Eagle Scouts of

Comanche Trail Council

1929-31,1932-39,1940-44, 1945-49, 1950-54, 1955-61, 1962-66, 1967-72, 1973-78, 1979-86, 1987-93, 1994-99, 2000-2001, 2002

Eagle Scout Group Formed

Eagle BadgeA call went out to all Eagle Scouts of the Comanche Trail Council in October 1929 to meet with the Scout Executive to form an Eagle Club.  The purpose of the group was service and  the Eagles were used to promote Scouts earning the higher ranks in Scouting and to serve as special instructors. The group named themselves the “Tah-Ko-Dahs” Eagle Scout Society and met regularly with the Scout Executive.
Another thing that the Eagle Scouts did as a group, in the 30’s, were to have an Eagle Scout Camp every year after Christmas.  The camp ran for three days and was held at Camp Billy Gibbons. They usually did service projects during the time they were there. They were responsible for building the memorial to Billy Gibbons after his death.  Only Eagle Scouts could attend this special camp.

The Search for Eagles

All Eagle Applications in the council office were gathered up and placed in one file cabinet in the Scout office in 1994.  Under the leadership of Hilda Griffin of Comanche, the basic information about each Eagle Scout was put in a computer program.  Since that time, every source available to the council has been searched in an effort to add to that first list.  This list includes new names found while searching microfilm stories for this book, from old individual  record card files in the office, as well as in old unit charters .

As a results of this search, the former Comanche Trail Council was one of the few councils in America that had a fairly complete listing of all the Eagle Awards presented in a council.  One could access the file by unit, town, year or name.  The office even had the original copies of most Eagle Applications from 1928 forward.  This office is now known as the Brownwood Branch Office of the Texas Trails Council.  However, the office still has all the old Eagle records.  They also have a CD-ROM disk from the National Eagle Service that has a listing of all Eagle Scouts through 2001 from the former Comanche Trail Council.

First Eagles

Carl Rotramel was the first youth Eagle Scout of the Oil Belt Council.  He joined Troop 3 on April 7, 1927, at the age of 14.  He became a First Class Scout by June 28, 1928.  He received his Eagle on June 22, 1929 and completed his Bronze Palm in 1930.  Rotramel was the first “Honor Camper” at Camp Martin.

Rotramel moved to Commerce, Texas in 1931 to attend school there and joined Troop 25 of that community.  By September 1931, his family once again moved, this time to Cumby, Texas, where his father was superintendent of schools.  He was to finish high school there and attend the University of Texas in the fall of 1932.

Thomas H. Foley, Assistant Scoutmaster of Troop 1, Cisco, and an adult, earned his Eagle rank on January 7, 1929, at the age of 21.

Charles Rutherford, Troop 15, Rising Star, who received his Eagle in 1930, had earned the Silver and Bronze combination pin on May 2, 1932, for having earned forty-one merit badges.

Oswald Daugherty was the first Eagle Scout of the Pecan Valley Council.   Daugherty joined Troop 5 in October 1925. He became a First Class Scout in Troop 5 in January of 1926, two years before Pecan Valley Council was organized.   His Eagle was approved on July 26, 1928, by Jack Brumberg, Scout Executive.  He received his award during summer camp at Camp Ellis.  He went on to get his Bronze, Gold and Silver Palms, earning the Silver on April 6, 1930.  By October he received his fourth palm and had now earned 52 merit badges

We know that he was appointed Junior Assistant Scoutmaster in Troop 5 in November of 1927.  During 1927 and 1928, he was “Editor-in-Chief” for a “Scouting In Brownwood” column in the Brownwood Bulletin.   In the summer of 1929, Daugherty attended the World Jamboree at Barkenhead, Liverpool, England, a trip of eight weeks.  Daugherty suggested the name “Comanche Trail” for the new council  in 1932. He later became the Sea Scout Chairman of the Council and later moved to Dallas in 1937.   The last time that anyone heard from him was in  November 1982 when he visited the Council office in Brownwood.  At that time he  was living in Ithaca, NY.

Another Scout, Levie Olds, was the earliest known Eagle Scout living in this area.  He earned his Eagle in the Alamo Council, San Antonio on November 6, 1926, and joined Troop 2 after moving to Brownwood. Olds was later to become a rancher, lawyer and District Judge giving distinguish service to Brownwood, Texas.

Here is a list of all the Eagle Scouts that we have a record of from 1928 through 2002.  We have tried to place them in the unit in which they earned their award. In 2003, the Comanche Trail Council combined with the Chisholm Trail Council to form the Texas Trails Council.

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Key to list:  T-Troop  X-Explorer Post  S-Ship
         LS-Lone Scout   (A)-Earned as adult
         SE- Scout Executive  C - Crew

Oil Belt Council Eagles 


Milton P. Connally T-4 Cisco
Thomas H. Foley (A) T-1 Cisco 
Carl Rotramel  T-3 Eastland 


Weldon Bryant   T-15   Rising Star 
Charles Bucy   T-15   Rising Star 
Alex Clark  T-3 Eastland 
Blair Clark  T-1 Cisco 
Charles Clark  T-1 Cisco 
Russell Day  T-15  Rising Star 
Truman Hines T-12 Carbon
Robert Howell  T-12 Carbon 
T. G. Jackson   T-12 Carbon 
Lionell Lee  T-15 Rising Star 
E. E. Lennon  T- 4 Cisco 
Roger Moorehead T- 6 Eastland 
Ward Mullins  T- 3  Eastland 
W. J. "Billy" Murray  T- 1 Cisco 
Charles Rutherford T-15 Rising Star 
James Rutherford  T-15 Rising Star 
Elbert Thurman  T-112 Carbon 
Jimmie Townsend  T-112 Carbon 
Minor Townsend  T-112 Carbon 
Coleman Williams T-1 Cisco 


Bill Allison T-18 Breckenridge 
H. O. Bostain, Jr. T-15 Rising Star 
Lucian B. Campbell, Jr. T-4 Cisco 
Lester Clark  T-18 Breckenridge 
Tom Cunningham, Jr. T-6 Eastland 
Ritchie Lee Davis  T-17 Breckenridge 
Ross Elliott  T-18 Breckenridge 
George Erwin  T-1 Cisco 
Jack Fauntleroy  T-17 Breckenridge 
L. A. Harrison  T-1 Cisco 
Guy Hudspeth, Jr. T-18 Breckenridge 
George Irvine, Jr. T-1 Cisco 
Jesse B. King   T-1 Cisco
Levious Lankford (A)   T-4 Cisco 
Jack F. LeRoy   T-17 Breckenridge 
Mark Reed   T-4 Cisco 
Gaines Shultz  T-17 Breckenridge 
Carl Siddle   T-1 Cisco 
John St. John   T-1 Cisco 
W. C. White  T-4 Cisco 
George R. Winston T-1 Cisco 

Pecan Valley Council Eagles


Oswald Daugherty T-5 Brownwood 


Edward Brewer   T-5 Brownwood 
John P. Kilgore   T-7  Brownwood 
Manson Melton  T-7  Brownwood 
Jeff T. Wilkes   T-7   Brownwood 


George W. Adams T-7 Brownwood 
Hale Barfoot  T-7  Brownwood 
Herman Britt  T-8  Brownwood 
Jack Brumberg (A) SE Brownwood 
J. R. Damron  T-35 Blanket 
Eugene Lankford, Jr.  T- 4 Brownwood 
Thomas Maddux T- 8 Brownwood 
Jack Schlueter  T- 2 Brownwood 
Louis H. Winebrenner  T-8  Brownwood 
O. E. Winebrenner (A) T-8 Brownwood 


B. Campbell  T-4 Brownwood 
Carl Ellis     T-8  Brownwood 
Baron Smith  T-34 Richland Springs 
Marion Smith  T-34 Richland Springs 

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Comanche Trail Council Eagles


Tommy Blakeney T-23 Stephenville 
W. M. Brewer, Jr T-8 Brownwood 
Charles Brown  T-18 Breckenridge 
Edward Bryant  T-23 Stephenville
George H. Bryant T-23  Stephenville 
Wayne Crews  T-23 Stephenville 
Jewel D. Daughety T-5  Brownwood 
Frank Dickason  T-15  Lampasas 
Marvin Dickason T-33  Lampasas 
Don D. Dunkin  T-33  Lampasas 
Tommie M. Gordon T-23 Stephenville
Tom Grady  T-35 Blanket 
Thomas Hooker  T-23  Stephenville 
G. C. Levisay  T-35  Blanket 
James McGehee  T-15 Lampasas 
Stuart Painter  T-2   Brownwood 
Lyndsay G. Phillips T-23  Stephenville 
Wylie R. Phillips    T-23  Stephenville 
Stuart Painter T-2 Brownwood
Lowell Pouncey  T-8  Brownwood 
Billie W. Rankin T-5 Brownwood
Robert Sims  T-2 Brownwood 
Lloyd S. Smith  T-15 Lampasas 
Ned Snyder, Jr.  T-7 Brownwood 
Coleman Williams T-101 Cisco 
John Wood (A)  T-1 Brownwood 
Joe W. Woodward T-8 Brownwood 


Earl Baker  T-2  Brownwood
Hal H. Cherry, Jr. T-7 Brownwood 
George Gartman T-15 Rising Star 
Horace Horton  T-103 Eastland 
James E. Hundley T-22 Dublin 
G. C. Lindsay  T-35 Blanket
Harvey Morris  T-12 Brownwood 
James Snoddy  T-1 Brownwood 
Edgar Stallings  T-18 Breckenridge 
Richard E. White  T-103 Eastland 
Jack Wilkes  T-7 Brownwood 
Harry C. Williams T-33 Lampasas 


Merlin F. Achor  T-2 Brownwood
Howard Adams  T-32 Olden
Bill Bohning  T-25 Lometa 
C. B Chastain, Jr. T-115  Rising Star 
Paul Dailey  T-7 Brownwood 
George A. Edwards T-14 Brownwood 
Morris Harvey  T12  Brownwood 
Alvin Highers  T-18  Breckenridge 
Johnny Jarrett  T-32 Olden
Thomas Kessler T-101 Cisco
O. H. Knight  T-2 Brownwood 
Rex Lanford  T-35 Blanket 
J. H. Ragsdale, Jr. T-1  Brownwood 
Wallace M. Reed T-9  Ranger 
Kessler Thomas T-101 Cisco
Bobby Throckmorton T-18 Breckenridge


Fred Abney  T-1 Brownwood 
Hal H. Cherry, Jr. T-7 Brownwood 
Bobbie Dwyer T-103  Eastland 
Bedford Furr   T-18  Breckenridge 

1935 Continued

George Gartman T-33  Lampasas 
H. L. Gunlock, Jr. T-17  Breckenridge 
Raymond Pipkin T-103   Eastland 
A. T. Shults, Jr.  T-115 Rising Star 
Richard Slider  T-19  Comanche 
Billie Joe Turner T-9 Lampasas 
Crowell Werner  T-17   Breckenridge
Thomas Wood  T-115   Rising Star


George W. Adams T-7 Brownwood 
Billy Achor  T-2  Brownwood 
Merlin Archor  T-2  Brownwood 
Earl Braly  T-103 Eastland 
Doyle T. Brooks, Jr. T-8 Brownwood 
Ed Buddrus  T-2 Brownwood 
Leonard Davis. Deere T-18 Breckenridge 
Leonard D. Deere T-18 Breckenridge
Aaron Grant  T-18 Breckenridge 
Dean Griffith  T-20 Breckenridge 
George D. Henshaw (A) T-20 Breckenridge 
Howard Hill  T-20 Breckenridge
J. Dudley Hill T-20 Breckenridge
Charles McDowell T-36 San Saba 
Stuart Painter  T-36 San Saba 
Scott C. Stallings T-18 Breckenridge 
Ed Stanford  T-103 Eastland 
Crowell Werner  T-17 Breckenridge 


John Cooper  T-115 Rising Star 
Bill Guy  T-22 Dublin 
Thomas Hoover  LS Brownwood 
Evatt Horne  T-4 Cisco 
T. R. Hunter, Jr. T-33 Lampasas 
Crandall Jones  T-101 Cisco 
John B. Molloy  T-36 San Saba 
Dean Phelps  T-18 Breckenridge 
Clarence Potter T-18 Breckenridge
George C. Taylor T-33 Lampasas 


William Jackson T-29 Carbon 
Jack Lauderdale  T-101 Cisco 
Ray Nix  T-18 Breckenridge 
J. C. Parschall  T-101 Cisco 
Frank Pellizzari, Jr. T-31 Breckenridge 
Frank A. Runkles (A) T-22 Brownwood 
Carey West, Jr.  T-18 Breckenridge 
Harold Wohlford T-18 Breckenridge 


Charles M. Barnes T-115 Rising Star 
Winston Boles  T-6 Eastland 
Charles Bush  T-6 Eastland 
Steve W. Casey (A) T-12 Dublin 
Russell B. Jones, Jr. T-18 Breckenridge
Herbert Karelitz  T-17 Breckenridge 
Stanley Kirk  T-18 Breckenridge 
Tom Little  T-18 Breckenridge 
Charles Miller  T-18 Breckenridge 
J. C. Paschall  T-101 Cisco
Robert Price  T-39 Stephenville 
Jerry Railey  T-6 Eastland 
Bobby Wilson  T-17 Breckenridge 

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David Stewart Belvin T-16 Brownwood 
Hoyt Byrd  T-11 Cross Cut 
Steve W. Casey (A) T-12 Dublin 
Martin E. Crossley, Jr. T-115 Rising Star 
Hilton H. Gilliam (A) T-43 Brownwood 
Dan Hightower  T-103 Eastland 
Bob Huchingson T-6 Eastland 
Jone McFarland  T-103 Eastland
Glen Miller  T-18 Breckenridge
Philip T. Pegues T-103 Eastland 
L. B. Porter, Jr.  T-45 Goldthwaite 
Jack Wilson, Jr.  T-39 Stephenville 
Harold Yarbrough (A)   T-45 Goldthwaite 


Milford Ray Baggett T-31 Breckenridge 
Quimby Brown  T-34 Richland Springs
C. L. Burns (A)  T-34 Richland Springs 
Billy Collins  T-101 Cisco 
Morris Harvey T-12 Brownwood
Robert R. Hedding T-12 Brownwood 
A.P. “Pat” Henry, Jr.  T-18 Breckenridge 
Hugh Ledford  T-101 Cisco 
Billy J. Moore  T-39 Stephenville 
William C. Murphy T-29 Carbon 
Joe Day Pair  T-39 Stephenville 
Glen Pouncey  T-16 Brownwood 
Charles Riggins  T-39 Stephenville 
Leon Roberts  T-39 Stephenville 
Charles Schneider T-34 Richland Springs 
Jesse Thornberry T-39 Stephenville 
H. P. Vaughan  T-10 Grosvenor 
Dale White  T-39 Stephenville 
Robert Wynn  T-103 Eastland 


Karl Armstrong  T-101 Cisco 
Richard Cox  T-12 Ranger 
James Croom  T-53 Ranger 
Charles Crum  T-40 Breckenridge 
Joe Bob Davenport T-6 Eastland 
Bob Davis  T-101 Cisco 
John Ed Davis  T-101 Cisco 
Owen Fauntleroy, Jr. T-17 Breckenridge 
Harold G. Harkrider T-6 Eastland 
Homer L. Hensley T-49 Cisco 
David Jameson  T-12 Ranger 
Otis Knox  T-6 Eastland 
Jimmie Laird  T-101 Cisco 
Bobbie Joe Lamb T-29 Carbon 
L. Y. Morris, Jr. T-6 Eastland 
Marion Paschall  T-101 Cisco 

1942 Continued
Joe T. Poe  T-49 Cisco
Leon Sheinberg  T-17 Breckenridge 
Franklin Swindel T-6 Eastland 
Howard Treadwell T-6 Eastland 


Bill Blackstock  T-49 Cisco 
Freeman Bowden T-26 Lometa 
Billy Brashier  T-6 Eastland 
Dick Brogdon  T-103 Eastland 
Bobbie Collie  T-103 Eastland 
O. L. Davis, Jr.  T-26 Lometa 
Tom Freeland  T-8 Brownwood 
Gene Garner  T-6  Eastland 
Harry Grantz  T-49 Cisco 
Estes Halkias  T-6 Eastland 
John Halkias  T-6 Eastland 
Neil Hurt  T-6 Eastland 
Edwin Jackson  T-49 Cisco 
John Jackson  T-6 Eastland 
Charles Layton  T-6 Eastland 
Charles Lucas  T-6 Eastland 
Jacky Milner  T-101 Cisco 
Joe N. Poe  T-6 Eastland 


G. K. Beach  T-4 Brownwood 
Bobby Blair  T-6 Eastland 
Leslie A. Boone, Jr. T-1 Brownwood 
Jerry Brogdon  T-1 Brownwood 
Dewey Bruton  T-34 Richland Springs 
Jack R. Carswell T-1 Brownwood 
Bill Clark  T-1 Brownwood 
Johnny Clark  T-40 Breckenridge 
J. R. Clemons, Jr T-26 Lometa
Dan Collie  T-6 Eastland 
Billie Crone  T-9 Olden 
Billy Jack Daffern T-6 Eastland 
Fred Day  T-27 Bangs 
Johnny Dunn  T-39 Stephenville 
Eddie Hart  T-103 Eastland 
Don Hellinghausen T-17 Breckenridge 
Bill Johnson  T-41 Stephenville 
Sol Oxford, Jr.  T-39 Stephenville 
Joe Philpott  T-101 Cisco 
Charles Sommer, III T-56 Breckenridge 
Ben Sparks  T-6 Eastland 
Charley W. Sparks T-27 Bangs 
Homer Speer, Jr. T-41 Stephenville 
Bobby J. Stigler  T-41 Stephenville 
Jim White  T-16 Brownwood 
Clayton Williams T-1 Brownwood 

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Billy Don Baker  T-7 May 
G. K. Beach T-4 Brownwood
Dale Biggs  T-19 Comanche
Paul J. Burke, Jr. T-56 Breckenridge 
Bob Carrothers  T-101 Cisco 
Murray Carter  T-2 Brownwood 
John Chaney  T-2 Brownwood 
Russell C. Clark T-20 Breckenridge 
John L. Davis  T-26 Lometa 
John M. Kerr (A) T-4 Brownwood
Frank G. Knight T-33 Lampasas 
Bobby Marshall  T-19 Comanche 
John Monagham T-56 Breckenridge 
Marvin Newberry T-56 Breckenridge 
Phil Pitzer  T-56 Breckenridge 
Marvin E. Reed  T-26 Lometa 
Lawrence Samuels T-19 Comanche 
Medford Schneider T-34 Richland Springs 
Harold Smith  T-28 Zephyr 
Owen Taylor  T-33 Lampasas 
Harold Warford  T-20 Breckenridge 


Neal Bullock  T-18 Breckenridge 
Johnny Collins, Jr T-103 Eastland 
Mike Earney  T-63 Breckenridge 
Oren H. Ellis, Jr. T-39 Stephenville 
Buddy Fair  T-4 Brownwood 
Jack Jones  T-17 Breckenridge 
Edgar Keeling  T-39 Breckenridge 
Lester Keesee  T-3 Brownwood 
Prescott Maxwell T-63 Breckenridge 
Jimmy Mayes T-1 Brownwood
Robert E. Mays  T-16 Brownwood 
John Robnett T-8 Brownwood
Jay Warren  T-101 Cisco 
Walter Watson  T-2 Brownwood 
Dick Wilson  T-33 Lampasas 


Joe Bob Bettis  T-7 Brownwood 
Roscoe Brown  T-2 Brownwood 
Charlie Campbell T-10 Cisco 
John P. Eads, Jr. T-27 Bangs 
Kay Graves  T-39 Stephenville 
Jimmy D. Johnson T-43 Brownwood 
Burts Kennedy  T-1 Brownwood 
Robert McElyea T-41 Stephenville 
David Newman  T-39 Stephenville 
Hal Pilgrim  T-39 Stephenville 
Mack Pointer  T-43 Brownwood 
H. Don Rodgers  T-43 Brownwood 
H. A. Sexton  T-43 Brownwood 
Robert Shiels  T-39 Stephenville 
Jim E. Smith  T-10 Ranger 
Forrest Snyder  T-43 Brownwood 
Carrol Stansell  T-101 Cisco 
Kenneth Studdard T-43 Brownwood 
Billy A. Taylor  T-43 Brownwood 
Guynn Teague  T-43 Brownwood 
Tony Walker  T-43 Brownwood


Judge Dickenson T-40 Eastland
Billy Hale  T-41 Stephenville 
Bill Mitchem  T-101 Cisco 
Sammy Neuman T-55 San Saba 
Gene Ready  T-15 Ranger 
Richard Staggs T-39 Stephenville
Fred Struebel  T-101 Cisco 
Don Studdard  T-43 Brownwood 
Billy Dale Talley T-41 Stephenville


Marshall V. Bittick, Jr. S-11 Brownwood 
Lloyd C. Corder T-8 Brownwood 
Ray Corder  T-8 Brownwood 
Pat Murphy  T-41 Stephenville 
Phillip Porter  T-101 Cisco 
Cooper Robbins, Jr. S-40 Breckenridge
Willard Swaney  T-15 Ranger 

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Arlie Brown, Jr.  T-39 Stephenville 
Don Friend  T-43 Brownwood 
Charles M. Hagler X-80 Breckenridge
Don Hart  T-103 Eastland 
Roy C. Mathews T-27 Bangs 
Clyde V. Weathers T-101 Cisco 
Vandell Weathers T-101 Cisco 


Murray Allman  S-70 Brownwood 
Paul Blair  T-101 Cisco 
Loy Brown  S-70  Brownwood 
Charles Collins  T-103 Eastland 
Buddy Dean  T-101 Cisco 
Jerry D. Gore  S-70 Brownwood 
Pearson Grimes  T-103 Eastland 
Herman Hassell  X-48 Eastland 
William Hopper  T-43 Brownwood 
Kirby Keahey  X-50 Stephenville 
David Masner  T-17 Breckenridge
Bart Reed  T-17 Breckenridge 
Joe E. Rogers (A) T-34 Richland Springs 
James Segrest  T-27 Bangs 
Jack Trawick  T-4 Brownwood 
John Whatley  X-48 Eastland 
Jim Willman  X-48 Eastland 


Doug Barkley  T-33 Lampasas 
Ronny Bauer  T-27 Bangs 
Jimmy Brooks  T-17 Breckenridge 
Roy Curbo  T-2 Brownwood
George A. Day  T-8 Brownwood
Joe Wayne Farrow T-101 Cisco 
J. C. Fitzgerald  T-27 Bangs 
C. W. Hetherly  T-33 Lampasas 
William Hooper T-43 Brownwood
Dabney Kennedy T-1 Brownwood 
Phil Lobstein  T-2 Brownwood 
Johnny Minear  T-43 Brownwood 
Harry Perry  T-33 Lampasas 
Doyle Owens  T-27 Bangs 
Bobby Prince  T-27 Bangs 
John Rowntree, Jr.  T-33 Lampasas 
Excell Segrest (A) T-27 Bangs 
Tommy Snow  T-27 Bangs 
Horner Taylor T-17 Cisco
Herbert Weaver, Jr. X-48 Eastland 
Bobby Woolsey  T-101 Cisco 


Doug Allen  T-27 Bangs 
Donald Barkley  X-9 Lampasas 
Donald R. Buckmaster T-1 Brownwood 
Leo Buckmaster  T-1 Brownwood 
David W. Cunyus X-50 Stephenville 
Tommy Day  T-8 Brownwood 
Buddy Ray Hamilton T-20 Breckenridge 
George Harris  T-103 Eastland 
Curtis Harrison  T-17 Breckenridge 
George Harrison T-17 Breckenridge 
Dick Hittson  T-17 Breckenridge
Jim Howell  X-50 Stephenville
Elmo Letbetter (A) T-8 Brownwood 
Willie Longoria  X-9 Lampasas 
Richard Love  T-33 Lampasas 
Joe Mahaffey  T-38 Gorman 
Jack B. Merrill  X-17 Breckenridge 
Mitchell L. Phelps (A) T-2 Brownwood 
Bucky Ray  T-8 Brownwood 
Bobby Jack Snow T-27 Brownwood
Adrian L. Tesson T-34 Richland Springs 
Gaston A. Tesson T-34 Richland Springs 
Lee R. Tesson (A) T-34 Richland Springs 
R. L. Ware (A)  T-33 Lampasas 
Kenneth Watson T-38 Gorman 
Dale Weathers  X-50 Stephenville 


Jack Clinton Arthur  T-39 Stephenville 
Johnnie W. Baker T-30 Dublin 
Jamie Briggs  T-33 Lampasas 
Woodrow Browning T-38 Gorman
Robert W. Brummett X-34 Brownwood 
Ernest Davis  T-43 Brownwood 
Harold “Tody” Denhart T-27 Bangs 
Larry Jones  T-39 Stephenville 
Joe McFarlane  T-1 Brownwood 
Saul Pullman  T-103 Eastland 
Jack Shults  T-115 Rising Star 
Perry Singleton  T-39 Stephenville 
Don Smith  T-103 Eastland 
Juan J. Smith  T-103 Eastland 
Henry Van Geem T-103 Eastland 
Kenneth Watson T-103 Eastland

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Russell Burwell  X-50 Stephenville 
Jerry Carothers  T-26 Lometa 
Rollie D. Hall (A) T-26 Lometa 
Bryan Healer  X-34 Brownwood 
Charles R. Lynch T-26 Lometa 
Eugene Medders T-26 Lometa 
Olenn Morrison, Jr. T-26 Lometa 
Allen Pritchard  T-43 Brownwood 
Bob Snow  T-27 Bangs 
Sam Thompson  T-26 Lometa 
Joe Wilson  T-43 Brownwood 


Bob Bain  T-39 Stephenville 
Gordon Byrd  T-12 Brownwood 
Darrel Crafton  X-34 Brownwood 
Norman Deisher T-39 Stephenville 
Michael Emdy  T-27 Bangs 
Sam R. Etter, Jr. X-34 Brownwood 
Larry W. Kimberlin T-63 Breckenridge
Vicky Morgan  T-27 Bangs 
Roscoe Reeves  X-38 Gorman 
Marvin B. Rogers T-22 Brownwood 
Jack Ruth  X-34 Brownwood 
Bill Shaw  T-43 Brownwood 
Lyman Shaw  T-43 Brownwood 
Tommy Sikes  T-27 Bangs 
Wayne Stuart  T-1 Brownwood 
Louis J. Wall  T-22 Brownwood 


John D. Allen, III T-1 Brownwood 
Bill Barnes  T-32 Brownwood 
Tom C. Graves  X-77 Goldthwaite 
Claude Hudson  T-43 Brownwood 
Joy Dean Laws (A) T-111 Cisco 
Lanny Lowrance X-34 Brownwood 
Marcus Lowrance T-43 Brownwood 
Billy Orton  T-43 Brownwood 
James F. Smith  T-8 Brownwood 
Ned Snyder, III  T-43 Brownwood 
Charles R. Wilkins, Jr. X-77 Goldthwaite 
James M. Wilson T-43 Brownwood 


Bob Barnes  T-32 Brownwood 
Eddie Bone  X-30 Dublin 
Gary M. Galbraith X-34 Brownwood 
Donn German  X-32 Brownwood
Tommy Humphreys T-103 Eastland 
William P. Hussey T-111 Cisco 
David Kuperman X-17 Breckenridge 
Kenneth R. Long T-30 Dublin 
Stephen M. Potts T-103 Eastland 
R. D. Reeves, Jr. T-8 Brownwood 
Gary Straley  X-77 Goldthwaite 
John T. Taylor  X-32 Brownwood 
Richmond Wilkins T-1 Brownwood 


James V. Fox, II T-20 Breckenridge 
Richard Goolsby S-8 Brownwood 
Myron Mays  T-34 Richland Springs 

1959 Continued

Forrest McGregor X-36 Richland Springs 
George Sparkman (A) T-40 Stephenville 
John Tompkins  X-9 Lampasas 
Bill Turney  X-30 Dublin 
David Webb  T-10 Ranger
Jimmy Wilkins  T-1 Brownwood 


Tom Brightman  T-47 Comanche 
Joe Charles Campbell T-30 Dublin 
Bob Cartwright  T103 Eastland 
Jimmy DeWeese X-50 Dublin 
Henry A. Durham T-47 Comanche 
Jerry M. Ellis  T-22 Brownwood 
Charles D. Gerhardt X-17 Breckenridge 
Larry Goldston  T-6 Eastland 
Rev. E. J. Haffner (A) X-22 Brownwood 
Oliver Hair  T-22 Brownwood
Larry Hamilton  T-33 Lampasas 
David Henley  T-43 Brownwood 
Bill Horn  T-6 Eastland 
Jim Jarratt  T-47 Comanche 
Lester H. Kuperman T-17 Breckenridge 
Braswell Locker (A) T-32 Brownwood 
Dan L. Locker  T-32 Brownwood 
Robert C. Pinto  X-22 Brownwood 
Tommy Robinson T-10 Ranger 
Carl B. Sanders, Jr. T-30 Dublin
Billy Sumpter  T-32 Brownwood 
Jimmy Thomason T-22 Brownwood 
Jimmy Woods  T-30 Dublin


Bill “Skip” Anderson T-17 Breckenridge 
Dohn H. Barham T-40 Stephenville 
David Barkley  S-8 Brownwood 
L.V. Benningfield, Jr. X-77 Goldthwaite 
Dick Carey  X-20 Breckenridge 
Chester M. Cedars X-50 Stephenville 
Jimmy Chastain  X-32 Brownwood 
Jim Childress  T-77 Goldthwaite
Charles S. Clausen X-32 Brownwood 
B. W. Clegg, Jr.  T-63 Breckenridge 
Clyde Cockrum  X-77 Goldthwaite 
Jimmy Drennan  T-10 Ranger 
Jimmie Ellis  X-32 Brownwood 
Tommy Epley  T-1 Brownwood 
William E. Garner T-103 Eastland 
Alford Havens  X-30 Dublin 
Gene Hinyard  T-55 San Saba 
John Hopper  T-10 Ranger 
Edward Lamb  S-8 Brownwood 
Argus C. Loper  T-10 Ranger 
Jack F. Matthews S-8 Brownwood 
Ray Newnham  T-10 Ranger 
Gary W. Orloff  T-43 Brownwood 
Gaylon Rodgers  T-32 Brownwood 
Thomas R. Seely, Jr.  X-4 Brownwood 
Robert A. Self, Jr. X-50 Stephenville
Bill Sexton  T-40 Stephenville
Robert Sparkman T-40 Stephenville 
Charles Spellman X-32 Brownwood 
Bob Townzen  T-10 Ranger 
Jerry B. Warden T-10 Ranger 

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Michael W. Andrews X-50 Stephenville
Robert J. Bird  T-33 Lampasas 
Earnest C. Bramlett X-38 Gorman 
David Cleveland T-30 Dublin 
James B. Deen  T-32 Brownwood 
Charles T. Dummer T-78 Brownwood 
Phil Duren  T-77 Goldthwaite 
Glenn Fry  T-33 Lampasas 
Larry D. Gibson X-30 Dublin 
Jimmy Glover  T-20 Breckenridge 
John L. Herring  X-50 Stephenville 
Eddie J. Larner  T-22 Brownwood 
Martin L. Lehnis, IV T-22 Brownwood 
Tommy J. Lenzini X-10 Ranger 
Charles Maguire T-40 Stephenville 
Edward E. Mulliner, II T-101 Cisco 
Robert L. Oakes T-78 Brownwood 
Steven Oliver  X-77 Goldthwaite 
Travis J. Porter  T-32 Brownwood 
David M. Self  T-39 Stephenville 
Mike Shillingburg T-30 Dublin 
Jimmy N. Shook T-55 San Saba 
Roland Smith  T-78 Brownwood 
William B. Summy T-77 Goldthwaite 
Don Terry  T-78 Brownwood 
Jay Timmins  T-78 Brownwood 
Don Walske  T-78 Brownwood 
Walter Walske (A) T-78 Brownwood 


Erwin E. Addy, III T-111 Cisco 
John T. Ball, IV  X-20 Breckenridge 
Jackie W. Bruce T-22 Brownwood 
Montie Rex Carey X-20 Breckenridge 
Lee Chandler Dodson T-20 Breckenridge 
Tom F. Duren  T-77 Goldthwaite 
Hank A. Gunlock T-62 Breckenridge 
Steve Hanna  T-63 Breckenridge 
Kenneth R. Jurney X-30 Dublin 
Dennis D. Moreland T-77 Goldthwaite 
James T. Norris  X-47 Comanche 
David K. Pierce  T-22 Brownwood 
Floyd W. Prather X-74 Comanche 
Joseph W. Shaw T-43 Brownwood
Dwayne Sparkman T-40 Stephenville 
Kenneth M. Starnes X-50 Stephenville 
Ray A. Wilkerson T-20 Breckenridge 
Owen B. Yarbrough T-77 Goldthwaite 


Bill A. Alexander T-30 Dublin
William G. Arnot, III T-63 Breckenridge 
John M. Cauley  T-28 Comanche 
Jim C. Crook  T-78 Brownwood 
Freddy G. Dove  T-30 Dublin 
Jerry Franklin  T-103 Eastland 
Richard L. Herweck X-10 Ranger 
Mike H. Hinyard T-55 San Saba 
Horace J. Jackson T-39 Stephenville 
Alan C. Johnson X-50 Stephenville 
David S. Locker T-78 Brownwood 
Steve Lund  T-103 Eastland 
Joseph D. Maness T-8 Brownwood 

1964 Continued

Charles Moseley X-23 Eastland 
Ricky L. Palmer X-50 Stephenville 
Christopher J. Pryor T-103 Eastland 
Jimmy Ratliff  X-10 Ranger 
Robert S. Rothe  T-78 Brownwood 
Charles H. Skeahan, III T-33 Lampasas 
Terry Smith  T-55 San Saba 
Rhett Stone  X-50 Stephenville 
David A. Sutton  X-10 Ranger 
Roy G. Tiemann T-44 Priddy 
Paul A. Townsend T-55 San Saba 
Walter Gary Walske T-78 Brownwood 


W. C. Barthelemy  T-78 Brownwood 
David P. Bird  T-33 Lampasas 
Henry J. Black  T-63 Breckenridge
Walter E. Black  T-63 Breckenridge 
William R. Black, Jr. T-63 Breckenridge 
William E. Black (A) T-63 Breckenridge 
George Bolt  X-50 Gorman 
James E. Clegg  T-63 Breckenridge 
Charles M. Conradt T-77 Goldthwaite 
Wayne Crump (A) C.Scr. Brownwood 
Bruce W. Curry  T-17 Breckenridge 
David D. Daniell T-39 Stephenville 
Bob E. Day  T-103 Eastland 
Ben J. Dean, III  T-63 Breckenridge 
Mark M. Gordon T-78 Brownwood 
Donald C. Graves T-17 Breckenridge 
Ronnie R. Huse  T-30 Dublin 
Len W. Johnson  X-50 Stephenville 
David A. Ramsey T-39 Stephenville 
John R. Rominger T-63 Breckenridge
Patrick L. Rominger T-63 Breckenridge 
David Sexton  T-18 Stephenville 
John M. Stephens T-22 Brownwood 
Ward G. Veale  T-63 Breckenridge 
Robert W. Whitman T-63 Beckenridge 
James T. Williams T-18 Stephenville 
Ross A. Wolfe  T-39 Stephenville 
John T. Yantis  T-78 Brownwood 


Allen M. Bendorf T-17 Breckenridge 
William H. Blodgett T-63 Breckenridge 
Thomas A. Brashier X-10 Ranger 
Leonard A. Cedars X-50 Stephenville 
John W. Cunyus X-50 Stephenville 
Sidney M. Curry T-17 Breckenridge 
Michael E. Davenport T-55 San Saba 
Michael D. DeHay T-78 Brownwood 
James Embrey T-22 Brownwood
Marvin C. Garner T-63 Breckenridge 
Stephen M. Johnson T-63 Breckenridge 
Eddie Leatherwood T-30 Dublin 
Glennon B. Mays T-55 San Saba 
Clive McClelland T-43 Brownwood 
Ernie A. Meyers T-43 Brownwood 
Weldon Nesbitt  T-55 San Saba 
Gary K. Rogan  X-50 Stephenville 
James L. Sheppard T-78 Brownwood 
Mike H. Walker  T-39 Stephenville

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Leslie Joe Billingsley T-30 Dublin 
G. Patrick Black T-39 Stephenville 
Stephen A. Campbell T-88 Ranger 
Terry D. Doyle  T-103 Eastland 
Roger B. Graves X-50 Stephenville 
Carl L. Hall, III  T-30 Dublin


David Ballenger  T-17 Breckenridge 
Perry L. Brooks  T-27 Bangs 
Robert H. Cobb  T-47 Comanche 
Jack D. Curtis  T-39 Stephenville 
Karl W. Doppel, Jr. T-7 Brownwood 
Frederick S. Dueser T-63  Breckenridge 
James B. Embrey T-22 Brownwood 
Robert E. Galloway T-27 Bangs 
John E. Garner  X-50 Stephenville 
Frank E. Griffin  T-43 Brownwood 
Robert Z. Hall  T-30 Dublin 
James R. Harrell T-103 Eastland 
William M. Hinyard T-55 San Saba 
DeWayne Horton T-43  Brownwood 
Ricky Horton  T-43 Brownwood 
Stephen J. Jackson T-6 Eastland 
Charles J. Lohrmann T-39 Stephenville 
Craig L. Lund  T-103 Eastland 
Rocky L. Maynard T-103 Eastland 
Billy F. Shands  T-33 Lampasas 
Richard C. Shands T-33 Lampasas 
Larry D. Smith  T-39 Stephenville 
Phillip Smith  T-103 Eastland 
Brent Thomas  T-43 Brownwood 
Larry Turner  T-43 Brownwood 
Marvin R. Weatherby T-55 San Saba 
Charles D. Williams X-50 Stephenville 
Billy D. Wright  T-101 Cisco 


Terry R. Bennie  T-27 Bangs 
Michael G. Cedars X-50 Stephenville
Kenneth W. Day T-27 Bangs 
Gayland Emerson T-27 Bangs 
Carroll W. Fitzgerald T-27 Bangs 
Rodney G. Folsom T-27 Bangs 
Charles W. Graham T-17 Breckenridge 
David L. Hardy  T-14 Brownwood 
Thomas D. Hardy T-43 Brownwood 
Rickie L. Hathcock T-43 Brownwood 
Riley G. Hathcock T-43 Brownwood 
Charles D. Love T-33 Lampasas 
Ricky L. Masters T-14 Brownwood 
John C. Pouncey X-78 Brownwood 
James D. Rhodes T-14 Brownwood 
Fred D. Spencer, III T-14 Brownwood 
Robert G. Stephens T-27 Bangs 
Thomas H. Thompson T-18 Stephenville 
Stanley W. Walker, Jr. T-14 Brownwood 
Steve Walker  T-39 Stephenville 
James A. Webb  T-43 Brownwood 


Robert B. Arnot  T-63 Breckenridge 
Gary Black  T-78 Brownwood
Tommy R. Brooks T-101 Cisco 
Dwight Fleet  T-1 Brownwood 
Bruce M. Hatch  T-43 Brownwood 
Brandt Henningsen X-50 Stephenville 
Curtis Henningsen X-50 Stephenville 
Bobby R. Hensley X-50 Stephenville 
Jerry L. Hodges  T-1 Brownwood 
Randy A. Jaquess T-44 Bluff Dale 
Kermit A. Northcutt T-44 Bluff Dale 
Clay Pouncy T-78 Brownwood
John R. Rhoades T-44 Bluff Dale 
William R. Rhoades T-44 Bluff Dale 
Rickey D. Stone  T-39 Stephenville 
Harold L. Sullivan T-27 Bangs 
Steven Turknett  X-40 Stephenville 
Barry L. Watson T-44 Bluff Dale 


Frank Bower  T-43 Brownwood
John Brogdon  T-78 Brownwood 
Joe Brooks  T-63 Breckenridge 
Edward T. Brugess X-50 Stephenville 
Michael D. Davis T-22 Brownwood 
Davis Duncan  T-14 Brownwood 
R. David Fleet  T-1 Brownwood 
Jeff Hall  T-63 Breckenridge 
Lee Hash  T-63 Breckenridge 
Roy Hash  T-17 Breckenridge 
Mickey Hathcock T-43 Brownwood 
Vick Johnson  T-39 Stephenville 
Rocky Lee  T-63 Breckenridge 
Jeff Lemmons  T-1 Brownwood 
Clinton Lovelace T-103 Eastland 
Scott Morelock  T-43 Brownwood 
Roy Don Parrack T-18 Stephenville
Trey Pellizzari, III T-63 Breckenridge 
Greg Pitzer  T-63 Breckenridge 
Russell Romig  T-14 Brownwood 
Bobby Waller  T-63 Breckenridge 
Phil Watkins  T-63 Breckenridge 


Dale Delay  T-17 Breckenridge 
William C. Egger, Jr. T-78 Brownwood 
Greg Goodall  T-63 Breckenridge 
Gordon Hass  T-14 Brownwood 
Lee M. Levisay  T-27 Bangs 
Clay Pitzer  T-63 Breckenridge
Allen R. Sheffield T-78 Brownwood 
Timothy G. Stephens T-27 Bangs 
Sammy Walker  T-17 Breckenridge 
Gary Wallace  T-40 Stephenville .

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Gregory J. Alford T-63 Breckenridge 
Bryan H. Allen  T-78 Brownwood 
Phillip H. Arthur T-103 Eastland 
James C. Autry  T-78 Brownwood 
Jerry W. Boles  T-6 Eastland 
Pete E. Cadenhead T-78 Brownwood 
Charles V. Carter T-17 Breckenridge 
Paul S. Cline  T-78 Brownwood 
Chris C. Coleman T-78 Brownwood 
Larry B. Courtney T-103 Eastland 
Randell F. Dewbre T-14 Brownwood 
Chipper Dippel  T-14 Brownwood 
John D. Douglas T-78 Brownwood 
William B. E. Evanoff T-63 Breckenridge 
Kenneth E. Gibson, II T-73 Sidney 
Timothy C. Goodwin T-78 Brownwood 
Mark E. Heidenheimer T-101 Cisco 
James W. Hoppenrath T-78 Brownwood 
J. David Jaquess T-44 Bluff Dale 
Charles B. Johnson T-78 Brownwood 
Robert H. Johnson T-78 Brownwood 
Harold Mathias  T-17 Breckenridge 
Bryan C. McClymond T-63 Breckenridge 
Charles Nuthy T-78 Brownwood
Wendel Pardue  T-63 Breckenridge 
Darrell G. Parrack T-68 Stephenville 
John Pellizzari  T-63 Breckenridge 
Donald Perry  T-63 Breckenridge 
James C. Reed  T-73 Sidney 
Douglas R. Reid T-78 Brownwood
Kevin R. Rhoades T-44 Bluff Dale 
James Rominger T-63 Breckenridge 
Whit Rominger  T-63 Breckenridge 
Brian C. Selcer  T-22 Brownwood 
Hal M. Shaw  T-22 Brownwood 
William C. G. Sikes T-78 Brownwood 
Tom E. Simmons T-1 Brownwood 
Jace A. Staggs  T-6 Eastland 
Richard R. Stone T-18 Stephenville
Thomas G. Stone T-14 Brownwood
Tony G. Stone  T-18 Stephenville 
Lloyd G. Thomas T-14 Brownwood 
Hub Thompson  T-63 Breckenridge 
Gary D. Trammel T-17 Breckenridge 
Phillip R. Weems T-41 Stephenville 
Jeffrey B. Whisnant T-78 Brownwood


Clifford Devereaux T-34 Lampasas 
Randall Jenkins  X-50 Stephenville 
Matthew D. Keith T-1 Brownwood 
Jim Owen  T-103 Eastland 
Joseph B. Swanner T-1 Brownwood 
David Vissotzky X-50 Stephenville 
Mack W. Walker T-103 Eastland 
Rocky L. Wesley T-17 Breckenridge 


John W. Allen  X-50 Stephenville 
Bart A. Boles  T-6 Eastland 
Travis Dendy  T-17 Breckenridge 
Edward William Gibson T-103 Eastland 
John Harkey, Jr. T-14 Brownwood 
Randy S. Harrison T-17 Breckenridge 
Terry Hash  T-17 Breckenridge 
William B. Hintner, Jr. X-50 Stephenville 
Gerald James  T-14 Brownwood 
Walter L. Johnson T-103 Eastland 
Pat Leatherwood X-30 Dublin 
Kenny E. O’Neal T-6 Eastland 
Russell Romig T-78 Brownwood


Johnny M. Ames T-103 Eastland 
George R. Brandon T-34 Lampasas 
Robert K. Evanoff T-63 Breckenridge 
Obie Oliver  T-1 Brownwood 
Kurt Rominger  T-63 Breckenridge
Bryan R. Walker T-63 Breckenridge 
Terry Walls  X-30 Dublin 


Ray M. Bruce  T-10 Ranger 
Rickey Carpenter T-1 Brownwood 
Richard Crenshaw T-63 Breckenridge 
Gregory Gannon T-10 Ranger 
Harlon Harpool  X-30 Dublin 
Lyndall L. Harrison T-17 Breckenridge 
Michael W. Jones T-10 Ranger 
Brian L. Lund  T-103 Eastland 
Charles N. McAndrew T-34 Lampasas 
Ricky Parrack  T-68 Stephenville 
Jett D. Rominger T-63 Breckenridge 
James S. Thompson T-63 Breckenridge 
Aubrey S. Tipton T-10 Ranger 


Nathan L. Allen  T-22 Brownwood 
Donnie W. Barron T-58 Olden 
Douglas W. Beaty, Jr. T-17 Breckenridge 
Jeffery D. Cathey T-58 Olden 
Chris Firth  T-22 Brownwood 
Joe M. Gannon  T-10 Ranger 
Jim Hopenrath T-78 Brownwood
Randall A. McAnalley T-22 Brownwood 
Luke McCollum T-39 Stephenville 
Kenneth J. SchamburgerT-34 Lampasas 
Randall A. Shackleford T-1 Brownwood 
Ronald L. Shackleford T-1 Brownwood .

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Mark E. Decker  T-37 DeLeon 
James R. Fain  T-68 Stephenville 
James W. Hallum T-1 Brownwood 
Mark Hoffman  X-79 Brownwood 
Hugh C. Keithly T-14 Brownwood 
Jerry D. Millican T-58 Olden 
Joseph W. Moore T-58 Olden 


Shawn E. Beaty  T-63 Breckenridge 
Nathan Carothers, Jr. T-77 Goldthwaite 
John B. Evanoff  T-63 Breckenridge 
Sam C. Henningsen T-39 Stephenville 
Donald M. McClure T-37 DeLeon 
Cliffton E. McIntush, Jr. T-63 Breckenridge 
Troy L. Ratliff  T-77 Goldthwaite 
Britt A. Reese  T-77 Goldthwaite 
Stuart R. Rominger T-63 Breckenridge 
Daryl W. Schriver T-77 Goldthwaite
Charles L. Slaughter T-77 Goldthwaite 
Robert E. Standley T-77 Goldthwaite 
John B. Thompson T-63 Breckenridge 


Michael Bradle  T-34 Lampasas 
Glenn L. Deitiker T-101 Cisco 
Joel Denton  T-22 Brownwood 
Jody B. Hair  T-22 Brownwood 
J. W. Hall  T-90 Kempner 
Jet M. Hays  T-14 Brownwood
David C. Isom  T-14 Brownwood
Robert C. Pettijohn X-30 Dublin 
Daniel Stephens  X-30 Dublin 
Charlie Trowbridge T-22 Brownwood 
Joe L. Trowbridge T-22 Brownwood 
Carl Worthington T-18 Stephenville 


Brian D. Barker  T-39 Stephenville 
Rod T. Dippel  T-14 Brownwood 
David W. Rosignol T-17 Breckenridge 
Michael H. Thompson T-90 Kempner 
TyBo Tyson  T-77 Goldthwaite 
William E. Williams T-3 Brownwood 
Ricky L. Wilson T-37 DeLeon 


John C. Carroll  T-22 Brownwood 
Monte R. Carroll T-22 Brownwood
David Cherry  T-10 Ranger 
Tony Cox  T-60 Brownwood
Jeff Drake  T-10 Ranger 
Robert C. Dugan T-14 Brownwood 
Billy Gann  T-63 Breckenridge 
John F. Hall  T-63 Breckenridge 

1983 Continuted

Bruce C. Hass T-14 Brownwood
Matthew McSwain T-18 Stephenville 


Louis Davis  T-67 Comanche 
Barry D. DeVine T-22   Brownwood 
Jeffrey Hall  T-3 Brownwood 
Jason Harris  T-10 Ranger 
Kevin D. Hendon T-30 Dublin 
Michael G. Hennech T-18 Stephenville 
Jonathan Hilland T-73 Brownwood 
Thomas F. Kennedy T-30 Dublin
Glen J. McClain T-22 Brownwood 
Kenneth E. McIntush, II  T-63 Breckenridge
Uel Miller  X-50 Stephenville 
Scott A. Sprowls T-24 Brownwood 
Robert Vann  T-101 Cisco 
William D. Wilson T-1 Brownwood 


James Bezner  X-50 Stephenville
Brian L. Callaway T-22 Brownwood 
Douglas W. Cox T-63 Breckenridge 
Eustacio T. Diaz T-67 Comanche 
Eric B. Johns  T-63 Breckenridge 
Dean Keith  T-18 Stephenville 
Dirk Lindsey  T-37 DeLeon 
PhillipA. McCain T-24 Brownwood 
Brent A. McDonald T-67 Comanche 
Lee S. McHorse  T-55 San Saba 
Eric W. McIntush T-63 Breckenridge 
Jack Cruz Moren T-63 Breckenridge 
James E. Price, III T-90 Kempner 
Lanny Rummel  T-90 Kempner 
Billy A. Vannoy  T-63 Breckenridge 


Jay P. Boswell  T-10 Ranger 
Steven S. Coan  T-18 Stephenville 
Bobby R. Durham T-17 Breckenridge 
John Haverly  X-67 Comanche
John Hays  T-14 Brownwood 
Russell W. Johnson X-30 Dublin 
Darren K. Keck  T-18 Stephenville 
Wayne R. Keith  T-18 Stephenville 
Jim Konvicka  T-18 Stephenville 
Craig D. McKoy T-17 Breckenridge 
Andy McLatchy  T-15 Stephenville 
Brock E. Miller  T-18 Stephenville 
Mack C. Morvant T-18 Stephenville 
Terry D. Mottley T-18 Stephenville 
Blair A. Ponder  T-1 Brownwood 
Robert A. Self, IV T-18 Stephenville 
Creath B. Switzer T-22 Brownwood 
Kevin Witte  T-37 DeLeon 

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Gregory J. Barberee T-17 Breckenridge 
Robert E. Barberee T-17 Breckenridge 
Lance A. Barnett T-77 Goldthwaite 
Thomas C. Burns T-63 Breckenridge 
Jason Cockrum  T-77 Goldthwaite 
James D. Crenshaw T-63 Breckenridge 
Joseph M. Daley X-50 Stephenville
Brian C. Dodds  T-14 Brownwood 
Brandon M. Grege T-77 Goldthwaite 
Johnathan W. Jackson T-63 Breckenridge 
Jesse M. Martinez T-2 Brownwood 
Steven Mims  X-87 Comanche 
Jeffery D. Nix  T-22 Brownwood 
Gary D. Peaton  T-39 Stephenville
Guillermo Rodriquez T-22 Brownwood 
Robert L. Sikes  T-17 Breckenridge
Aaron S. Vannoy T-63 Breckenridge
Louis J. Wall, Jr. T-22 Brownwood 
Brent C.Wilson  T-17 Breckenridge 


William R. Black, III T-63 Breckenridge 
James B. Bradberry T-83 Stephenville 
John B. Bradberry T-83 Stephenville 
Cliff E. Bramlett T-39 Stephenville 
Shawn C. Chisholm T-63 Breckenridge 
Samuel A. Cole  T-14  Brownwood 
Cody C. Graves  T-77 Goldthwaite 
David C. Hale  T-14 Brownwood 
Grant E. Kirby  T-77 Goldthwaite 
Robert C. Macchietto T-18 Stephenville 
Samuel W. Mangrum T-39 Stephenville 
Paul Smith  T-22 Brownwood 
Harold J. Stieber, III T-16 Brownwood 
James W. Tongate T-22 Brownwood 
Perry A. Wakefield T-39 Stephenville 


Craig Wayne Barker T-83 Stephenville 
Jason Bible  T-6 Rising Star
Matthew T. Harmon T-6 Rising Star 
Bryan N. Houchins T-1 Brownwood 
Sambo C. Khvan T-63 Breckenridge 
Brad M. Leese  T-39 Stephenville 
Marvin McDonald T-17 Breckenridge 
Daniel R. Paxton T-15 Stephenville 
Aaron K. Stegemoller T-14 Brownwood 
Robert D. Tyler, II T-1 Brownwood 
Carl M. Williams T-67 Comanche 


Jacob R. Jenkins T-1 Brownwood 
Kevin T. Norman T-63 Breckenridge 


Craig S. Auldridge T-77 Goldthwaite 
Thomas G. Bailey T-22 Brownwood 
John A. Burleson T-63 Breckenridge 
Keith Cockrum  T-77 Goldthwaite 
Antonio Giustino T-67 Comanche 
Deron S. Houchins T-1 Brownwood 
Scott E. Kirby  T-77 Goldthwaite 
Robert A. Kotasek T-1 Brownwood 
Bryan A. Makuta T-22 Brownwood 
Jeremy J. Quinn  T-17 DeLeon 
Geoffrey Ty Turner T-1 Brownwood 


Clay Anderson  T-39 Stephenville 
Chase D. Arthur T-103 Eastland 
Michael Beach  T-19 Stephenville 
Birk Billingsley  T-30 Dublin 
David W. Brackin T-18 Stephenville 
Cody L. Brister  T-18 Stephenville 
Hayden A. Evans T-22 Brownwood 
Steven J. Hightower T-30 Dublin 
Brandon L. Horner T-18 Stephenville
Brandon Lacy  T-101 Cisco 
Shaun R. Martin T103 Eastland 
Fredrick W. Quast T-67 Comanche 
David L. Rives  T-39 Stephenville 
Cory D. Smith  T-39 Stephenville
Billy S. Trowbridge T-22 Brownwood 
Curt H. Tunnell  T-22 Brownwood 
Sean R. Vernon  T-103 Eastland 
Larry P. Wende  T-101 Cisco 


Bart Aardal  T-18 Stephenville 
Rusty G. Arnold T-39 Stephenville 
Keith W. Bailey  T-18 Stephenville 
Jonathan Beaver T-55 San Saba 
Nelson B. Bishop T-55 San Sabe 
Michael W. Denison T-22 Brownwood 
David B. Ford  T-22 Brownwood 
Michael D. Fulton T-39 Stephenville 
Domenico Giustino T-67 Comanche 
Aleck M. Griffin T-67 Comanche 
James H. Hart  T-103 Eastland 
Vincent Ip  T-39 Stephenville 
Michael W. Lewis T-101 Cisco 
Justin T. Martin  T-67 Comanche 
Christopher W. Noska T-101 Cisco 
Bryan Oakes  T-39 Stephenville 
Nathan J. Rivard T-12 Brownwood 
Christopher Sullivan T-1 Brownwood
Jason Wakefield  T-1 Brownwood 
Lyle R. Wende  T-101 Cisco 
Jeffrey S.Williams T-67 Comanche 

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Stephen R. Fambrough T-39 Stephenville 
Christopher Giblin T-18 Stephenville
C. Curtis Hinson T-67 Comanche
Aric D. Holly  T-63 Breckenridge 
Logan E. Jenkins T-1 Brownwood 
Clint W. Patrick T-77 Goldthwaite 
James T. Smith  T-18 Stephenville 
Jason S. Sparkman T-39 Stephenville 
Cody Dale Stephens T-39 Stephenville 
James V. Timmins T-1 Brownwood 
Beaufort Venzor T-1 Brownwood 


Landry R. Blackstock T-14 Brownwood 
Corbett H. Boone T-18 Stephenville
Mark Roy Cadle T-39 Stephenville 
Eric M. Daub  X-4 Brownwood 
Joe H. Daugherty T-67 Comanche 
James P. DeWitt T-55 San Saba 
Jason Dickerson  T-14 Brownwood
Jeremy P. Dickey T-37 DeLeon 
Jeffrey D. Green X-4 Brownwood 
Russell W. Griffin T-67 Comanche 
Brian C. Hightower T-30 Dublin 
Paul A. Holt  T-103 Eastland 
William Holt  T-63 Breckenridge 
Richard D. Johnson T-99 Lampasas 
John D. Krischke X-4 Brownwood 
Matthew S. Krischke X-4 Brownwood 
Bradley S. Maples T-99 Lampasas 
Wesley Maples  T-99 Lampasas 
Jason T. Martinez T-63 Breckenridge
Gregg A. Mullins X-4 Brownwood 
Victor A. Ridley, III T-63 Breckenridge 
Charles E. Smith T-63 Breckenridge 
Zachary T. Smith T-43 Brownwood 
Jeffrey H. Taggart T-12 Brownwood 
Daniel R. Wall  X-4 Brownwood 
Jeremy Ray White T-99 Lampasas 


Phillip W. Bailey T-18 Stephenville 
Michael L. Beran X-39 Stephenville 
Brandon L. Blackburn T-26 Lometa 
Chris M. Conradt T-77 Goldthwaite 
John A. Doggett  T-77 Goldthwaite 
Blake Fambrough T-39 Stephenville 
Michael B. Hohmann T-49 Brownwood 
Walter D. Hohmann T-49 Brownwood 
Joe McCollum  T-103 Eastland 
James C. McLean X-26 Lometa 
Mark Pate  T-39 Stephenville 
Matthew K. Patrick T-77 Goldthwaite 
Robert P. Romig T-14 Brownwood 
Joshua A. Shahan X-26 Lometa 
Michael C. Sweeney X-39 Stephenville


Stuart Burt  T-63 Breckenridge 
Steven W. Conley T-1 Brownwood
Brandon M. Fagan T-27 Bangs 
Garth Clayton Gist T-77 Goldthwaite 
J. Nicholas Goodwin T-12 Brownwood 
Michael A. Hoover T-77 Goldthwaite 
Milton W. Horner T-18 Stephenville 
Andrew R. Jones T-12 Brownwood 
Dwight T. Knoll T-39 Stephenville 
Matthew A. Lindsey X-4 Brownwood 
Nicholas McClymond T-63 Breckenridge 
William E. McNew T-67 Comanche 
Jeremy R. Pennington T-27 Bangs 

1997 Contd

Timothy K. Price T-22 Brownwood 
Colby Lee Reynolds T-27 Bangs 
Michael D. Smith T-49 Brownwood 
Brody L. Smith  T-77 Goldthwaite 
Russell H. Stafford T-39 Stephenville 
Bradley J. Starnes T-63 Breckenridge 
Zachary G. Swain T-18 Stephenville 
David A. Sweeney X-39 Stephenville 
James Weathersby, Jr. T-18 Stephenville 
Bryan W. Williams T-27 Bangs 
Howard W. Woods, Jr. T-12 Brownwood 


Jody Cade Brooks T-77 Goldthwaite 
Marcus Q. Cureton T-99 Lampasas 
Patrick R. Dudley T-67 Comanche 
Jordan D. Gandy T-63 Breckenridge 
Jared Stephen Gist T-77 Goldthwaite 
Daniel Lewis Hill T-63 Breckenridge 
Matthew Lee Horner T-18 Stephenville 
Lonnie R. Johnson T-3 Brownwood 
Trenton K. Kennedy T-63 Breckenridge 
Thomas M. Knoll X-39 Stephenville 
Mark A. Lorang, II C-39 Stephenville 
Dusten Ray Mackey T-3 Brownwood 
Michael Ray Miller T-14 Brownwood
Clintin W. Mosley T-99 Lampasas 
Jason Owen Parker T-18 Stephenville
Joseph B. Philllips T-68 Stephenville
Phillip Clark Pitzer T-63 Breckenridge 
Jeremy John Seifert T-39 Stephenville 
James J. Schmitz T-99 Lampasas 
Timothy W. Sullivan T-1 Brownwood 
James A. Wakefield T-68 Stephenville 
Randall Bode Webb T-101 Cisco 
Johnson C. Wesson T-77 Goldthwaite 
John Williamson T-1 Brownwood 
Jason Ryan Wood T-63 Breckenridge 
Trampus J. Woodward T-63 Breckenridge 


Billy C. Barmes T-30 Dublin
Dale L. Bigham T-30 Dublin
Claude Kirtland Brown T-39 Stephenville
Jason R. Carpenter T-68 Stephenville
Ernest Aaron Carpenter III T-68 Stephenville
Christopher C. Carriger T-67 Comanche
Hughbert A. Collier T-18 Stephenville
Matthew W. Cowan T-30 Dublin
Luis G. Delgadillo T-49 Brownwood
Shawnel Diggs T-99 Lampasas
John W. Ellis T-14 Brownwood
Jeremy W. Essary T-3 Brownwood
Christopher Chad Firth T-22 Brownwood
Joshua W. Fuston T-26 Lometa
Juan C. Garcia T-26 Lometa
Jack A. Harper T-30 Dublin
Geremy Johnson T-30 Dublin
Bryan A. Kegans T-39 Stephenville
William E. Lamey T-90 Kempner
Cole K. Letherwood T-30 Dubllin
Lee M. Leatherwood T-30 Dublin
William Neal Mann T-14 Brownwood
Scott A. Meyers T-30 Dublin
Jason B. Newell T-30 Dublin
Scott W. Patrick T-77 Goldthwaite
Jeffrey T. Phillips T-68 Stephenville
Adam P. Schluckebier T-14 Brownwood
Jonathon P. Seth T-67 Comanche
Joshua S. Thomas T-55 San Saba
Joseph C. Weaver T-30 Dublin
David J. York T-101 Cisco

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Robert Joe Abbot T-38 Gorman
William C. Adams T-77 Goldthwaite
Zachary Ryan Botnof T-200, Goldthwaite
Charles E. Collins T-14 Brownwood
Nicolai R. Denning T-18 Stephenville 
Robert R. Dowling T-99 Lampasas
Joseph S. Ellis T-14 Brownwood 
Christopher A. Gist T-77, Goldthwaite
Nicholas Wayne Hammond T-77 Goldthwaite
Christopher W. Harris T-101 Cisco
Gary Wayne Iley T-39 Stephenville
Adam James Johnson T-200 Lampasas
Joseph L. McClymond T-63 Breckenridge 
Justin H. Moore T-18 Stephenville 
Jared Watson Morelock T-1 Brownwood 
Patrick S. Pitzer T-63 Breckenridge 
Logan Matthew Porter T-123 Eastland 
Thomas A. Rollins T-200 Lampasas
Tyler Peyton Steel T-39 Stephenville
Jacob Weldon Summy T-77 Goldthwaite
Zach L. Swann T-14 Brownwood 
Kendal B. Teague T-14 Brownwood 


Derrik Noel Adams T-38 Gorman 
Aaron Diedrick Ansons T-49 Brownwood 
Taylor William Bradshaw T-14 Brownwood 
Johathan Ernest Durand T-14 Brownwood 
Christopher Shawn Edwards T-22  Brownwood 
Michael Gibson T-18 Stephenville
Jon Christopher Goodwin T-12 Brownwood
Andrew Franklin Johnson T-18 Stephenville 
Gregory Wayne Jones, II T-99 Lampasas 
Eric Michael Kincheloe T-123 Eastland
Jeremy Daniel Mack T-99 Lampasas 
David Ryan Mann T-14 Brownwood
Blake Edward McDowell T-101 Cisco 
Jeffrey Lee Merrill T-90 Kempner 
Keith Aaron Moore  T- 123 Eastland 
Brian (Buck) Charles Paolino T-200 Lampasas 
Johnathan Blake Rawls T-49 Brownwood 
Joshua William Smith T-377 Comanche 
Jonathan Ray Smithers T-99 Lampasas 
Christopher Torres T-38 Gorman 
Allen Frank Turner T-101 Cisco 
Brandon Michael Wade  T-99 Lampasas 

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Thomas William Adams T-99 Lampasas
Jonathan Clark Brooks T-77 Goldthwaite
Justin Scott Buchele T-200 Lampasas
Charles F. Cadle T-99 Kempner
Nathan Brannon Collier T-18 Stephenville
Colton William Duffy T-14 Brownwood
Robert Andrew Fimbel T-68 Stephenville
Jordan Travis Gist T-77 Goldthwaite
Burton William Rawson Goen T-200 Lampasas
Austin Craig Griffin P-1 Brownwood
Travis Lee Hammond T-77 Goldthwaite
David Thmas Hatton, T-103 Eastland
Matthew Allan Henderson T-200 Lampasas
Blake David Henton T-200 Lampasas
Brian Kendal Iley T-39 Stephenville
Jake Ethan Irvin T-200 Lampasa

2002 Contd

Don Kell Jones, III T-39 Stephenville
Lance Alan Kilpatrick T-14 Brownwood
Christopher Adam Lamey T-90 Kempner
Clifton Roy Lee T-12 Brownwood
Matthew M. Lindsay T-12 Brownwood
Benjamin Robert Mathews T-103 Eastland
Jordan Mason T-99 Lampasas
Michael W. Nightingale T-99 Lampasas
Cole Gilliam Parks T-39 Stephenville
Phillip Justin Shillings T-77 Goldthwaite
Ryan Patrick Slezia, T-18 Stephenville
Jeremy Floyd Smith T-39 Stephenville
Britain Quinn St. Ama P-1 Brownwood
Cory Scott Sutton, T-12 Brownwood
Aaron John Tassin T-12 Brownwood
Jonathan Davis Withers T-3 Brownwood

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From 2003 on, all Scouts who earned the Eagle Award are listed in the Texas Trails Council Eagle List.  Go to HERE to get to the list.  On January 1, 2003, the Comanche Trail Council consolided with the Chisholm Trail Council to form the Texas Trails Council. 

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