 Abilene
Blackwood, Wayne E. 26 Tuscola
Carr, M. H. T-26 Tuscola
Clark, Charles T-26 Tuscola
Daniel, Neil T-8 Abilene
Dunson, Robert T-13 Abilene
Heselp, Alvin T-17 Putnam
James, Winfield T-77 Abilene
Marstrand, Max T-8 Abilene
Robinson Connor T-26 Tuscola
Smith, Audas T-3 Abilene
Swindle, Delbert T-26 Tuscola


Bonneaux, Karl T-77 Abilene
Cheney, Jr. M. G. T-14 Coleman
Davidson, Ray T-3 Abilene
Doucet, Louis T-17 Putnam
Flewellen, Eugene T-14 Coleman
Hicks, Jesse A. T-26 Tuscola 
Milburn, Jack T-26 Tuscola
Palmer, Rex T-3 Abilene
Richardson, Mark T-3 Abilene
Richardson, Oran T-3 Abilene
Smith, Herschel D.T- 77 Abilene 
Steakley, George D. T-7 Abilene
Taylor, Doyle W. T-26 Tuscola 
Witten, Alton L.G. MBC Coleman


Breeding, W. L. T-1 Abilene 
Childers, Urbane L.T-7 Abilene
Culwell, Jerry T-8 Abilene
Jones, Kendall T-7 Abilene
Letcher, John B. T-3 Abilene
Mc Millin, Lloyd T-35 Haskell 
Mc Millin, Lon T-35 Haskell 
Myers, Jr., Frank T-4 Abilene
Reynolds, Glenn T-47 Albany 


Caldwell, James E. T-77 Abilene
Connor, Jimmie T-7 Abilene
Grant, Tommy T-13 Abilene
Hardin, Cran T-13 Abilene
Loftin, Roy T-13 Abilene 
Longmoor, Hugh T-3 Abilene
Place, Pete T-44 Rule


Berman, Gerson T-1 Sweetwater 
Boler, John T-40 Stamford 
Compere, Edward T-3 Abilene
Conner, Sam T-13 Abilene 
Day, James T-7 Abilene 
Ford, Robert T-27 Abilene
Gholson, Buster T-35 Haskell 
Harrison, Bland T-40 Stamford 
Haynes, Jr., Gordon T-30 Stamford 
Hodges, Charles T-1 Sweetwater
Holder, Frank T-3 Abilene 
Holliday, Bill T-13 Abilene
Holliday, Steve T-13 Abilene 
Horne, Evatt T-4 Abilene
Jobe, Harrel T-40 Sweetwater 
Langley, Earnest T-48 Sweetwater
Ludwick, Arvaid T-13 Abilene
Templeton, Horace T-13 Abilene 
Terry, John Edward T-40 Stamford
Walter, Robert T-7 Abilene
Whittington, Hillman T-37 Roscoe
Williams, Jr., Roy Lee T-17 Putnam
Wilson, Lester T-7 Abilene 
Wise, Billy T-33 Rotan


Bassette, Robert SM T-12 Abilene 
Beall, Jimmy T-40 Sweetwater
Boothe, Nelson T-40 Sweetwater
Bridge, Harry T-27 Abilene 
Cass, Edwin T-36 Haskell 
Clifton, Benjamin T-36 Haskell 
Crabtree, William E. T-74 Roby

1938 Contd

Gilbert, Jr., R. W. Bill T-13 Abilene 
Gray, Herman T. T-1 Paris
Gray, Jr., Justin T-77 Abilene
Headstream, Aubrey T-74 Roby
Heath, Cullen T-35 Haskell
Hunter, Hassell T-35 Haskell
Kemp, Billy T-36 Haskell TX 
Kuenstler, Paul T-35 Haskell
Larned, Joe A. T-36 Haskell 
Lowe, Hugh T-36 Haskell 
McCarty, Pat T-27 Abilene 
McClintock, Roy T-35 Haskell 
Moore, Theo Lee T-35 Haskell
Moore, Velton T-36 Haskell 
Morris, Jack T-36 Haskell TX 
Oates, Dan T-35 Haskell 
Odell, Jr., T. R. T-35 Haskell 
Pace, Theodore T-36 Haskell 
Patterson, James T-6 Abilene
Pittman, Jr., I. M. T-13 Abilene 
Patterson, William T-6 Abilene 
Reed, Jr., Curtis T-13 Abilene
Schultz, Jr., Phil T-13 Abilene 
Snow, Jr., William Riley T-13 Abilene


Arrayo, Frank T-12 Abilene
Beasley, Pat T-3 Abilene 
Behling, August T-47 Albany 
Cadenhead, Jr., James F. T-52 Wienert
Capps, Lavern T-47 Albany
Garrett, John T-8 Abilene 
Lee Jesse 40 Sweetwater 
McClintock, Dan T-35 Haskell 
Parker, Robert Lynn T-74 Roby
Pender, Hal T-13 Abilene 
Price, J. E. ASM T-12 Abilene 
Rankin, Jr., Layson P. T-5 Abilene
Rhodes, Tommy T-74 Roby 
Rodriquez, Frank T-12 Abilene 
Rodriquez, Lujerio T-12 Abilene 
Smith, Dott E. ASM T-27 Abilene 
Smith, Jr., Jugh V. T-17 Putnam 
Smith, Morris T-47 Albany 
Smith, Sam Henry T-8 Abilene 
Sollock, Doyle  LS  Rule 
Srygley, Ted T-13 Abilene
Strayhorn, Bartlett T-33 Rotan
Strayhorn, Joe T-33 Rotan
Walker, Jr., Parks T-13 Abilene
Whorton, Billy T-37 Roscoe 
Wooten, Jay T-13 Abilene 


Balzer, Jack T-41 Sweetwater 
Brown, Paul L. T-48 Sweetwater
Carter, Jr., Clinton T-33 Rotau 
Hamilton, James T-48 Sweetwater
Hamilton, Robroy T-41 Sweetwater 
Horn, Douglas L. T-48 Sweetwater 
Hrbasek, Albert T-41 Sweetwater 
Laughlin, Roger Lynn T-55 Royston 
Ledford, Hugh T-11 Abilene 
Martin, Charles Edward T-41 Sweetwater 
McClintock, A. D. T-35 Haskell
Paxton, Tom T-40 Sweetwater 
Pendergrass, Lewis 48 Sweetwater
Pendergrass, Pat T-46 Sweetwater
Roberts, Doman T-13 Abilene 
Taylor, Charlie T-41 Sweetwater
Whittington Harold T-48 Sweetwater
Wright, Boyd ASM T-4 Abilene 


Behling, Jack T-47 Albany
Berry, John T-42 Sweetwater
Bigham, R. C. T-33 Rotan 
Nichols, BillyT- 41 Sweetwater 
Sorells, Dan T-8 Abilene
Strayhorm, Wallace T-33 Rotan
Wheat, Curtis T-38 Albany
Wheat, Harold Dean T-38 Albany
Wilson, Fred A. T-33 Rotan


Barnes, Billy Bob 74 Roby 
Bolling, Johnnie 33 Rotan 
Nelson, Lawrence C. 41 Sweetwater 
Morton, Jr., William 42 Sweetwater
Parker, Jr., Thomas Post 33 Rotan 
Ramsey, Wayne V. 110 Abilene
Riddle, Don 110 Abilene 
Smith, A. T. 37 Roscoe
Tidwell, Charles Elmo 22 Anson
Webb, Layton 74 Roby 
Winniford, Joe 27 Abilene
Wortham, Byron Post 33 Rotan 


King, William T-6 Abilene 
Parmenter, C. W. T-74 Roby 
Parmenter, Henry Eugene T-74 Roby 
Peeples, Milton T-12 Longworth
Taylor, John L. T-33 Rotan 
Tefteller, Forrest Price T-74 Roby
Wilson, Dowl T-37 Roscoe 


Adkins, Royce T-35 Haskell
Barnes, Kenneth C.T- 74 Roby
Bennett, Billy T-47 Sweetwater
Bettis, H. C. T-74 Roby 
Bridges, Doye Ray T-21 Talpa 
Lovett, Don T-74 Roby
Mays, Fisher T-42 Sweetwater 
Meyer, Billy Ike T-47 Sweetwater
Ray, Benton T-44 Sweetwater
Reed, Winford Glenn T-4 Abilene
Rutledge, Bob T-6 Abilene
Weathersbee, Mac T-33 Rotan
Yonge, Jr., Jack R. T-7 Abilene
McAlister, Don T-7 Abilene
McBeth, Ted T-47 Sweetwater
Mohr, Charles T-4 Abilene 
Mohr, Henry T-4 Abilene 
Neinast, James Edward T-40 Sweetwater
Nichols, James Walter T-100 Abilene 
Rogers, John Norman T-6 Abilene 
Smith, Gene T-6 Abilene
Teague, Larry T-10 Abilene
Tefteller Neil T-74 Roby
Terry, Buddy T-12 Longworth 
Terry, Wayne T-12 Longworth
Toler, Charles R. T-12 Longworth 


Armstrong, Jr., Paul T-38 Albany 
Brookshire, Robert T-40 Sweetwater 
Callan, Maurice T-33 Rotan
Guitar, Jr., Earl T-7 Abilene
Haynes, Harold T-37 Roscoe
Herring, Julian T-7 Abilene
Hellums, David T-33 Rotan
Huston, Bobby T-40 Stamford 
Keese, Stanley T-42 Stamford 
La Rue, Bartel T-48 Sweetwater 
Lee, Jr., A. G. T-40 Sweetwater
Magee, Don Gayle T-4 Abilene 
Martin, Robert Lee T-33 Roby
McCain, Bruce T-12 Longworth 
McDaniel, Ward T-4 Abilene
Mitchell, James T-16 Abilene
Nash, Billy P. T-20 Merkel
Osborn, Fred T-4 Abilene 
Rowlett, John T-65 Denton 
Schubert, W. P. T-12 Longworth 
Sharpe, Larry T-4 Abilene
Smith, Gayle E. T-40 Sweetwater
Swinney, Jr., George T-7 Abilene
Tarter, Jr., Cleo T-44 Sweetwater
Williamson, Lynn T-37 Roscoe 


Appling, Euclid Post 42 Stamford
Arledge, Jack Post 42 Stamford 
Bragg, Charles T-74 Roby
Bratcher, Dusty T-40 Sweetwater
Curtis, Milton T-40 Sweetwater
Dugan, Robert T-2 Abilene 
Early, Tommy T-70 Sylvester 
Forgay, Jr., A. C. T-40 Sweetwater
Hardin, Jr., Herman T-44 Sweetwater
Hise, Bill T-2 Abilene
Kuykendall, Pete T-40 Sweetwater
Swindall, Scott T-70 Sylvester
Terrell, Paul (ASM) T-41 Sweetwater


Edington, James T-10 Abilene 
Neatherlin, Tommy T-40 Sweetwater
Price, Jimmy Dale T-40 Sweetwater
Terrell, Robert T-48 Sweetwater
White, Hugh Ship 1 Abilene


Bedford, Boyd T-49 Abilene
Dickenson, Robert T-40 Stamford
Woodruff, Don T-86 Santa Ana 


Bonner, Robert T-43 Hamlin
Boone, Troy Post 6 Abilene
Butler, P. L. T-17 Putnam
Foster, Robert Post 6 Abilene
Fulwiler, J. H. T-15 Abilene
Garner, Perry T-48 Sweetwater
Hayden, Tommy Ship1 Abilene
Randolph, Jr., H. Ship 1 Abilene
Stowers, Charles H. Ship1 Abilene


Callaway, Jerry T-27 Clyde TX 
Gillean, Jr., Otho T-42 Stamford


Adams, John Post 11 Abilene 
Armstrong, BobbyT- 3 Abilene 
Brown, Danny Post11 Abilene
Burnam, Joe Ed T-31 Coleman
Davis, Walter T-43 Sweetwater
Gardner, Allen T-1 Abilene
Haller, James C. T-1 Abilene
Hammond, Johnny Wayne Post 20 Merkel
Hammond, Sessions Post 20 Merkel 
Lane, Carroll Lee T-3 Abilene 
Mayfield, Bobby Post 20 Merkel 
Moore, Kenneth Post 20 Merkel 
Orr, Tommy Post 72 Odessa
Roberts, Lloyd T-1 Abilene 
Starbuck, George Post 20 Merkel 
Swafford, Gaston T-27 Clyde
Stokes, Jimmy T-31 Coleman


Arledge, Jimmie T-42 Stamford
Burnam, Kenneth T-31 Coleman 
Burns, Jimmy Clay LS Sweetwater
Green, Hall T-17 Putnam
Green, Ray T-17 Putnam
Guthrie, Gerald T-42 Sweetwater
Huls, Dale T-42 Stamford
Humphrey, Perry T-42 Sweetwater
Lumpkin, Edward T-33 Abilene
Powell, Roland Ray T-46 Sweetwater
McClung, Jack W. T-3 Abilene 
McGinnis, J. Neal T-59 Roby
Moody, Charles T-31 Coleman 
Pilcher, Benjamin T-8 Abilene
Ross, Jr., R. D. T-41 Stamford 
Smith, Bobby Neil T-36 Haskell 
Smith, Jack T-13 Abilene 
Stubbs, Paul T-3 Abilene 
Strain, Ernest T-36 Haskell 
Strain, James T-36 Haskell 
Taylor, Wayne T-17 Putnam
Turner, Jimmy T-36 Haskell
Turner, Abe T-36 Haskell
Waddell, Jimmy R. T-59 Roby
Wash, Michael Arlen T-42 Stamord 
Williams, Jr., Temple T- 36 Haskell
Young, Mike T-59 Roby


Barnett, Allyn T-31 Coleman
Bassetti, Bill Post 3 Abilene
Blackburn, Billy Post 42 Stamford
Brinegar, Doyle Post 43 Hamlin 
Cox, Wilbur Post 42 Stamford
Griffing, Olen Post 8 Abilene
Johnson, Eugene Post 22 Anson 
Johnson, Tommy T-27 Clyde
Lewis, John Dale T-31 Coleman
O'Hair, Robin Post 31 Coleman
Prewit, Dee T-42 Stamford
Schuchard, Ronny T-9 Abilene
Smith, Jim Post 31 Coleman
Whiteley, Kennedy T-20 Merkel


Callaway, H. A. T-27 Clyde
Cannon, Will P.T- 7 Abilene
Freeman, John Wayne T-73 Abilene
Hill, Joe T-73 Abilene 
Laird, Lynn Post 31 Coleman
Leonard, Charles Allen Post 43 Hamlin
Reed, William D. T-17 Putnam 
Taylor, David C. T-17 Putnam


Antilley, Joe T-29 Abilene
Austin, Fred Post 49 Winters
Culp, Robert C. T-6 Abilene
Dunivan, Robert Post 49 Winters
Estes, Gene Kenan T-7 Abilene
Hunter, Robert T-6 Abilene
Lacy III, Charles A. T-7 Abilene
Norman, Weldon 3044 Rule 
Overton, William T-48 Paint Creek
Overton, Wallar T-48 Point Creek


Ashby, Jon T-36 Abilene
Autrey, Bill T-72 Abilene 
Billingsley, Johnny T-7 Abilene
Bonine, Michael T-6 Abilene
Burd, William T-13 Abilene 
Cooper, Tommy T-7 Abilene
Guy, Jan Ronald T-76 Sweetwater
Jackson, Jerry T-7 Abilene
King, Jon Bradley T-6 Abilene 
Smith, Lawrence Post 49 Winters 
Turner, Mike T-76 Sweetwater 
Young, Mack Post 49 Winters


Breed, Joe R. T-38 Anson
Buchanan, Jim T-13 Abilene
Dominy, James F. T-6 Abilene
Duke, Paul L. T-14 Abilene 
Foster, Rowland T-38 Anson
Franklin, Tommy T-45 Hawley 
Herrington, James R. T-3 Abilene
Johnson, Bob Post 43 Hamlin 
Lane, Jim Post 31 Coleman 
Loeb, Peter Post 84 Sweetwater 
Osburn Carroll T-11 Abilene
Partin, Jimmy T-15 Abilene
Patterson, Dow T-72 Abilene
Reams, Gayle Post 147 Sweetwater
Smith, Jerry W. T-43 Hamlin 
Sosebee, Ronnie T-38 Anson
Wilson, Randy T-28 Anson 
Womack, Jim T-45 Hawley


Baker, Kenneth Post 55 Albany
Boedeker, Ted T-42 Stamford 
Brian, Mike T-72 Abilene
Cowger, Jr., Ernest T-42 Stamford 
Eastland, Mike T-42 Stamford 
Ferguson, John Post 43 Hamlin 
Fraqua, Paul T-13 Abilene
Fuhr, John Henry T-72 Abilene 
Grissom, David Lee T-42 Stamford
Hann, Harold Buckley T-13 Abilene 
Holladay, Victor T-13 Abilene
Hooper, Jeff T-42 Stamford
Horton, Larry T-44 Rule 
Hussey, William Patrick T-111 Cisco 
Jones, Allen T-42 Stamford
Johnson, Ray Post 43 Hamlin 
Jowers, Terry J. T-7 Abilene
Moody, Richard Lucas T-111 Coleman
Nobles, Jimmie Post 55 Albany
Patterson, Jerry T-96 Abilene 
Pittman, Jerry Post 84 Sweetwater 
Propst, Charlie Wayne T-38 Anson
Randolph, Collier Post 49 Winters
Shivers, Jimmy Post 43 Hamlin 
Thompson, Mike T-147 Sweetwater
Tyson, (Bob) Robert Lindsey T-111 Coleman
Watts, Bill T-42 Stamford 
Winter, Steve T-96 Abilene 


Andrus III, Burton Curtis T-96 Abilene 
Beachy, John Scott T-16 Abilene
Bradford, Bob T-147 Sweetwater
Bradford, Eddie Post 147 Sweetwater
Bradford, Giles T-147 Sweetwater 
Burd, Howard T-13 Abilene
Callaway, Dan Post 27 Clyde 
Cook, Tommy Post 27 Clyde
Cullar, Warren T-7 Abilene
Easley, James T-101 Abilene
Garrett, Bob T-111 Coleman
Green, Richard Post 147 Sweetwater
Guy, Mike Post 147 Sweetwater
Houston, Sykes T-4 Abilene
Jarrett, Gary T-4 Abilene
Kelly Jr., Clyde Post 31 Coleman
Latimer, Mike T-13 Abilene
Ledbetter, Pete T-16 Abilene
Polley, Winston P. Post 21 Coleman
Prater, Carl Edwin T-111 Coleman 
Vaughn, Larry Dwain T-4 Abilene
Wistl, John Darrell T-4 Abilene
Young, Dick T-49 Winters
Yust Jr., Charles T-49 Winters


Anderson, Leslie Post 142 Sweetwater 
Barker, William C. T-72 Abilene 
Bohannon, Travis T-111 Coleman 
Browning, Stanley T-142 Sweetwater 
Burkett, Joe David T-111 Coleman
Caton, Paul T-2 Abilene 
Caton, William Thomas T-2 Abilene 
Chapman, Jr., George T-27 Clyde
Cheney, Tommy T-147 Sweetwater 
Coppinger, John T-33 Abilene
Craik, Robert T-33 Abilene 
Cullen, Robert Lee T-2 Abilene 
DeLaGarza, Billy T-96 Abilene
Dillingham, Lynn T-2 Abilene 
Franklin, Jerl T-33 Abilene 
Fry, David W.T- 72 Abilene 
Glasson, Billy T-111 Coleman
Heilhecker, Ronald S. T-72 Abilene 
Keene, Richard Brodie T-74 Abilene
Krik, Jr., N. William T-25 Abilene
Lewis, Jefferson Don T-44 Rule 
Moran, John Stanley 143 Sweetwater
Prater, Harold Lynn T-111 Coleman 
Pyeatt, Len T-16 Abilene 
Prentice, Richard S. T-8 Abilene 
Saunders, Bill T-111 Coleman 
Stephens, Larry Dale Post 43 Hamlin 
Sutton, Billy Post 14 Abilene 
Thompson, Lowery T-72 Abilene 
Wickham, David T-143 Sweetwater 
Wood, Gary T-44 Rule
Woodard, Hobby O. T-111 Coleman
Yarbrough, Mike T-15 Abilene


Alldredge, Barry T-142 Sweetwater
Alexander, Victor A. T-147 Sweetwater 
Andrus, Jerry T-38 Anson
Bacon, Don Post1 Abilene 
Barton, Brock Post 1 Abilene 
Benson, Montford Stokley T-25 Abilene 
Birmingham, Joe T-142 Sweetwater
Brooks, William DennisT- 21 Coleman
Burnett, Jimmie T-49 Winters 
Byrd, Charles T-8 Abilene
Caffey, David T-72 Abilene 
Carroll, Mike T-44 Rule 
Cook, Richard Gerald Post 3 Abilene
Craik, Dale Post 3 Abilene
Cribbs, Jan AlanT- 56 Eula
Davis, Brent T-44 Rule 
Doerr, Donald T-25 Abilene
Doerr, Ronald T-25 Abilene
Dressen, E. Russell T-7 Abilene 
Duke, Dan T-13 Abilene
Fain, Michael Earl T-16 Abilene 
Farmer, Bob T-55 Albany 
Farris, Jim R. Post 03 Abilene
Fry, John Marion T-72 Abilene
Garrett, Joe T-111 Coleman 
Geer, William Ray T-142 Sweetwater
Gentry, Ronald R. T-74 Abilene
Griifin, Gary T-2 Abilene
Havins, Robert T-52 Abiline 
Henley, Jr., John T-5 Abilene
Hunt, Preston T-38 Anson
Jennings, Garland E. T-25 Abilene
Jennings, Laurence Silvie T-25 Abilene
Jordan, Jeryl T-72 Abilene 
Kesthley, Jr., Joe Lynn T-8 Abilene
Killian, Gary K. T-72 Abilene 
Mann, Charles Post 21 Coleman
Martyn, Dewey Edward T-55 Albany
May, Ronnie T-44 Rule 
McCaleb, Joe Lee T-38 Anson 
Nash, James Allen T-147 
Norman, James Lee T-44
Overton, Mike T-48 Haskell
Powell, Vaughn T-142 Sweetwater
Rever, David E. T-38 Anson 
Roberts, Jay Post 1 Abilene 
Robinson, Bill Post 3 Abilene 
Shouse, Robert T-20 Merkel 
Showalter, Jim T-33 Abilene
Smith, Steve T-38 Anson
Soladay, Charles T-72 Abilene 
Taylor, Eddie Post 3 Abilene
Terry, Billy R. T-147 Sweetwater
Totten, Jr., Jerry Jr. T-25 Abilene 
Totten, John T-25 Abilene 
Touchstone, Terry T-38 Anson
Yarbrough, Patrick T-15 Abilene



Aldridge, Richard C. T-8 Abilene
Alexander, Joe B.T- 8 Abilene 
Archer, David A. T-52 Abilene 
Bacheler, Patrick T-43 Hamlin
Bailey, David T. Post 1 Abilene 
Bailey, Philip T-1 Abilene 
Bishop, Roy T-72 Abilene
Bounds, Gary J. T-73 Abilene
Brabbin, Robert W. T-52 Abilene 
Brown, Jr., Jackson B. T-8 Abilene 
Bynum, Jimmy Post 36 Haskell
Cohlmia, Mickey T-143 Sweetwater
Darnell, Thomas R. T-25 Abilene 
Davis, John Michael T-72 Abilene 
Dominy, Willia Robin T-6 Abilene 
Fielder, Robert Russell T-52 Abilene
Gentry, Thomas W. T-74 Abilene 
Gilbreth, Bill T-1 Abilene
Gough, Brad T-72 Abilene
Hargrove, Johnny C. Post 72 Abilene 
Hartman, Kenneth T-377 Abilene
Hats, Michael S. Post 49 Winters 
Hawkins, Billy L. T-15 Abilene
Hazel, Robert Warren T-73 Abilene 
Herman, Jr., Ernest J.  LS  Abilene 
Hester, Eddie Post 36 Haskell 
Hester, Thomas Post 36 Haskell 
Holmes, Gary K. Post 49 Winters
Jones, Norman Lee T-52 Abilene
Jones, Robert C. Post49 Winters 
Keenan, Marvin T-144 Sweetwater 
Kent, Alan S. T-25 Abilene 
Kinerd, Billy T-144 Sweetwater
Lebus, Van H. Post 72 Abilene 
Leonard, John R. T-2 Abilene
McSwain, Joe Post 1 Abilene 
Moran, Robert L. 143 Sweetwater
Mosier, Edward B. T-1 Abilene 
Ogden, Richard A. Post 72 Abilene
O'Neal, Barry Post 36 Haskill 
Owen, Mike T-8 Abilene
Patterson, Wayne K. T-19 Lawn 
Perkins, Robert Foster T-72 Abilene 
Perry, Bill Post T-36 Haskell 
Presley, Ted Post 27 Clyde 
Robbins, Jr., Robert P. T-13 Abilene 
Roeder, Robert H. T-8 Abilene 
Shuping, Bill T-52 Abilene 
Smart, Eddie E. Post T-36 Haskell 
Smith, Eddie T. T-143 Sweetwater 
Spivey, Woodie Austin T-42 Stamford 
Stewart, Lonnie T-143 Sweetwater 
Stovall, Robert E. T-7 Abilene
Straughan, Jr., George T-8 Abilene 
Terry, J. Camp T-72 Abilene 
Thomas, John P. T-1 Abilene 
Thomason II, Donald G. T-25 Abilene 
Valkenaar, John J. T-2 Abilene 
Weeks III James E. 8 Abilene 
West Garry 55 Albany 
Werner, Ronald T-96 Abilene
Wright, Freddie T-7 Abilene 
Yarbrough, Butch T-15 Abilene


Andrews, Bill T-7 Abilene 
Black, Bobby T-36 Haskell 
Billingsley, Gary D. T-7 Abilene
Burnett, Guy T-25 Abilene
Clark, Mike J. T-25 Abilene 
Close, Robert C. T-16 Abilene
Cooke, Michael W. T-73 Abilene
Couch, Riley C. T-48 Haskell 
Cournyer, Allen L. T-25 Abilene
Elich, John M. Post 8 Abilene
Engel, Galen D. T-52 Abilene 
Felker, Michael D. T-36 Haskell 
Fielder, John M.T- 2 Abilene 
Fowler, Richard L. T-25 Abilene 
Glenn, Donald T. T-25 Abilene 
Griffin, Bret S. T-25 Abilene TX
Harper, Joe S. T-36 Haskell 
Herren, Charles R. T-36 Haskell 
Hester, Medley E. T-36 Haskell
Hiebert, Paul A.T- 36 Haskell 
Higgins, Michael D.T- 96 Dyess AFB
Houston, David R. T-52 Abilene
Key, Bob T-55 Albany
King, Austin I. Post 14 Abilene
Marsh, Thomas C. T-72 Abilene

1963 Contd

May, Bruce E. T-11 Abilene 
Moore, Robert P. T-72 Abilene
Mulheron, Leo Al T-52 Abilene 
Owen, Thurston W. T-88 Abilene
Pace, Patrick H. T-36 Haskell 
Perry, Tommy K. T-36 Haskell 
Radford, James M. Post 88 Abilene
Russell, Jr., Robert M. T-96 Abilene
Shahan, Donald A. T-7 Abilene 
Siemsen, Bill T-2 Abilene 
Smart, Glen W. T-36 Haskell
Stearns, Floyd D. T-52 Abilene
Strauss, Theodore N. T-72 Abilene
Spiva, Randy T-7 Abilene 
Tettleton, Clayton T-2 Abilene
Weeks, John W. T-8 Abilene 
Wetsel, William D. T-142 Sweetwater
Wheeler, James M. T-8 Abilene
Wickham, John D. T-142 Sweetwater 
Wiseman, Randolph G. T-48 Haskell 


Allen, Ronald E.T- 52 Abilene 
Armstrong, Randy L. Post 142 Sweetwater 
Ashbrook, Gerald T-133 Rotan 
Austin, William B. T-74 Abilene 
Autry, Stephen T-21 Coleman 
Baker, Scotty V. Post 55 Albany 
Boaz, Joe E. T-38 Anson 
Boyd, Jr., Ray B. T-6 Abilene 
Brown, Michael F. T-38 Anson 
Cadenhead, Charles W. T-48 Haskell 
Carson, Paul T-18 Merkel 
Cradduck, Mike A. T-38 Anson 
Crockett, Sam L. T-40 Stamford 
Culver III, Thomas R. T-11 Abilene 
Davis, Ronald M. T-72 Abilene 
Dooley, Alfred Post 49 Winters
Douglas, Jesse F. T-55 Albany 
Drum, Gary D. Post 38 Anson 
Earles, Bob V. T-48 Haskell 
Evans, Spencer D.T- 73 Abilene 
Farmer, Jimmy G. T-55 Albany
Ferguson, Samuel C. T-43 Hamlin 
Griffin, Aubrey L. T-40 Stamford 
Griffin, Hayden T-18 Merkel
Griffin, Melvin L. T-16 Abilene
Griggs, Charles T-142 Sweetwater 
Hamilton, Irvin L. T-6 Abilene
Hammond, David T-18 Merkel
Hart, Robert S. T-7 Abilene 
Hill, Jeff B. T-96 Dyess AFB 
Huss, Leslie J. T-36 Haskell 
Jackson, Roger H. T-7 Abilene 
Jetton, Ronnie C. T-52 Abilene 
Kemp, Jr., William J. T-36 Haskell 
Knight, Wallace L. T-18 Merkel 
Langford, Alvan S. Post 38 Anson 
Lindstedt, R. Ashley T-96 Dyess AFB 
Martin, Jimmy T-21 Coleman 
McBride, Billy W. Post 142 Sweetwater
McClure, William L. 7003 Abilene 
McGinnis, Mike C. T-3 Abilene
Morrison, Roy P. T-3 Abilene 
Murphee, James M. T-43 Hamlin 
Nash, J. Paul T-142 Sweetwater 
Nichols, Steven P. T-13 Abilene
O'Neal, Randy J. T-36 Haskell 
Perry, James R. T-48 Haskell 
Pippin, Robert L. T-36 Haskell 
Powell, Leroy E. T-25 Abilene TX 
Pyeatt, Robert Post 142 Sweetwater 
Reed, Alan G. T-18 Merkel 
Roberts, Kenneth R. T-11 Abilene
Russell, Jr., Norris M. T-40 Stamford 
Rye, Jim W. T-22 Anson 
Smith, Randall F. T-43 Hamlin
Spain, Hal R. T-36 Haskell 
Stanton, Cal T-57 Abilene 
Stark, Garland R. T-36 Haskell 
Stark, Johnny B. T-36 Haskell 
Swindle, David W. T-73 Abilene 
Tanner, Paul T-7 Abilene 
Thompson, Glynn E. T-79 Abilene 
Walker, Richard T-18 Merkel
Wall, James T-48 Haskell
Wiemuth, Bobby T-57 Abilene 
Witherspoon, Jr., Robert G. T-133 Rotan 
Wright, Herbert R. T-96 Dyess AFB 
Wright, Thomas J. T-96 Dyess AFB 


Abedin, William M. T-57 Abilene 
Baxter, Sammy E. T-38 Anson 
Beachy, Stephen C. Post 14 Abilene
Chorn, Ronald J. T-96 Dyess AFB 
Coleman, Phil I. Post 48 Haskell
Criswell, John W. Post 88 Abilene
Culver, Charles F. T-11 Abilene
Early, Paul C. T-79 Abilene 
Fahr, Dennis T-25 Dyess AFB 
Graham, Douglas M. T-7 Abilene
Gauntt, Philip J. T-37 Rochester 
Gilmore, Braxton T. Post 48 Haskell 
Goosby, Joseph M. T-2 Abilene 
Goosby, William A. T-2 Abilene 
Griffin, Danny M. Post 7 Abilene
Grimstead, Jr., William D. T-15 Abilene
Hawkins, Terry G. T-72 Abilene 
Kilpatrick, Mike R. T-72 Abilene
Krieger, George T. Post 7 Abilene
Kyker, Rob Post 1 Abilene
Lain, Gilbert D. T-43 Hamlin 
Leavitt, Jr., Jerry F. T-42 Stamford 
Lucas, Robert W. T-142 Sweetwater 
Matysiak, James A. T-44 Rule 
May, Jr,. Winston G. T-44 Rule 
Medley, Ray L. T-38 Anson 
Musgrave, Kenneth P.T- 7 Abilene 
Ondrusek, Michael G. T-142 Sweetwater
Pyeatt, Woodrow W. T-140 Sweetwater
Reid, Marshall L. T-7 Abilene 
Rollins, Bob M. T-38 Anson 
Rosengrants, Jr., David E. Post 6 Abilene 
Sharp, Phillip G. T-73 Abilene 
Smith, Terry L. T-142 Sweetwater 
Snow, Joseph R. T-72 Abilene 
Snow III, William R. T-72 Abilene 
Stockton, Jerry S. T-73 Abilene
Tacker, Terry D. T-72 Abilene 
Tench, Lee C. T-25 Dyess AFB 
Thomas III, Donald C. T-96 Dyess AFB 
Thrasher, Gary D. T-79 Abilene 
Tredennick, John t. Post 14 Abilene 
Turner, Benny T-142 Sweetwater 
Waddell, Jr., Richard K. Post 73 Abilene 
Warren, Jr., Donald W. T-18 Merkel
Warner, Mack L. T-25 Dyess AFB 
Warren, Patrick B. T-18 Merkel 
Weeks, David M. T-8 Abilene
Weeks, William W. T-72 Abilene 
Weltman, Dennis A. T-8 Abilene 
Witherspoon, John W. Post 133 Rotan
Wood, Ronald G. T-47 Lueders 
Wright, Kevin N. T-133 Rotan 
Young, Michael S. T-43 Hamlin 
Yupcavage, John J. T-96 Dyess AFB


Alexander, Terry L. T-15 Abilene 
Allen, W. Curry T-52 Abilene 
Arend, Randell M. T-36 Haskell
Barbian, Richard P.  Post 15 Abilene 
Beall, John C. T-55 Albany 
Bedford, Jr., David A. T-14 Abilene 
Bennett, Jerry M. T-38 Anson 
Bishop, Donny J. T-142 Sweetwater 
Black, Gary F. T-36 Haskell 
Brittain, Tommy E. T-7 Abilene
Burnside, Grant C. T-57 Abilene 
Cain, Julien R. T-8 Abilene
Carter, Stephen R. T-32 Buffalo Gap
Cooke, David L. T-8 Abilene 
Decker, Bill A. T-1 Abilene TX 
Dixon, Joe D. Post 18 Merkel 
Douglas, Andy T-55 Albany 
Duke, Larry C. T-13 Abilene 
Graves, Billy E. T-57 Abilene
Hanks, Darrell L. Post 179 Sweetwater
Hariman, Willie M. Post 133 Rotan 
Harris, Paul J. T-8 Abilene
Hartsfield, Larry K. T-36 Haskell
Horton, Michael U. T-52 Abilene
Humphreys, Steve M. T-15 Abilene 
Jewell, Larry B. T-36 Haskell 
Johnson, Jr., William T. T-43 Hamlin
Kenady III, George C. T-131 Aspermont 
Kierepka, James T-36 Haskell 
Killian, Ricky D. T-72 Abilene 
McCarrell, Greg C. T-3 Abilene 
McCollough, Richard D. T-52 Abilene
McCoy, Gerald M. T-206 Haskell 
McLaren, Donald W. T-38 Anson 
Rabickow, Jr., Carl M. T-15 Abilene 
Ray III, Fred H. T-36 Haskell
Reily, William H. T-52 Abilene 
Richards, Mike R. T-57 Abilene 
Richards, Jr., Otis H. Post 15 Abilene 
Rodriguez, Joe L. T-55 Albany 
Rowland, Keith B. T-38 Anson 
Smith, Jack A. T-36 Haskell 
Smith, Jim M. T-36 Haskell
Templeton, James C. T-1 Abilene 
Thomson, Richard H. T-79 Abilene

1966 Contd

Tyler, George S. T-55 Albany 
Ward, Stephen C. T-2 Abilene 
Wiese, Roger W. T-57 Abilene 
Wilson, Steven A. T-25 Dyess AFB 
Wofford, Walter B.W. T-72 Abilene 


Abbott, Bill R. T-72 Abilene 
Bishop, Ronny R. T-142 Sweetwater 
Borden, Ronald T-8 Abilene 
Bounds, Larry S. T-8 Abilene
Bradshaw, Jr., Rex T-142 Sweetwater 
Buckles, David L. T-74 Abilene 
Childers, Carl R. T-8 Abilene 
Chitwood, John B. T-52 Abilene
Clark, David B. T-42 Stamford 
Close, Freddy T-52 Abilene
Cox, J.W. T-36 Haskell
Criswell, Don A. T-8 Abilene 
Daffron, Richard L. T-52 Abilene
Dulaney, Michael B. T-36 Haskell 
Frost, Gary R. T-52 Abilene 
Gordon, Jimmy C.T- 79 Abilene 
Hanger, Harry H. T-25 Dyess AFB 
Johnston, Lowell A. Post 1 Abilene 
Kelly, Michael H. T-1 Abilene 
McClarty, Tim R. T-3 Abilene 
Owen, Joe D. T-8 Abilene 
Perrin, Christopher D. T-43 Hamlin 
Price, Daniel J. T-72 Abilene 
Ramirez, Bryant J. T-74 Abilene
Sanders, Jerry D. T-55 Albany 
Sands, Michael R. T-57 Abilene 
Schisler II, Billy W. T-6 Abilene 
Scott, Lloyd M. T-72 Abilene 
Stanaland, Ricky T-6 Abilene 
Templeton, Richard E. T-1 Abilene 
Thomson, James D. T-10 Abilene 
Tredennick, Stephen M.T- 74 Abilene 
Warren, Jerry M. T-18 Merkel 
White, Randy W. T-8 Abilene 
Young, David K. T-6 Abilene 


Alexander, Dan T-8 Abilene 
Bahlman, Lanny Post 49 Winters 
Bailey, William C. T-7 Abilene 
Barnett, Ted L. T-21 Coleman 
Byrd, C. H. T-89 Tye 
Byrd, Kenneth E. T-89 Tye 
Cade, Randy l. T-89 Tye 
Clark, Ronald R. T-21 Coleman 
Cobb, Bobby L. T-36 Haskell 
Culver, Richard G. T-11 Abilene 
Curry, David H. T-77 Abilen
Dodson, David R. T-36 Haskell 
Dulaney, James P. T-36 Haskell 
Goolsby, Thomas D. T-43 Hamlin 
Hamilton, Michael T. T-21 Coleman 
Hariman, Sidney D. T-133 Rotan
Hilliard, Richard A. T-6 Abilene
Hitch, Phillip R. T-25 Dyess AFB
Keeble, Bill T-8 Abilene 
Malone, Ralph B. T-72 Abilene 
McAlister, Dennis W.T- 6 Abilene 
McCoy, James W. T-36 Haskell 
Medford, Robin M. T-36 Haskell 
Moore, Lynn T-2 Abilene
Owen, Stephen F. T-8 Abilene 
Pearce III, Homer L. T-2 Abilene 
Pruett, Vernon L. T-31 Haskell 
Rider, J. Rex T-21 Coleman 
Robinson, Larry D. T-21 Coleman 
Smith, Danny R. T-36 Haskell 
Turner, Gene C. Post 170 Sweetwater 
Vaughan, James E. Post 49 Winters
Wadzeck, Larry D. T-37 Rochester 
Walling, James E. T-36 Haskell 
Wooten, Walton E. T-36 Haskell 


Anderson, Rancy T369 Abilene
Bloomer, Charles R. T-79 Abilene 
Bundy, Mike T-145 Sweetwater 
Coke, Buddy T-17 Abilene
Dupape J., Randal T-1 Abilene
Ellis, Mike W. T-145 Sweetwater 
Evans, Richard H. T-2 Abilene
Fite, Donald F. T-11 Abilene 
Grand, John S. T-31 Haskell 
Hayes, Bill T-14 Abilene
Hufstedler, Duane L. T-6 Abilene 
Lindemann III, Hilmer H. T-140 Sweetwater
Powell, Gary C. T-133 Rotan 
Ratliff, Stephen Post 148 Sweetwater 
Roeder, Carl F. T-8 Abilene 
Valkenaar, Roger A. T-2 Abilene 
Warren, Michael R. T-36 Haskell 
Weeks, Robert T-8 Abilene 
Young, Jr., Jackie H. T-36 Haskell 


Bradford, Charles A. T-1 Abilene 
Bradshaw, Mark T-142 Sweetwater
Cates, II, Thomas T-2 Abilene
Collier, Jerry T-2 Abilene
Creel, J. T-22 Anson
Damme, Jr., Earl T-89 Tye
Dean, Brooks T-89 Tye
Edmunds, Lynn T-25 Abilene
Gordon, Jeffrey T-79 Abilene
Haile, Wesley T-11 Abilene
Hitch, Rodney T-96 Dyess AFB
Johnson, Frank T-11 Abilene
Ray, David D. T-72 Abilene 
Touchstone, Steve J. T-72 Abilene 


Achor, Roydee F. T-10 Abilene
Allen, Joe E. T-10 Abilene 
Ashby, David L. T-70 Abilene 
Arth, Michael L. T-11 Abilene 
Bazzel, Dennis E. T-25 Dyess AFB 
Beckmann, Paul A. T-11 Abilene 
Black, David B. T-79 Buffalo Gap 
Burks, David T-52 Abilene 
Cain, Bruce A. T-8 Abilene 
Childress, Kyle C. T-42 Stamford 
Childress, Tim W. T-42 Stamford 
Clewlow, John P. 5005 Abilene 
Foote, Jr., Donald T-8 Abilene 
Hannsz, Keith R. T-31 Haskell 
Hanslik, Paul A. T-221 Moulton 
Jones, Arthur W. T-25 Abilene 
Jones, Stephen A. T-42 Stamford 
Keeble, Floyd D. 10 Abilene 
Koestner, Ernie J. 25 Abilene 
Loftin III, Dan L T-11 Abilene
May, Dave T-31 Canyon 
Phemister, Ricky W. T-31 Haskell 
Riddle, James R. T-42 Stamford 
Schick, Walter H. T-21 Coleman 
Simpson, Gary A. T-79 Abilene
Snelgrove, Michael W. T-10 Abilene 
Sullins, Scott W. T-2 Abilene 
Thomson, Randall E. T-10 Abilene 
Turnbull, M. Dean T-11 Abilene 
Wheeler, David R. T-79 Abilene 


Byrd, Steve D. T-89 Tye 
Chapman, Chuck T-52 Abilene
Cole, Roger R. T-11 Abilene 
Cooke, Gregg A. T-8 Abilene 
Cox, Jeffery A.T- 89 Tye 
Ellinger, Steve T. T-2 Abilene 
Headrick, Jeff D. T-140 Sweetwater 
Kyker, Ricky T-1 Abilene 
Lambert, Daniel K. T-96 Dyess AFB 
Mardis, James A. T-66 Canyon 
Moutray, Worth W. T-52 Abilene 
Muncy, Colin D. Post 2 Abilene
Miller, Danny P. T-36 Haskell 
Pippen, James Curtis T-36 Haskell 
Seay, Samuel Dirk T-10 Abilene
Smith, James Randall T-140 Rotan
Steinert, Mark W. T-89 Tye 
Taylor, Dean T-6 Abilene 
Templeton, Steve T-1 Abilene 
Weems, Virgil T-561 Rotan 
Woodall II, Wendell Blake T-88 Abilene 


Allen, Samuel T-230 Santa Ana 
Banner, Bradley T-637 Merkel 
Barnett, Michael T-1 Abilene
Benton, Larry T-230 Santa Anna 
Bartlett Richard T-270 Abilene 
Burke, RonT- 257 Abilene 
Burton, Bobby T-230 Santa Anna 
Carroll, Ricky T-279 Abilene 
Casner, Jr., Stanley T-89 Abilene
Clinton, Jr., Donald T-96 
Clardy, Richard T-567 Abilene
Conway, Jr,. Curtis T-252 Abilene
Day, Jody T-230 Santa Anna
Dick, Y. Bartley T-219 Tuscola
Drinnon Stephen W. T-131 Haskell 
Driskill, Raymond Kent T-50 Hereford 
Dunlap, Shannon L. T-205 Abilene 
Ensey, Robert W. T-206 Abilene
Farmer, Jr., Dorman N. T-279 Abilene 
Fergus, Dan M. T-279 Abilene 
Hufstettler, Dean T-2 Abilene
Kilpatrick, John T-72 Abilene
King, Boyd S. T-56 Abilene
Kohout, John S.T- 219 Tye 
Lantrip, Kenneth E.  Abilene
Love Cris W. T-136 Haskell 
McAdoo, Jr., Jack V. T-31 Haskell
Perkins, David K. T-206 Abilene
Phemister Randy J. T-131 Haskell 
Roberson Duane W. T-131 Haskel 
Robinett, David T-230 Santa Anna
Schrader, Thomas T-74 Odessa 
Shedo, Paul N. T-11 Abilene 
Sherman, Jr., Lloyd G.T- 209 Odessa 
Shield, Jerome T-230 Santa Anna 
Smith, Darrell G. T-136 Haskell 
Stein, Jeffery Brent T-140 Sweetwater 
Stewart Mark W. 252 Abilene 
Tice, Louis G. T-72 Abilene
Toliver, Brian T-561 Haskell
Turner, Mike T-131 Haskell 
Turney, Mark T-230 Santa Anna 
Wilson, Robert J. T-214 Abilene 
Wolfe, Charles L. T-252 Abilene 
Yarbrough, Steve T-75 Abilene


Blake, Mike S. T-272 Abilene 
Chambers, Barry A. T-207 Abilene
Clemont, Mark E. T-237 Abilene
Close, Michael L. T-252 Abilene 
Cox, Randy C. T-289 Tye 
Gilbreth, Jimmy M. T-296 Abilene
Jensen, Eric C. T-211 Abilene
Jones, Stephen B. T-140 Sweetwater 
Kearney, Samuel L. T-140 Sweetwater 
Kelley, Steven L. T-20 Abilene
Kowatch, Jr., Leo T-20 Abilene
Moore, Chuck M. T-257 Abilene 
Newman, Sydney N. T-257 Abilene
Russell, Mark G. T-49 Odessa
Senter, Scott B. T-257 Abilene 
Snow, James T. T-272 Abilene
Wells, Pete 210 T-Abilene 



Arth, James L. T-210 Abilene 
Colbert, Anthony C. T-136 Haskell 
Cox, John W. T-136 Haskell 
Derden, David A. T-235 Abilene 
Malcolm, David M. T-225 Dyess AFB 
Martindale, Jr,. Frank D. T-225 Dyess AFB
Martindale, Jonathan T-225 Dyess AFB
Roadcap, Robert S. T-210 Abilene
Robinson, Lorin K. T-250 Abilene 
Sparks, Jesse L. T-289 Tye 
Stephenson, John W. T-257 Abilene 
White, Mart W. T-250 Abilene
Williams, Daivid T. T-250 Abilene
Wolf, Jr., Calvin G. T-218 Merkel 
Wurachmidt, Michael D. T-206 Abilene 


Baker, John S. T-257 Abilene 
Brittian, Steven L. T-96 Midland 
Carlson, David G. T-215 Abilene
Cary, Russell K. T-143 Abilene 
Daffern, David R. T-257 Abilene
Denkhoff, Eric M. T-202 Abilene 
Dixon, Howard B. T-257 Abilene
Eckard, Jeffery A. T-215 Abilene
Ellinger, Scott T. T-202 Abilene 
Grimm, Kenneth F. T-206 Abilene
McCullough, Bruce A. T-207 Abilene
McKee ,Pleas M. T-207 Abilene 
McLaughlin, Jerry A. T-257 Abilene 
Noe, Jr., Michael T. T-203 Abilene 
Sporisky, Wayne V. T-235 Abilene 
Taylor, Jr., Bernard W. T-202 Abilene
Taylor, Kary K. T-202 Abilene
Wade, Brandon E. T-218 Merkel 
Wheeler, Thomas M. T-279 Abilene 
Whisenhunt, Ronald D. T-218 Merkel
Wright, Kelly R. T-215 Abilene 
Yarbourgh, Randy L. T-235 Abilene 


Beall, Dent B. T-140 Sweetwater
Brannon, Robert M. T-201 Abilene 
Cary, Britt M. T-143 Hamlin
Chroge, Gary D. T-279 Abilene 
Hampton, Robert W. T-140 Sweetwater 
Hanson III, Wayne L. T-225 Dyess AFB 
Hawkins, Tim C. T-243 Hamlin 
Head, Tom T-215 Abilene 
Headrick, Bret T-140 Sweetwater
Hubbar,. Drew A. T-221 Coleman 
Mellor, Alan R. T-250 Abilene 
Richards, Douglas H. T-140 Sweetwater 
Ridley, David J. T-140 Sweetwater 
Rotenberr,. Paul R. T-201 Abilene 
Scales, Mickey G. T-210 Abilene
Scales, Rickey J. T-210 Abilene 
Wright, Brooks A. T-202 Abilene
Zosehk,. Robert M. T-9 Abilene 


Brown, Trent S. T-225 Dyess AFB 
Hall, Larry L. T-208 Abilene
High, Gary L. T-140 Sweetwater 
Horton, Don P. T-136 Haskell
Horton, Stephen G. T-136 Haskell
Johnson, Russell E. T-201 Abilene
Kinney, Billy R. T-203 Abilene
Lantrip, James Randy T-206 Abilene
Large, Hayden H. T-203 Abilene 
Litchfield, John E. T-206 Abilene 
Marler, Todd A. T-201 Abilene 
Norton, Scott T. T-225 Dyana AFB
Shaeffer, George T-214 Dyess AFB
Sims, Jackie D. T-245 Hawley 
Stevens, Joe M. T-245 Hawley 


Armstrong, Frank O. T-206 Abilene
Bradford, Richard M. T-201 Abilene
Cadenhea,d Michael D. T-133 Rotan
Cannon, Kent K. T-201 Abilene
LeBleu, Richard A. T-133 Rotan
Liby, Michael G. T-40 Abilene
McNaughton, Robert T. T-257 Abilene
Owens II, Benny R. Post 251 Abilene
Posey, Robert D.  T-133 Rotan 
Rogers, Truman L. T-207 Abilene
Smith, Allen W. T-245 Hawley 
Sharp, Mark A. T-258 Abilene 
Taylor, Chris S. T-202 Abilene
Trayler, Michael Dewain T-201 Abilene
White, Richard L. T-203 Abilene
Wilson, Joe C. T-202 Abilene
Wolfe, David T. T-237 Abilene
Wood, Robert S. T-201 Abilene


Adams, William F. T-289 Tye 
Allday, James C. T-272 Abilene 
Buck, Troy L. T-206 Abilene 
Cook, Ronald L. T-911 Odessa
Dulin, Mike F. T-272 Abilene
Easley, Kevin M. T-235 Abilene
Jones, Teddy G. T-260 Abilene
Kuropkat, Robert A. T-228 Abilene
Larson, Lockmond V. T-201 Abilene 
Litchfield, James P. T-206 Abilene
Lumby, David L. T-228 Abilene
Marler, Scott L. T-201 Abilene 
Owens II, Benny W. Post 251 Abilene
Seay, S. Duke T-210 Abiline
Snelgrove, Bruce K. T-214 Abilene
Sullivan, Jr., Richard W. T-225 Abilene 
Suttle, Michael B. T-257 Abilene
Sutton, Todd R. T-250 Abilene
Tankersley, Jr., John D. T-206 Abilene
Turnbull, Andrew S. T-258 Abiliene
West, Alva L. T-133 Rotan
White, Bruce D. T-203 Abilene
Whitaker IV, William L. T-258 Abilene
Winkler, Michael D. T-258 Abilene


Brannan, Andy B. T-142 Sweetwater
Brochner, Ruben T-257 Abilene 
Buck, Todd A. T-206 Abilene
Cowan, Joseph C. T-143 Hamlin
Doughty, David T-225 Abilene
Duncan, Duncan T-143 Hamlin 
Goswick, James T-142 Sweetwater
Linebaugh, Richard D. T-142 Sweetwater 
Mangum, Paul D. T-252 Abilene 
McKee, David L. T-272 Abilene
McNeill, Delbert R. T-252 Abilene 
Meneses, Mark R. T-142 Sweetwater 
Pelton, James T-280 Santa Anna
Prew, Raymond T-206 Abilene 
Snider, Carl T-260 Abilene 
Sullivan, Michael T-225 Abilene


Basquette, Roger W. T-258 Abilene
Bush ,Michael L. T-258 Abilene
Cheek, Randy L. T-260 Abilene
Cook, David W. T-245 Hawley
Cornet,t John G. T-142 Sweetwater 
Davis, James A. T-136 Haskell 
Fergus, Marvin P. T-208 Abilene
Fung, Sanford H.M. T-260 Abilene
Gary, Brian A. T-289 Tye
Gibson, Jimmy E. T-272 Abilene 
Henry, Greg S. T-207 Abilene
Marron, Duane R. T-235 Abilene
Moore, Ricky W. T-243 Hawley
Pruitt, Shea T-272 Abiline 
Ritchie, Kevin G. T-258 Abilene 
Sims, Randy R. T-245 Hawley 
Stubbeman, William F. T-214 Abilene
Weber, Trecor F. T-245 Hawley 
Webster, Douglas B. T-272 Abilene
Wolf, Kyle W. T-218 Merkle 
Woodfin, Dan Moss T-258 Abilene
Wrobel, Michael H. T-215 Abilene


Boggs, Mitchell E. T-203 Abilene 
Cantrell, Joseph P. T-206 Abilene
Casey, Christopher C. T-272 Abilene 
Conley, Dean J. T-260 Abilene
Davis, Michael D. T-206 Abilene 
Grimm, Gary D. T-206 Abilene 
Hennech, Michael T-18 Abilene
Keathley, John O. T-257 Abilene
Lantrip, David L. T-206 Abilene 
Lee, Jeff A. T-272 Abilene
May, Walter A. T-260 Abilene
May, William J. T-260 Abilene
McKee, Charles R. T-272 Abilene
McKee, Joe F. T-257 Abilene 
Miller, Michael E. T-272 Abilene
Rehm, Braxton D. T-272 Abilene
Roberts, Cary L. T-201 Abilene
Smith, Kevin L. T-215 Abilene
Wagner, Jeffrey C. T-260 Abilene
Ybarra, Dominic D. T-201 Abilene


Bledsoe, Quinn R. T-208 Abilene
Burton, Roger C.T- 206 Abilene 
Connel, James B. T-149 Blackwell 
Davis, Kevin T-206 Abilene 
Easley, Kyle T-206 Abilene
Hadley, Michael P. T-258 Abilene 
Hood, Alton B. T-149 Blackwell 
Horton, Christopher J. T-289 Tye
Hulett, Joe Dale T-201 Abilene 
Johnson, Walter L. T-206 Abilene 
Kimberling, Paul B. T-208 Abilene
Kiser, Mark A. T-206 Abilene
Lawrence, Tye R. T-201 Abilene 
McGrew, David L. T-208 Abilene
Piel Jr., Carl A. T-260 Abilene
Ragan, Jackie G. T-133 Rotan
Reyes, Michael A. T-208 Abilene 
Richert, Ronald L. T-258 Abilene 
Roberts II, David E. T-235 Abilene 
Roohms, James J. T-201 Abilene 
Sanderson, James L. T-149 Blackwell 
St Clair, Sean P. T-201 Abilene
St. Clair, Tim D. T-201 Abilene 
Snelgrove, Loren K. T-272 Abilene
Wagner, Christopher C. T-260 Abilene
Waldrop, James K. T-208 Abilene

Barnes, Billy D. T-249 Winters 
Barnett, Richard M. T-249 Winters 
Bolin, Charles Greg T-270 Abilene 
Brothers, Craig L. T-140 Sweetwater 
Burnam, Russell J T-258 Abilene
Cace, Seth C. T-136 Haskell 
Calhoon, Wayne L. T-251 Abilene
Collins, David A. T-251 Abilene 
Davis, Jerry C. T-136 Haskell 
English, Jay L. T-272 Abilene 
Fitzpatrick, James L. T-237 Abilene 
Gibson, Matthew K. T-272 Abilene
Hallman, Scott J. T-140 Sweetwater 
Ham, Richard Kyle T-235 Abilene
Harper, David Shawn T-230 Santa Anna 
Harvey, Gregory L. T-260 Abilene 
Hayden, Anthony Dwane T-235 Abilene
Henry, Mike L. T-270 Abilene
Martin, Steven T-209 Stamford
McPhail, David B. T-272 Abilene
Moore, Russell V. T-249 Winters
Newman, David E. T-270 Abilene
Proctor, Steve T. T-206 Abilene
Seegmiller, William Jeremy T-251 Abilene 
Sharp, V. Jackson T-203 Abilene
Steele, Kenneth G. T-258 Abilene
Watson, Bo T-136 Haskell 
Wilson, Charles D. T-140 Sweetwater 
Wilson, Wesley J. T-237 Abilene 

Anderson Jr., Glen A. T-235 Abilene
Browning, Jason K. T-140 sweetwater 
Davis, Danny J. T-223 Clyde 
Frazier, Kenneth Scott T-260 Abilene 
Hargrove, John C. T-260 Abilene
Keeney, Gregory J. T-142 Sweetwater 
Little, Lance D. T-140 Sweetwater
McCann II, James R. T-142 Sweetwater 
McPhail, Eric H. T-272 Abilene 
Muldowney, William C. T-258 Abilene
Osterhoudt, David E. T-217 Abilene 
Presley, Randall C. T-258 Abilene 
Puckett, Curtis J. T-230 Santa Anna 
Ridley, Philip L. T-272 Abilene 
Ritchie, Kent Steven T-258 Abilene 
Roberts, Jon E. T-235 Abilene 
Seegmiller, Jayson H. T-251 Abilene
Simpson, Chad Michael T-272 Abilene
Smith, Jason W. T-258 Abilene 
Taylor, Jon W. T-140 Sweetwater
Webb, Glen David T-215 Abilene 
Whitehead, James R. T-223 Clyde 

Aten, Christopher W T-260 Abilene 
Blevins, Steve T-439 Abilene
Bravo, Frederick C. T-258 Abilene 
Denning, Marcus T-142 Sweetwater
Edwards, Andy J. T-272 Abilene 
English, Jason T. T-272 Abilene 
Farquhar, Edward Kent T-140 Sweetwater 
Henry, Gary T-270 Abilene
Holladay, Theron T-256 Abilene 
Lowery, Thomas O T-258 Abilene 
McAlister, Michael A T-215 Abilene 
Mosley, Jason P. T-215 Abilene 
Partin, James Layne T-215 Abilene 
Pavelko, Jeffrey M. T-296 Dyess AFB
Sandee, Timothy D. T-296 Dyess AFB 
Smith, Kevin L. T-258 Abilene
Taylor, Christopher M. T-260 Abilene 
Tidwell, Gary L. T-140 Sweetwater 
Wisoon, Terrance M. T-235 Abilene
Young, Christopher J. T-249 Winters

Armstrong, Michael T-223 Clyde
Bennett, Brandon T-258 Abilene
Davis, Brian T-206 Abilene
Hallman, Gregg T-140 Sweetwater
Ivy, Scott T-256 Clyde
Lanier, John T-258 Abilene
Mangum, Andy T-226 Abilene
Miller, J. T-249 Winters
Miller, Randall T-318 Abilene
O'Loughlin, Matthew T-272 Abilene
Orcutt, Jr., Dennis T-79 Dyess AFB
Overkamp, Matthew T-235 Abilene
Pilcher, Walter T-260 Abilene
Sporisky, Walter T-235 Abilene
Stamm, Robert T-258 Abilene
Summers, Seth T-258 Abilene
Terry, Steven T-146 Abilene
Ward, Guy T-260 Abilene
Warnick, Bradford T-1965 Dyess AFB
Whittenburg, Scott T-140 Sweetwater
Young, Jason T-249 Winters

Allmand, Thomas T-296 Dyess AFB
Bennett, Joel T-103 Abilene
Burgess, Dennis T-264 Abilene
Dempsey, Bradley T-260 Abilene
Farr, Duane T-272 Abilene
Ferguson III, John T-143 Hamlin
Foster, Rowland T-183 Anson
Johnson, Jimmy T-136 Haskell
Johnson II, James T-258 Abilene
King, David T-272 Abilene
Martin, Stacey T-136 Big Spring
Moon, Charles T-222 Tuscola
Owens, Lanny T-250 Abilene
Ross, Robert T-245 Hawley
Stanford, Jr., Ricky T-222 Coleman
Stocks, Rusty T-136 Haskell
Vinson, David T-272 Abilene
Walke, John A. T-201 Abilene
Wirth, Courtney T-296 Abilene

Brooks, Michael T-258 Abilene
Davis, Chad T-260 Tuscola
Davidson, Kolby T-258 Abilene
Elliott IV, Harry T-258 Abilene 
Ericksen, Steven T-396 Dyess AFB
Fellows, Ryan T-370 Abilene
Gulick, Joseph T-296 Abilene
Hendrick, Joel T-201 Abilene
Hennington, Brian T-203 Abilene
Kingston, Jr., Jerold T-708 Abilene
Kippie, David T-258 Abilene
McCoy, Eric Wade T-258 Abilene
McEwen, Daryl T-219 Tuscola
McGough, John T-131 Aspermont
Oatman, Michael T-235 Abilene
Pape, Andy T-474 Abilene
Pilcher, Stephen T-260 Abilene
Shea, Jason T-219 Tuscola

Allmand, Phillip T-296 Dyess AFB
Aten, Patrick T-260 Abilene
Beckham, Brett T-250 Abilene
Bonds, Jerrod T-143 Hamiln
Brooks, Westle T-131 Aspermont
Browning, Clint T-140 Sweetwater
Clawson, Jessie T-143 Hamiln
Coe, Brett, T-203 Abilene
Conover, Craig T-235 Abilene
Craft, Marvin Ray T-131 Aspermont
Doty, Jeffrey T-272 Abilene
Florez, Gregorio T-228 Abilene
Halbert, Shawn T-258 Abilene
Holland, Billy T-249 Winters 
Jones, Dennis T-203 Abilene
Jowers, John T-250 Abilene
Lunsford, Jr., Douglas T-260 Abilene
Moon, Jeremy T-222 Baird
Newpost, Richard T-260 Abilene
Patterson, Jr., Larry T-140 Sweetwater
Ramsey, Troy T-219 Tuscola
Reese, Jamie T-228 Abilene
Rich, Marcus T-203 Abilene
Reisinger, David T-203 Abilene
Rollins, David T-258 Abilene
Schronk, Jeffrey T-258 Abilene
Smith, Jarrett T-354 Abilene
White, Greg T-257 Abilene
Willingham, Sean T-140 Sweetwater
Willis, Joshua T-89 Abilene
Woodward, Joe T-245 Hawley

Blakley, Darion T-228 Abilene
Franklin, Daniel T-140 Sweetwater
Gonzalez, John T-223 Clyde
Herweck, Matthew T-245 Hawley
Letz, Kevin T-217 Abilene
McCoy, Joel T-258 Abilene
Newport, Travis T-260 Abilene
Parramore, Russell T-249 Winters
Patel, Rupal T-131 Aspermont
Reynolds, James T-245 Hawley
Sanford, Shawn T-136 Weinert
Shoemaker, Matthew T-143 Hamlin
Simpson, Noel T-221 Coleman
Sorrells, Michael T201 Abilene
St. Clair, Jess T-258 Abilene
Totten, Scott T-228 Abilene
Wandiver, Patrick T-272 Abilene
Watkins, Heath T-249 Winters

Alvarado, Jr., Carlos T-140 Sweetwater
Andrers, Brent T-257 Abilene
Beard, Joseph T-223 Clyde
Bedford, Robert T-249 Winters
Bowman, Jr., Keith T-260 Abilene
Deike, Mark T-249 Winters
Drinnon, Damon T-143 Anson
Dressen, Jeff T-257 Abilene
Dry, Christopher T-249 Winters
Evans, Walter T-249 Winters
Fox, Bryan T-246 Abilene
Greathouse, Micah T-257 Abilene
Holas, John-Michael T-201 Abilene
Howe, Thomas T-222 Clyde
Jaquays, Michael T-251 ABilene
Jurkis, Aaron, T-296 Abilene
Kolle, Bracken T-250 Abilene
Kozelsky, Scott T-249 Winters
Lenoir, Bryant T-149 Sweetwater
McMillan, William T-143 Hamlin
Merritt, Jonathan T-217 Abilene
Nicolds, Walter T-258 Abilene
Pope, Joshua T-413 Abilene 
Qualls, Jebidiah T-48 Abilene
Rosales, Benjamin T-250 Abilene
Stephenson, David T-228 Abilene
Stephenson, Matthew T-222 Baird
Stovall, David T-272 Abilene
Tacker, Corey T-272 Abilene
Weaver, Brian T-143 Hamlin
Wilkinson, Cody T-149 Blackwell

Alldredge, Douglas T-250 Merkel
Blong, Jared T-228 Abilene 
Bouton, Timothy T-140 Sweetwater
Carter, Craig T-143 Hamlin 
Case, Shawn T-126 Abilene
Christensen, Trey T-203 Abilene 

1994 Contd
Dewey, Timothy T-136 Haskell 
Dotherow, J. T-258 Abilene 
Dunn, James T-222 Baird 
Foster, Anthony T-215 Abilene
Harshberger, James T-215 Clyde
Holas, Brian T-201 Abilene
Hufstedler III, Doyle T-208 Abilene 
Lewis, Brandon T-161 Knox City 
Moore, Brian T-252 Abilene 
Moore, Nathan T-255 Throckmorton
Myers, David T-212 Abilene 
Overton, Hans T-148 Haskell 
Perry, Matt T-136 Haskell
Ramey, Joseph T-246 Abilene 
Reynolds, Steve T-245 Hawley 
Riley, Steven T-228 Abilene 
Rocha, John T-161 Knox City 
Shaffer, C.J. T-258 Abilene 
Simpson, Eric T-246 Abilene 
Terry, Phillip T-246 Abilene 
Vann, John T-260 Abilene 
Walker, Brian T-131 Aspermont
Wilkinson, Chad T-272 Abilene 
Young, Patrick T-272 Abilene

Allen IV, Robert T-232 Abilene
Armstrong, Andrew T-221 Coleman
Autry, Michael T-221 Coleman
Balderas, James T-221 Santa Anna 
Brown, Kevin T-206 Abilene 
Derrick, Nathan T-217 Abilene 
Epperson, Justin T-221 Coleman 
Fox, Eric T-237 Abilene
Garrett, Grant T-379 Abilene
Haltom, Nathan T-203 Abilene 
Heidenheimer, Jefferson T-249 Winters 
Lee, Brian T-141 Abilene 
Lewis, Jason T-228 Abilene 
Lewis, Phillip T-256 Abilene 
Lewis, Robert T-140 Sweetwater 
Luttrell, Chad T-260 Abilene
McDaniel, Christopher T-255 Albany
Montgomery, Joey T-267 Abilene 
Neble, Jr., Thomas T-256 Clyde 
Olijnek, Matthew T-345 Abilene 
Overton, Marcus T-148 Haskell 
Phillips, Jason T-296 Abilene
Rose, Trevor T-277 Abilene
Stanfield, Bryan T-223 Abilene 
Thompson, Casey T-148 Haskell
Walke, Thomas T-201 Abilene
Waller, Robert T-255 Albany 

Allen, Caleb T-201 Abilene 
Baidas, Michael T-223 Clyde 
Ballard, Gregory T-201 Abilene
Casey, Daniel T-215 Abilene 
Clifton, Oliver T-258 Abilene
Clinton, Nathan T-258 Abilene
Cross, Stephen T-221 Coleman
Dudensing, Jeffrey T-140 Sweetwater
Evans, Milton T-249 Winters 
Estes, James T-201 Abilene
Estes, IV John T-201 Abilene
Fry, Jared T-217 Abilene
Garrett, Mack T-379 Abilene 
Hagin, Christopher T-258 Abilene 
Hays, Cal T-255 Albany 
Hefner, Brandon T-140 Sweetwater 
Hennessey, Nathan T-212 Abilene
Hines, Jr., Gary T-223 Clyde 
Joeris, Eric T-249 Winters 
Johnson, Benjamin T-258 Abilene
Jolley, Jon T-142 Sweetwater 
Jones III, Roy T-228 Abilene 
King ,John T-223 Clyde 
LaSeur, Matthew T-208 Abilene
Lucas, Richard T-255 Albany 
Musgrove, Robert T-140 Sweetwater 
Nichols, Andrew T-272 Abilene 
Sandee, Jr., Don T-245 Hawley
Shackelford, Jason T-257 Haskell 
Short, Charles T-245 Anson 
Taylor, Bradley T-296 Clyde TX 
Tolentino, Matthew T-237 Abilene 
Turner, Thomas T-140 Sweetwater
Turner, Travis T-221 Coleman TX
White, Jeffery T-228 Abilene
Woosley, Patrick T-258 Abilene

Andrews, Christopher T-296 Dyess AFB 
Byrd, Bradley T-258 Abilene
Doerschuk, Jr., John T-136 Abilene 
Gaither, Stephen T-147 Sweetwater 
Hamilton, Peter T-258 Abilene
Hay, Phillip T-245 Hawley 
Kowatch, Kristopher T-212 Abilene
Lantrip, Kenneth T-219 Tuscola 
Littlefield, Dirk T-143 Hamlin 
Morgan, Aaron T-245 Hawley 
Neble, David T-256 Clyde
Noland, Patrick T-212 Abilene
O'Brien, David T-296 Abilene 
Palmer, John T-142 Sweetwater 
Patton, Kevin T-136 Haskell 
Priest, Daniel T-203 Abilene 
Schoen, Robert T-256 Abilene 
Serrault, Randy T-217 Abilene
Stanaland, Eric T-232 Abilene
St. Clair, Michael T-203 Abilene
Stevens, Kyle T-245 Hawley
Strader, Jason T-232 Abilene 
Templeton, Case T-245 Abilene
Terrell, Jason T-143 Hamlin TX 
Terry, Landon T-136 Haskell 
Villarreal, Jessie T-258 Abilene 
Willis, Tyler T-217 Abilene 
Watts, Dwane T-147 Sweetwater

Angus, Shaun T-228 Abilene 
Barnett, James T-201 Abilene
Brown, Caleb T-137 Abilene 
Brown, Ian T-215 Abilene 
Burgess III, Kenneth T-277 Abilene
Clardy, Caleb T-232 Abilene 
Cole, Judson T-217 Abilene 
Crossland, Justin T-219 Abilene 
Gauger, Brent T-215 Abilene 
Green, Michael T-250 Throckmorton 
Greer, Joshua T-260 Abilene 
Grissom, Cletus T-220 Trent 
Hein, Owen T-258 Abilene 
Kemper, Grant T-258 Abilene 
Laird, Thomas T-214 Abilene 
Mager, Cameron T-277 Abilene
Maslanka, Matthew T-228 Abilene
Maslanka, Jr., Paul T-228 Abilene 
Mazurek III, Edward T-296 Abilene 
McNea, Scott T-228 Abilene 
Merritt, Landon T-258 Abilene 
Myers, Justin T-220 Merkel 
Owen, David T-208 Abilene 
Parrish, Joshua T-203 Abilene
Phillips, John Post 7 Abilene 
Pond, Matt T-143 McCaulley
Riddle, Donald T-222 Baird 
Rios, Jessie T-161 Knox City 
Russell, Nathan T-258 Abilene 
Shoemaker, Mark T-143 Hamlin 
Staggs, Brandon T-221 Coleman 
Stephens, Dustin T-217 Abilene
Stoecker, William T-237 Abilene 
Tereick, Alexander T-251 Abilene 
Thompson, Robert T-215 Abilene
Toliver, William T-140 Sweetwater
Weaver, George T-143 Hamlin
Weeks, Peter T-258 Abilene 
Willis, Adam T-201 Abilene 
Winter, Aaron T-232 Abilene 

Allen, Bryson T-232 Abilene 
Allen, Justin T-245 Anson
Baidas, John T-256 Clyde
Barnett, Tyler T-201 Abilene
Brown, Ethan T-137 Haskell 

1999 Contd
Bryce, James T-256 Clyde 
Cope, Justin T-232 Abilene 
Cunningham, James T-136 Haskell 
Dansby, John T-258 Abilene
Diamond, Benjamin T-296 Dyess AFB 
Diersing, Michael T-143 Hamlin
Fenton, Clay T-221 Coleman 
Fraser, Jason T-228 Abilene
Garrett, John T-201 Abilene
Greenway, Christopher T-277 Abilene 
Hardin, William T-272 Abilene 
Hester, Jarod T-203 Abilene
James, Joshua T-272 Abilene 
Kethley, Jonathan T-214 Abilene
Kennedy, Russell T-217 Abilene 
Leech, Patrick T-277 Tuscola
Linex, Randall T-277 Buffalo Gap
Moss, Brian T-245 Hawley 
Neal, Samuel T-275 Abilene
Newton, Joshua T-277 Abilene 
O'Brien, Matthew T-296 Abilene
Ouimette, John T-272 Abilene 
Parks, Clinton T-146 Sweetwater
Rhodes, Michael T-258 Abilene 
Shoemaker, Luke T-143 Hamlin 
Smith, Jay T-277 Abilene 
Staggs, Gregory T-221 Coleman 
Tamez, Kyle T-203 Abilene
Templeton, Seth T-245 Abilene 
Thompson, Brian T-221 Coleman 
Vandenberg, Matthew T-250 Abilene 
Walker, Jonathan T-277 Buffalo Gap
Williams, James T-232 Abilene
Wyatt, Johnny T-203 Abilene 
Young, Jeffery T-258 Abilene 

Allmand, Christopher T-206 Abilene
Bailey, William T-272 Abilene 
Baird, Ronald T-222 Baird
Barnett, Will T-143 Hamlin
Bryan, Buddy T-250 Abilene 
Cooper, Robert T-251 Abilene 
Dean IV, Thurston T-140 Sweetwater 
Dickey, Dwight T-277 Abilene 
Elliott, James T-212 Abilene 
Epperson, Zackary T-221 Coleman 
Harris II, Donald T-245 Hawley
Harris, Gary T-296 Dyess AFB 
Herrera, John T-131 Aspermont 
Holster, David T-250 Abilene 
Jurkis, Sean T-217 Abilene 
Kuykendall, Lance T-296 Palestine
Littlefield, Jathan T-143 Hamlin 
Lucas, John T-255 Albany
Martin, Matthew T-232 Abilene 
Miers, Jeremy T-258 Abilene 
Mullings, Matthew T-201 Abilene 
Parr, Jonathan T-222 Baird 
Phillips, Justin T-296 Abilene 
Pilgrim, Andrew T-277 Tuscola 
Ramke, Matthew T-220 Dyess AFB 
Ramke, Jr., Steven T-220 Dyess AFB 
Rich, Clayton T-232 Abilene
Russell, Joseph T-258 Abilene 
Simpson, Geoffrey T-206 Abilene TX 
Terry, Levi T-136 Haskell
Turner, Garrett T-258 Abilene 
Wadley, Joshua T-256 Clyde 
Weaver, John T-143 Hamlin 
Watkins, Nicholas T-258 Abilene 
Webb, Matthew T-296 Abilene 
Weiershausen, Landon T-161 O'Brien 
Wheat, Justin T-143 Hamlin
White, Daniel T-250 Abilene
Williams, James T-201 Abilene

Allen, Benjamin T-277 Abilene
Allen, Toby T-143 Hamlin 
Beard, Walter T-223 Clyde 
Brannan, Michael T-201 Abilene
Bullinger, Ross T-136 Haskell 
Burt, Jeffrey T-131 Aspermont
Carter, Lyle T-143 Hamlin
Davis, Tyler T-143 Hamlin 
Dean, Thurston T-140 Sweetwater
Floyd, Derek T-223 Baird 
Heaven, Geoffrey T-214 Abilene
Hines, David T-256 Clyde
Holson, Zachary T-219 Tuscola
Ibarra, Pablo T-143 Hamlin
Ivie, Joshua T-161 O'Brien
Jones, Chad T-140 Sweetwater
King, James T-206 Abilene
King, Lewis T-214 Abilene
Lott, Adam T-232 Abilene
Lynn, Nicholas T-217 Abilene
Mastanka, Michael T-228 Abilene
Neal, Bradley T-275 Abilene
Peacock, Ryan T-255 Albany
Roth, Joshua T-272 Abilene
Senter, Brandon T-277 Abilene
Smith, Brandon T-207 Abilene
Spence, Christopher T-206 Abilene
Spence, Patrick T-206 Abilene
Stelton, Christopher T-232 Abilene
Taylor, Mark T-140 Sweetwater
Thompson, Randall T-215 Abilene
Toliver, Johathan T-140 Sweetwater
Wickhan, John T-220 Merkel
Wolfe, Micah T-201 Abilene
Young, Robert T-258 Abilene
Alexander, Austin T-296 Abilene
Allen, James C. T-232 Abilene
Allen, Tom T-250 Abilene
Bailey, Jayton T-255 Albany
Benson, Andrew T-206 Abilene
Byrd, Colin  Crew 214 Abilene
Corley, Jeremy T-235 Abilene
Craig, Chace T-232 Abilene
Daly, Michael T-296 Dyess AFB
Dearing, Cody T-206 Tuscola
Donaway, Corey T-258 Abilene
Edington, Duwane T-221 Coleman
Elliott, Michael T-212 Abilene
Fenner, Matthew T-215 Hawley
Fergus, Dan T-206 Abilene
Folwell, Jared T-232 Abilene
Greiner, Gregor T-250 Abilene
Griffin, Roy T-201 Abilene
Hallford, Joshua T-232 Abilene
Hay, Seth T-245 Hawley
Hess, Richard T-272 Abilene
Hester, Galen T-203 Merkel
Hickmott, Dylan T-251 Abilene
Hove, Daniel T-257 Clyde
Maurer, Jeremy T-255 Albany
Maxwell, Matthew T-232 Abilene
McAnally, Benjamin T-212 Abilene
Mendi, Jerry T-277 Abilene
Northrup, Donnie T-161 Knox City
Reinmund, Richard T-232 Abilene
Rominger, James T-228 Abilene
Sharp, Nicholas T-223 Clyde
Sheppard, Travis, T-258 Abilene
Simpson, William T-206 Abilene
Smith, Bradford T-257 Abilene
Sparks, Zachary T-275 Abilene
Terrell, William T-143 Hamlin
Tolentino, Michael T-237 Abilene
Truelove, Michael T-212 Abilene
Waller, William T-255 Albany
Whisenant, William T-140 Sweeetwater
Wiloth, Matthew T-255 Albany
Woodcox, Andrew T-226 Valera

Eagle Awards earned after December 31, 2002 were earned in the Texas Trails Council. You can find that list by gong HERE.

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