Eagle Scouts of

Texas Trails Council

2003-2004, 2005-2006, 2007-2008, 2009-2010, 2011-2012, 2013-2014, 2015-2016

Eagle Scout BadgeThe Eagle Award is the highest award that a Boy Scout can earn in Scouting.  The requirements for this award were printed in the first Boy Scout Handbook and required Scouts to be a First Class Scout for a period of one full year, showing that he had actually put into practice the ideals and principles of the Scout Oath and Law, the motto “Be Prepared” and the Daily Good Turn, had made an earnest effort to develop his leadership ability and earn twenty-one merit badges. 

 In the early days of Scouting, a Scout earned his Star Award by  earning just five merit badges, being a First Class Scout and appearing before an examining committee.   For Life, a Scout had to qualify for ten merit badges and be a First Class Scout.  However, he had to earn the First Aid merit badge, which required six months service since becoming a First Class, and the Physical Development merit badge (which also required  six months to earn) or Athletics.  In addition, he had to earn Personal Health, Public Health, and Life Saving or  Pioneering. 

Later the requirements for Star, Life and Eagle were changed and additional required merit badges, community service and time requirements were added.  It was not until 1927 that Eagle Palms were added to the list of awards for Boy Scouts.  The Eagle Scout Award could be earned by adults until 1965.  In 1965, a requirement was added to Eagle that an Eagle Scout applicant must have served for at least six months in a youth leadership position since becoming a Life Scout. Adults could not do this so they could no longer meet all the requirements for Eagle. 

The Texas Trails Council was created on January 1, 2003, from the consolidation of the Chisholm Trail Council and the Comanche Trail CouncilTo access the names of the Eagle Scouts of Comanche Trail  or Chisholm Trail Councils, just click on the name. 


William Jared Allmand T-206 Abilene
Brody Andrews  T-203 Abilene
Jeremy V. Ansons  T-49 Brownwood
Michael William Bell  T-296 Dyess AFB
Nathan Lee Blair  T-99 Lampasas
Michael Bretzke T-14 Brownwood
Christopher Brooks T-235 Abilene
Nathan Butcher T-223 Clyde
Jacob S. Cameron T-136 Haskell
Caleb Carver T-161 Knox City
Douglas Christrom T-272 Abilene
Robert J. Culverhouse  T-103 Eastland
Robert Grant Cunningham  T-232 Abilene
Jason D. Davidson  T-49 Brownwood
Christopher D'Wayne Everett  T-146 Sweetwater
Michael Patrick Failor  T-258 Abilene
James Grissom T-220 Trent
Ross Hairgrove T-136 Haskell
John William Hale T-77 Goldthwaite
Matthew Hall T-232 Abilene
Stephen Garrett Haynie T-258 Abilene
Jonathan Honchul T-296 Abilene
Luke Jackson Crew-2000 Lampasas
Korey Kennedy T-217 Abilene
Jeremy Dale Keenan-Kingston  T-161 Vernon
Tyler Lillick T-232 Abilene
James W. Martin T-14 Brownwood
Andrew E. Merrill T-90 Kempner
Michael Robert Morgan T-49 Brownwood
Jonathan Neble T-203 Clyde
James Oxford T-67 Comanche
Carson Blake Padgett T-77 Goldthwaite
Jordan Adam Parrish  T-203 Abilene
Jacob Thomas Peterson  T-201 Abilene
Kenneth Powers T-232 Clyde
Jeremy  Kayne Reinert T-77 Goldthwaite
Joshua Wayne Reinert T-77 Goldthwaite
James Rosenbaum T-272 Abilene
Jacob Saitta T-203 Abilene
Arthur Sayre T-245 Hawley
Shawn Senter T-277 Abilene
Galen P. Seward T-14 Brownwood
Ryan P. Shahan T-26 Lometa
Michael Chase Sides T-77 Goldthwaite
Michael T. Simons, II T-99 Lampasas
Gregory Allen Six - Crew 2214 Abilene
Tanner Sloan T-221 Coleman
Jerald Finley Smith  T -39 Stephenville
Marcus Ty Smith T-99 Lampasas
Micholas Arthur Sol Tau T-39 Stephenville
Kolby Stewart T-67 Comanche
Daniel James Stueart T-63 Breckenridge
Bradley H. Sublett T-63 Breckenridge
Tony Sweigart T-99 Lampasas
Jeffrey Teal T-277 Abilene
Mathew James Thompson T-63 Breckenridge
Nathan L. Tonne  T-63 Breckenridge
Michael J. Van Der Pol T-14 Brownwood
Christopher Van Winkle T-99 Lampasas
Christopher Wade T-30 Dublin
Jackie W. Wagner  T-27 Brownwood
Jefferson Marsh Wesson T-77 Goldthwaite
James Williams T-30 Dublin
John  M. Williams T-26 Lometa
Michael Young T-258 Abilene
William Kyle Ziegler  T-27 Brownwood


Robin A. Abbott T-235 Abilene
Michael C de Baca T-10 Ranger
Stephen R. Banks T-39 Stephenville
Phillip V. Beard T-223 Clyde
John Scott Beckham T-251 Abilene
Jared Scott Blair Crew 2000 Lampasas
Russell T. Clark T-100 Lampasas
Daniel E. Collier T-18 Stephenville
Colby T. Cook T-201 Abilene
Kyle M. Crouch T-30 Dublin
Enrique Cruz T-200 Lampasas
Randall Doud T-275 Abilene
Christopher D. Draper T-257 Abilene
Croft Fite T-258 Abilene
Richard Forrester T-99 Lampasas
Andrew D. Garison T-136 Haskell
Mark W. Griffith T-219 Tuscola
Christopher W. Harris T-39 Stephenville
Garrison Hartline T-232 Clyde
Aaron S. J. Herring T-275 Abilene
Jeffrey G. Huggins T-281 Abilene
Chadwin T. Iley T-39 Stephenville
Ty W. Jones T-140 Sweetwater
Cody Dwayne Lee T-143 Hamlin
Kevin J. Lewis T-30 Dublin
Ryan D. Long T-217 Abilene
Jonathan M. Martin T-257 Abilene
Thomas T. Mascoe T-255 Albany
Andrew McCatherine T-100 Lampasas
Donavan L. McPeak T-203 Abilene
Zachary G. Murry T-39 Stephenville
Joshua C. Newell T-30 Dublin
Johan Oosthuizen T-200 Lampasas
Brandon L. Pickard T-258 Abilene
John G. Richins T-250 Abilene
John Rhoden T-200 Lampasas
Jakob Bryan Savell T-14 Brownwood
Lucas Schilder T-272 Abilene
Christopher A. Semon T-212 Abilene
GW Pollan Shaw T-206 Abilene
Cameron Jacob Short T-136 Haskell
Lucky Simmons Crew 2207 Abilene
Richard A. Smith T-99 Lampasas
James M. Toney T-220 Merkel
Thomas Weaver T-90 Kempner
Lucas Weldon T-200 Lampasas
Trent Wilhite T-258 Abilene
Samuel C. Wolfe T-201Abilene


Ryan C. Aiken T-140 Sweetwater
Seth Bailey T-99 Lampasas
James Bayless T-201 Abilene
Sterling Creighton Beard T-232 Abilene
Britt S. Boivin T-200 Lampasas
Jordan Josiah Brown T-232 Abilene
Alan Cardon T-100 Lampasas
John M. Collins T-3 Brownwood
Stephen T. Cox T-22 Early
Christopher F. Cruz T-200 Lampasas
Drue Carlton Davis T-103 Eastland
James Lee Easley T-296 Abilene
Timothy S. Engrav T-200 Lampasas
Cody Lee Frazier T-203 Clyde
Locke Ray Gamblin T-27 Bangs
Wesley Ryan Givan T-22 Early
Cody Clint Green T-206 Abilene
Seth Edward Griffin T-14 Brownwood
John David Grisham T-37 DeLeon
Russell William Hair T-22 Early
Gideon Bartlett Hill T-217 Abilene
Caleb J. Hudgens T-136 Haskell
Alexander Ray Huse T-30 Dublin
Robert U. Johnson T-18 Stephenville
Caleb Austin Jolly T-206 Abilene
Correy A. Mason T-99 Lampasas
Jonathan Jackson Merrick T-206 Abilene
Emory Bartley McAndrews T-228 Abilene
Stephen Miranda T-99 Lampasas
Samuel Travis Moore T-206 Abilene
Michael Ross Munn T-100 Lampasas
Stephen Roger Novak T-272 Abilene
Walter Oosthuizen T-200 Lampasas
Robert Charles Orchard II T-212 Abilene
Joshua Estes Payne T-250 Abilene
William Andrew Perkins T-232 Abilene
Steven Dempsey Peterson T-201 Abilene
Charles R. Ragland T-200 Lampasas
Benjamin Reeves T-232 Abilene
Stephen James Rogers T-277 Abilene
Karl K. Rominger T-228 Abilene
Austin Geoffrey Rye T-257 Abilene
Charles M. Smith T-136 Haskell
Jeff Michael Smith T-277 Abilene
Juddson T. Smith T-257 Abilene
Shadrach Terrence Smith T-217 Abilene
Tyler F. Talley T-22 Early
Austin John Teague T-272 Abilene
Christofor Tucker T-235  Abilene
Thomas Daly Walker T-258 Abilene


Neal W. Anthony T-140 Sweetwarer
Zachary Lee Barron T-103 Eastland
Jaxon E. Bailey T-255 Albany
John M. Beckham T-277 Abilene
Dustin Blevins T-22 Early
James M. Carroll T-277 Abilene
John David Childs T-14 Brownwood
Daniel Jay Clark T-14 Brownwood
James M. Collingsworth T-203 Clyde
Wilfred L. Cross T-272 Abilene
Brett D. Demetruk T-39 Stephenville
Franklin C. DePriest T-277 Abilene
Richard I. Dickey T-201 Abilene
William S. Echols T-63 Breckenridge
Logan H. Ellinger T-258 Abilene
Jeromy S. Farmer T-14 Brownwood
William M. Folsom T-103 Eastland
Adam W. Harris T-68 Stephenville
Lake A. Hatton T-103 Eastland
Cody W. Hickmott T-251 Abilene
Derek L. Hixson T-103 Eastland
Grady Andrew Jolly T-206 Abilene
Timothy Edwards Jolly T-206 Abilene
Trevin C. King T-14 Brownwood
David J. Kingsley T-90 Kempner
Jesse R. Kissel T-99 Lampasas
Bryan W. Kramer T-228 Abilene
Joshua W. Lakey T-143 Hamlin
Grant M. Lewis T-161 Vernon
Jarrod D. Light T-277 Abilene
Landon S. Lindley T-277 Abilene
Stephen L. McCarty T-39 Stephenville
Trevor S. McGuire T-100 Lampasas
Timothy M. Michaud T-232 Abilene
Cooper W. Morelock T-14 Brownwood
Jarret Ryan O’Shields T-221 Coleman
Rex Lee Oliver T-26 Lometa
Sam Pauly T-26 Lometa
Joshua Stephen Pearce T-219 Tuscola
Howard B. Phelan T-100 Lampasas
Austin T. Pickard Crew 330 Abilene
Jared Alan Reid T-251 Abilene
William B. Reid T201 Abilene
Cody D. Reynolds T-99 Lampasas
James A. Taylor T-22 Early
Jarryd Andrew Thomas T-235 Abilene
Chris R. Thompson T-14 Brownwood
Ryan Lee Vineyard T-258 Abilene
Richard L. Welker T-200 Lampasas
Michael W. Wolverton T-99 Lampasas
Matthew Raymond Zelisko T-232 Abilene


Jeffery R. Allen T-143 Hamlin
Bryce A. Bevill T-272 Abilene
Richard R. Bloomer T-277 Abilene
William T. Bradley T-250 Abilene
Douglas Bryant T-275 Abilene
Anthony S. Brown T-143 Hamlin
Andrew H. Carroll T-277 Abilene
Daniel Carter T-14 Brownwood
Dustin C. Corley T-235 Abilene
Robert A. Cottner T-277 Abilene
Bobby W. Cunningham T-67 Comanche
Jeffery L. Day T-14 Brownwood
John R. Day IV T-232 Abilene
Jason M. Demetruk T-39 Stephenville
Nick A. Ensminger T-143 Hamlin
Austin D. Graves T-277 Abilene
John E. Gressett T-22 Early
William J. Hardy T-203 Abilene
Todd C. Henington T-206 Abilene
Clayton D. Kinney T-206 Abilene
Dale F. Kreitler T-272 Abilene
Robert S. Levis V T-18 Stephenville
Jeremy A. Lindley T-223 Clyde
Thomas E. Munn T-100 Lampasas
Travis W. Miller T-49 Brownwood
Daniel J. Nelson T-251 Abilene
Adam E. Owens T-14 Brownwood
Stephen J. Pace T-136 Haskell
Cory T. Peacock T-255 Albany
Blake A. Perez T-255 Albany
Phillip Adam Ramirez T-103 Eastland
Phillip E. Ray T-14 Brownwood
Austin D. Regan T-258 Abilene
Sterling S. Riddle T-277 Abilene
Ryan L. Scifres T-217 Abilene
Thomas M. Shows T-212 Ablene
Brent G. Sloan T-221 Coleman
Mason T. Smiedendorf T-272 Abilene
Jacob M. Streckert T-14 Brownwood
Jackson B. Teal T-277 Abilene
William C. Thompson T-277 Abilene
Clifford R. Throckmorton T-258 Abilene
Jay G. Tindol T-201 Abilene
Tyler W. Vincent T-277 Abilene
Andrew C. Westbrook T-203 Abilene
Jonathon G. Williams T-77 Goldthwaite
Michael V. Williams II T-77 Goldthwaite
Robert M. Wolfe T-277 Abilene
William G. Wolfe T-277 Abilene


Andrew M. Banks T-39 Stephenville
Glenn H. Beard T-232 Abilene
Dustin Beishe T-245 Hawley
Andrew J.Benton T-136 Haskell
Taylor C. Beverly T-18 Stephenville
Jathan R. Bilbrey T-206 Abilene
James M.Burns T-18 Stephenville
Pierce Carpenter T-201 Abilene
James D. Craig T-77 Goldthwaite
Raleigh J. Darnell T-103 Eastland
Samuel J. Elliott T-39 Stephenville
Ethan H. Fletcher T-277 Abilene
John R.Flores T-140 Sweetwater
Candelario Garcia Jr. T-30 Dublin
Steven C.Gibbons T-18 Stephenville
Keith Givan T-22 Early
Matthew H. Golden T-37 DeLeon
John G. Gramling T-14 Brownwood
Michael R. Hall T-77 Goldthwaite
Colt L. Helmer T-220 Merkel
Joshua A. Hoffman T-22 Early
Maxwell P. Jeffers T-277 Abilene
Daniel Lumpkin T-100 Lampasas
Christopher K. Major T-77 Goldthwaite
William H. Massey T-77 Goldthwaite
Steven M. Mathews T-90 Kempner
Larry T. McCormick T-136 Haskell
Justin P. McDonald Lone Scout
William L. Meador T-277 Abilene
Jeremy R. Morgan T-49 Brownwood
Christopher Poston T-100 Lampasas
John M.Rea T-203 Abilene
Ethan M. Royall T-37 DeLeon
Kelly C. Shelton T-39 Stephenville
Tanner B. Shaw T-30 Dublin
Tyler M. Snyder T-27 Brownwood
Micah L. Stroud T-281 Abilene
Evan W. Tassin T-14 Brownwood
Jeffrey S. Taylor T-22 Early
Luke D.Terry T-136 Haskel
Dylan M. Thomas T-235 Abilene
Marshall D. Turnbull T-272 Abilene
Titus N.Vesel T-201 Abilene
Phillip J. Christain Wheat T-277 Abilene
Isaac N. Wright T-277 Abilene
Kennon D. Yancy T-3 Brownwood
Zane W. Zimmerman T-30 Dublin


Bradley Armstrong T-140 Sweetwater
Eleuterio Acevedo Jr. T-3 Brownwood
Joseph M. Anson T-49 Brownwood
Richard Z. Barron T-103 Carbon
Joshua M. Baum T-251 Abilene
John L. Beckham T-277 Abilene
Manton J.  Best T-219 Lawn
Sean A. Butler T-272 Abilene
John D. Button II T-30 Dublin
Dylan R. Byerly T-143 Hamlin
Michael R. Byrd Jr. T-90 Lampasas
Robert M. Byrd T-90 Lampasas
Nathan W.Chandler T-252 Abilene
Steven A. Cottner T-277 Abilene
Duston M. Crawford T-221 Coleman
Michael J. Easley T235 Abilene
Astin L. S. Fenner T-235 Abilene
Kyle A. Fowler T-206 Abilene
Ethan R. Frierson T-136 Haskell
Karl G. Greiner T-250 Abilene
Ryan B. Hampton T-235 Abilene
Eric E. Ikeler T-232 Ovalo
Jay W. Helmer  T-220 Merkel
Troy W. Hubbard T-221 Coleman
Nathan G. Huggins T-281 Hico
James T. Ice T-206 Abilene
Robert Jencks T-258 Abilene
Daniel P. Jentho T-103 Olden
Joseph H. Johnson T-37 DeLeon
Matthew W. Jones T-68 Stephenville
Klinton J. Lewis  T-30 Dublin
Lance W. Lindley T-277 Abilene
Robert M. Lynch T-14 Brownwood
Blake W. McAnally T-272 Abilene
Michael T. McCarty T-272 Abilene
Alex N. McCatherine T-100 Lampasas
Matthew R. McLeod T-277 Abilene
Brennan K. Medford T-136 Haskell
Timothy M. Moore  T-140 Sweetwaer
Matthew T. Moran T-272 Abilene
Joseph D. Nasser T-258 Abilene
Matthew E. Nowlin T-37 Gorman
Austin L. Owen T-277 Abilene
Colin W. Penton T-245 Hawley
Parker N. Prewit T-203 Avoca
Michael J. Price T-232 Abilene
Killan T. Regan T-258 Abilene
Trent C. Regan T-258 Abilene
Blake A. J. Ricks T30 Dublin
Michael R. Rios T-100 Copperas Cove
Mark J.Ruiz T-1 Brownwood
Jayton R. Sharp T-30 Dublin
Thomas B. Snapp T-258 Abilene
Chance W. Singleton T-37 DeLeon
Coy P.Talley T-22 Early
Aaron G. Teague T-30 Dublin
Justin P. Taylor T-22 Early
Homer J. Vaillancourt III T-100 Cooperas Cove
Lane A. Watson T-221 Coleman
Michael J.Watson T-221 Coleman
Levi C. Weaver T-206 Abilene


Steven Arceneaux T-22 Early
Connor J. Brooks T235 Abilene
Oliver S. Brooks T-272 Abilene
Bobby L. Brown Jr., T-18 Stephenville
Stefan G. Bushey T201 Abilene
Logan N. Chandler T-272 Abilene
Damon H. Crabb T-18 Stephenville
Chriseum F. Denat T-140 Sweetwater
Son G. Drake T-77 Goldthwaite
Joel Duncan T-232 Abilene
Diehlman R. Estes T-223 Clyde
Aaron L. Faith T-255 Albany
Joshua A. Foust T-253 Sweetwater
David M. Glover T-219 Tuscola
Nelson L. Goldsmith T-232 Abilene
Karsten A. Goodman T-232 Abilene
Matthew J. Hatton T-103 Eastland
Truett G. Hull III T-14 Brownwood
Tucker A. Hull T-14 Brownwood
William T. Kern T-277 Abilene
Brandon L. Kingsley T-90 Copperas Cove
Trevor L. Kinney T-277 Abilene
Brandon R. Lee T-143 Hamlin
Benjamin D. Lindley T-223 Clyde
Jacob A. Meador T-277 Abilene
Zachary H. McClymond T-63 Breckenridge
Matthew C. Mendenhall T-277 Abilene
Cody G. Miller T-39 Stephenville
Justin D. Miller T-39 Stephenville
Billy C. Nix T-277 Abilene
Floyd E. Pearson IV T-37 DeLeon
Samuel J. Phelan T-277 Abilene
Kolby L. Powell T-37 DeLeon
Benjamin J. Price T232 Abilene
Micah N. Reeves T-232 Abilene
Benjamin E. Schaefer T-206 Cross Plains
Chad B. Smith T-206 Abilene
Brice A. Stone T-39 Stephenville
John N. Tyson III T-201 Abilene
Jonathan R. Ulbrich T-253 Sweetwater
Robert D. Wallette T-272 Abilene
Daniel P. Watson Jr., T-217 Abilene
Keagan T.Williams T-272 Abilene
Joshua M. Young T-39 Dublin



James Taylor Abercrombie T--277Tuscola 
Justin L. Akin T-140 Sweetwater
Alonzo Creed Alexander T-18 Stephenville
William Andrew Allen T-18 Dublin
Christian M. Arnold T-258 Abilene
Skylar Mikell Bell T-18 Stephenville
Tanner Reid Bilbrey T---206 Abilene
Kenneth Ryan Bratton T- 68 Stephenville
Nolan Curtis Chandler T-252 Abilene
Kylon David Davis T-143 Hamlin
Charles Dalton Faulkner T-39 Dublin
Marcelino Felipe T- 221 Coleman
Nathaneal Calaway Giesecke T-272 Abilene
Robert Travis Hagins T-143 Hamlin
Andrew Lee Hall T-258 Abilene
Brennan Harris T-277 Tuscola 
Vincent Jacob Hau T-272 Abilene
Casin Ray Hill T- 251 Abilene
Evan Johnson T-103 Eastland
Scotty Allen Jones T-68 Stephenville
Stephen Lynn Kemper Jr. T- 258 Abilene
William Alexander Knight T-77 Goldthwaite
James Roland Krebs II  T-232 Abilene
Andrew Barrett Lewis T-201 Abilene
Drew Parker Martinez T-201 Abilene
Dakota James Mathews T-200 Kempner
Jeromy Ryan McCormick T-272 Baird
James River McTasney T-148 Haskell
Tobias Anthony Milani - Crew-200 - Colorado City
Colton Gray Mitchell T-77 Goldthwaite
Ian Scott Moffatt T-277 Abilene
Patrick Jefferson Prewit T-203 Avoca
Aaron James Pulley T-14 Brownwood
Terrell Shaw T-30 Dublin
Caleb Neil Simon T-39 Barto, PA
Jon Tobias T-14 Brownwood
Devin Rene Torres T-201 Abilene
Aaron James Yost T-217 Abilene


Jenson Bailey T-255 Albany 
Tyler Jacob Brauneck T-140 Sweetwater 
Jesse C.Coates  T-201 Abilene
William Cody Cedergren T-223 Clyde
Edgar B. Davis Comacho, II T-222 Baird 
Justin T.Cox T-67 Comanche
Andrew J. Crenwelge T-258 Abilene
Patrick Tanner Coursey T-55 Arlington 
Russell Sturges Dickerson Jr. T- 206 Abilene
Caleb Andrew Draper T-206 Abilene 
Isaac Rogan Dunn T-201Abilene
Jed Eugene Dunning T-200 Lampasas
Timothy M. Duus T-77 Goldthwaite
Johnathan Joseph Garcia T-201Abilene 
Thomas Harrison Givan Troop 22 Early
Mason Maddox Guerra T-143 Hamlin 
Adam Tyler Hall T-258 Abilene
Ben Martin Henderson T-200 Lampasas 
Cody Allen Hobbs T- 68 Stephenville 
William Pate Hughes T-277 Abilene
Anthony Andrew Foreman T-90 Kempner
Matthew Richard Frazier  T-39 Stephenville
Jacob Phillip Glick T- 63 Breckenridge
Tanner Wallace Hawkins T-55  San Saba
Jimmie Levi Jones T-90 Kempner 
Andrew Hunter Johnson  T-221 Novice 
Michael Hunter Jordan  T-148 Stamford 
Tyler Inec LanderosT-223 Clyde 
Justin Quinn Larremore T-39 Stephenville 
Chaetrian Lewis-Qualls  T-277 Abilene 
Jason Wright Ligon T-201 Abilene
Christopher J. McLatchy  T-18 Stephenville 
Daniel Raye Mink T-140 Sweetwater
Brandon Gregory Moore T-22 Early
Preston Dwaine Morrow T-148 Haskell 
Chris Oosthuizen T-200 Lampasas
Zachary Alex Perez T-30 Glen Rose 
Dylan Edward Powell  T-22 Early
Levi Dennis Ralston T-1 Talpa 
Graeme Regan T-258 Abilene 
Nathan F.Richins  T -252 Abilene 
Steven B.Rose T-206 Abilene 
Augustus Hooks Sturmer T-18 Stephenville
Romeo Travon Snyder T-242 Abilene 
Ryker Grant Thompson T-68 Stephenville
George C.Torres Jr. T-26 Lometa
James Neal Tyson T-201 Abilene
Andrew Clayton McGowan T-203 Abilene
Braden Jeffrey Upp  T-277 Abilene
Nicholas L.Villarreal T-143 Hamlin 
Austin Michael Wedin T-140 Sweetwater
Dalton Brady WilliamsT- 258 Tuscola 
Michael K.Woodard T-206 Abilene 


Donald Baker T-140 Sweetwater 
Jacob J.Borchert T-258 Abilene 
Gunner Redding Bradley  T-26 Lometa
Garrett Lane Bratton T- 68 Stephenville 
Riley Martin Brauneck T-140 Sweetwater 
Owen Douglas Carpenter T-219 Buffalo Gap
Daniel Louis Cox  T-30 Dublin
Owen Scott  Crawford T-219 Tuscola
Andrew Wayne Dobry, Jr. T-206  Abilene 
Joseph Blake Dulaney T-27 Bangs 
David Wayne Elliott T-217 Abilene 
Caden Richardson Ellis  T-252 Abilene
Jeremy Chad Gifford T-18 Stephenville 
Jeremy Ryan Gillentine T-258 Abilene 
Timothy Paul Gillentine T-258 Abilene 
Robert Ross Hargrove  T-68 Stephenville 
Jordan Dewayne Herold T-219 Abilene
Lynn Allen Ledford T-200 Lampasas
Matthew Wayne Lewis T-1 Brownwood
Alexander Edwin Maryianowski T-277 Abilene 
Jerry Dean McGehee T-200 Lampasas
Christopher Thomas McHann T-258 Abilene 
Duncan Reid McNeill T- 1 Bangs
John Taber Meyers Crew 903 Stephenville
Nolan Benton Miller T-39 Stephenville 
Andrew Warren Murray T-18 Stephenville
Samuel James Nix T-277 Abilene
Ty Pauly T-26 Lometa 
Christian Aaron Payne T- 252 Abilene 
Brendan M. Pope T-272 Abilene 
Allen Thomas Price T-232 Abilene 
Seth RichardRock  T-148 Burnet 
Brian David Rogers T-55 San Saba
Gary Michael Tadvick T- 258 Abilene 
Jack David Tadvick T-258 Abilene
Aaron Glenn Waggoner T-136 Haskell 
Dakota Shawn Walden T-90 Kempner
Richard JackWall T- 68 Stephenville 
Eric Kristopher Williams T-200 Lampasas 
Ethan J. Wilson  T-140 Roscoe
Ryan Charles Wright T-77 Goldthwaite


Alves, Breaden Chase Haskell T-136 
Azares, Francisco Austin Lampasas T-500 
Bales, Kristopher Devan Abilene T-3 
Clardy, Keith Garvis Early T-22 
Cothron, Zachary Eric Sweetwater T-140 
Fagan, Christopher Lloyd Cisco T-103 
Fernandez, Keen Aleckh Abilene T-252 
Gilbert, Samuel Wilson Goldthwaite T-77 
Hart, Christopher Jay Breckenridge T-63
Havens, Parker Reid Stephenville T-39 
Hickmott, John Michael Abilene T-251  
Holmes, Benjamin Izaak Abilene T-206 
Johnson, Connor Blayne Eastland T-103  
Justice, Nathan D. Abilene T-272  
Kappel, Christian Thomas Abilene T-206  
Kelly, Lewis Alton Albany T-255  
Loflin, Gage Richard Abilene T-206  
Lumpkin, John Gentry Lampasas T-200  
Lumpkins, David Joseph Abilene T-206  
McCabe, Heath Adam Abilene T-232  
McCormick, Hadley Seth Haskell Lone Scout
Moore, Benjamin Neal Early T-22 
Moore, Jonathan Brice Early T-22  
Musick, Charles Henry Blanket T-22  
Musick, Wesley David Blanket T-22  
Pitzer, Jacob Ted Abilene T-272  
Pruitt, Joshua Michael Abilene T-272  
Salmon, Daniel Cooper Abilene T-201  
Seago, Brady C. Clyde T-223 
Starr, Joshua Michael Rule T-136 
Tatum, Zachary Thomas Haskell T-136  
Tibbitts, Lorenzo Benjamin Abilene T-251  
Tongate, Charlie Wesley Early T-22  
Vesey, Jacob Isaac Tuscola T-219  
Watson, Andrew Riley Abilene T-277  
Welse, Max Bedford Haskell T-136 
Wigham, Caleb Manning Blanket T-67 
Wiley, David Thomas Brownwood T-22 


Alexander, Jeffery Noble; Stephenville, T-18
Allen, Reese David; Abilene, T-232
Arellano, Ariel Antonio; Breckenridge, T-63
Backer, Justin Lee; Eastland, T-103
Bailey, Nicholas Parker; Abilene, T-217
Bailey, Tanner Shawn; Abilene, T-232
Barberee, Seth Earl; Stephenville, T-18
Beasley, Joseph Ronald; Dyess, AFB, T-272
Beasley, Joshua Charles; Dyess, AFB, T-272
Bradle, David Duane; Lampasas, T-500
Brauneck, Kyle Patrick; Sweetwater, T-140
Broyles, Benjamin Wyatt; Tuscola, T-219
Cannon, Tyler James; Abilene, T-217
Creer, Zacary Austin; Abilene, T-251
Dick, Robert Olan; Brownwood, T-14
Duus, John David; Goldthwaite, T-77
Faith, Alex Ryan; Albany, T-255
Fick, Michael Jay; Stephenville, T-18
Hicks, Cody Shane; Hawley, T-3
Jarrett, Canyon Lane; Merkel, T-220
Johnson, Payton Carl; Goldthwaite, T-77
Kappel, Colin Frank; Abilene, T-206
Lantrip, Ben; Tuscola, T-219
Maddox, Luke Edward; Abilene, T-232
McGehee, Christopher Glenn; Lampasas, T-90
Mclatchy, Joshua Ryan; Stephenville, T-18
Mitchell, Grant Pierce; Early, T-22
Neece, Andrew Bryant; Albany, T-255
Pace, Padraig Ryan; Rule, T-136
Piri, Allan Douglass; Blanket, T-22
Piri, Colton Ryan; Blanket, T-22
Roach, Nathaniel Joseph; Lampasas, T-500
Schroeder, Tristan Clay; Lampasas, T-200
Skinner, Andrew Benny; Eastland, T-103
Stanford, Braden Coble; Abilene, T-217
Tadvick, Maxwell Joseph; Abilene, T-258
Thompson, Jonathan Kane; Cisco, T-101
Thompson, Nicholas Reed; Cisco, T-101
Torres, Luis Alejandro; Lometa, T-26
Vallejo, Jonathan; Goldthwaite, T-77
Ware, Ryan Lee; Abilene, T-201
Watson, Graham Hampton; Abilene, T-232
Wilson, Emrick Kalusche; Roscoe, T-140


Beamsley, Dylan James T-39 Stephenville

Blair, Anthony Glenn T-3 Abilene

Harris, Colton Cordale T-277 Tuscola     

Hastings, Donovan Michael T-200 Cooperas Cove

Koemel, Newton Frederick T-255 Albany             

Medlock, Kyle Neal T-258 Abilene

Owen, Hunter Charles   T-255 Albany    

Walke, John Zachary T-217 Abilene

Woodard, Jonathan Patrick T-206 Abilene

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