Camp Billy Gibbons Alumni Association

Interested Scouters of the Comanche Trail Council began the Camp Billy Gibbons Alumni Association in 1987 to provide an opportunity for those with a special interest in Camp Billy Gibbons to give a dedicated gift of $25 dues, each year, to Camp Billy Gibbons Maintenance and Program Enhancement.  This money allowed the council to buy program supplies and to do maintenance on the camp over the years.  The dues were paid each January and deposited in a designated fund until used for the camp.  

There were 66 Charter members the first year of the Association.  Each member received a special "Charter Member" membership card.  This special "Charter Member" card was issued each year that the member paid their $25 dues. According to Roy Curbo, the first meeting, to organize the Association, was held in the OA Lodge at Camp Billy Gibbons.  

The following year, and thereafter, members who joined the Association received a different card from those who were the original Charter members.  On you right is a sample of the card.

To become a Camp Billy Gibbons Alumni Lifetime Member a person made a onetime gift of $500 to the Trust Fund of the Council.  There were eleven Lifetime Members and several others who were paying $100 a year toward their Lifetime Membership.

In 2001, Hubert Swan of Brownwood, had a coffee mug made, designed by Shirley Teaque, to give to all those who signed up in the Alumni Association for that year.

During the 12 years the Association existed, over $10,000 was used by the camp and some $5,000 given to the Trust Fund of the Council.

The group existed up until the Comanche Trail Council consolidated with Chisholm Trail Council to form the Texas Trails Council on January 1, 2003.  At that time, the Alumni Association was disbanded by the new council as they did not want money given for a particular camp, but to the council to be used in all the camps owned by the Texas Trails Council.  The last Chairman of the Alumni Association was Perry A. "Butch" Wakefield of Stephenville. 


Accumulated Total of Members from 1987

"C"  Indicates Charter Member       "L" Indicates Life Member

George Agan
Clinton Arthur
John M. Arthur -C
Fred Atnip - C
Billy Bailey
Bob Bain
Bob A. Barkley
David Barkley
Robert Barkley
Jay  Bethany
Bill  Black - C
Ed Bone - C
G. Robert Brandon
Wade Brincefield
Joe Brown Sr.
Cliff Browning
Gaitha Browning - C
Woodrow Browning
Leo Buckmaster
Jack Carroll - C
Chester M. Cedars C
Waymon A. Childress
John Clardy - C
Lester Clark
Alwyn Clausen
Royce Clement
David Cleveland
Clyde Cockrum
Chris Coleman
Pat  Coursey
Darrell Crafton -C
W T Crumley
Paul  Cunyus - C
Roy  Curbo - C - L
Rex Daniels
Kenneth Day
Tommy Day - C
Dan  Dehay
Kenneth Deitiker - C
Kenneth Dale Deitiker - C
Pat Deitiker
Walter Derwin
Joe  Dickey
Billy Dippel
Chipper  Dippel
Johnny Dodds - C
Jim Dublin
W P Duren
Warren Duren
Kenneth W. Early
Ronald  Early
Cecil Elkins
Jerry Ellis
Steve Ellie
Vernon Ellis
James B. Embrey - C
Jimmy Erwin - C
Ralph Evans
Norman Fisher
James V. Fox
Gary Galbraith - C
Joe  Galbraith
Ed Garner
Donnie Gay
Tommy Gee
Dennis Gleaton
Sammy Gleaton
Henry Goodwin - C
Tim Goodwin
Capt. Richard E. Goolsby
Thomas Clark Graves - C
Tom Cody Graves - C - L
W. Doyle Graves
Frank Griffin
James Hair - C
Jody Ben Hair
Oliver Hair
Tully Hair
Larry Hamilton
John Harkey Jr.
Bill  Harlan
Joe  Harrison
Alford J. Havens - L
Bryan Healer - C
Maurice Heath
Mark Heidenheimer
Frank T. Hilton
Vernon Honea
Jim Hoppenrath
Dannye Houchins - C
Eric Howell - L
Gene Huntsinger
John R. Ihrig
Bart  Johnson - C
Robert H. Johnson
William Johnson
Robert H. Johnson Jr. - L
Larry Jones
Reecie  Jones
Burts Kennedy - C
Dabney Kennedy - C
Charles T. Knabusch
David Kuperman - C
Eddie  Larner
Jim Leatherwood
Ronnie Ledbetter
Ben Lednicky
Martin Lehnis IV
Elmo Letbetter
Michael Loader
Phil Lobstein
Fred Lockwood
Harold Lockwood
David Lundy
Bill Lynn
M.M. Machen - C
Larry Mahan Jr.
Sam Mangrum - C
Gary Martin 
Lehnis Martin III
Roland McFarland - C
Forrest E. McGregor
Clarence McKinney - C
W.T. McMurray
Gary Meador
Kenneth Meador - C
Norman Meador
Mike Medcalf
Ermin Meyers - C
Murray Milner
John W. Minear - C
Floyd Monk
Seth Moore Jr.
Scott Morelock - L
Stephen Phillip Murray
Phillip Murrey
Norman Owens
John Pellizzari
Frank Pellizzari III
Frank Pellizzari Jr. - C
A.J.  Pepper
Neal Pepper
James Perkins - C
Groner Pitts
Phillip Pitzer
Tom Ponder
Mike Potts
Allan Prichard
Saul A. Pullman - C
Robert E. Purdom
James Quast
Guy  Quirl - C
Herbert Ragsdale - C
C.C. Reeves
Roscoe Reeves
Doug Reid
Bobby Reynolds - L
Don Roberts - C
Ben Rogers
J. Whitney Rominger - C
James C. Rominger - C
Jett Rominger - C
John Rominger - C
Kurt Rominger - C
Patrick Rominger
Robin Rominger
Stuart Rominger - C
Stephen Ross - L
Carl Sanders - C
Darryl Schriver
Roger Schustereit - C
Tom Seely - C
Eldon Sehnert - C
Robert Self
Hal M. Shaw
Lyman E.  Shaw - C
William Shaw
Billy J. Sherrard, Jr.
Bill Sikes
Arlton  Smith
Bud Smith
Cory Smith
James Smith
Larry Smith - C
Lewis Smith
Otto  Sonnenberg
Laura Stair
John Stanley
Billy   Sumpter
Jim Switzer
J. Steve Taylor - C
Jim Terrell  - C
J.C. Terrell, Jr. - C
John A. Thomason - C
Michael Thornton
Jay  Timmins - C
Charlie  Trigg
W.O. Trogdon
Bo Trowbridge
Phil Trowbridge
William Turney - C
Troyat Underwood
Andy  Wakefield - C
Becky Wakefield
Kathy Wakefield - C
Perry  A. Wakefield, Sr.
Perry A. Wakefield, Jr. - L
Stan Walker
Louis Jan Wall - C
Louis Wall, Jr.
Louis Wall, Sr. - C
Don Walske - C - L
Walter Walske - C - L
Jerry Warren
John Watson
Johnnie Watson
Kenneth    Watson
James Weatherby
Manley  Webb
Arlon Weems - C
Philip Weems
Richard Wilkins - C
Joe D. Wilson
Rickey D. Wilson
Billy Wood
John Wood - C
Tom Yantis
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We thank Hubert Swann of Brownwood for providing us the scans of the membership card and the coffee mug.

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