K. N. Clapp

Below is photo of Mr. Clapp in his Indian outfit.  He was known as "Chief Black Wolf"  The photo was taken in 1930.  Clapp made the Indian outfit  in 1925 or 1926. He had a group of boys who were in an Indian tribe in his troop where he was Scoutmaster.  He paid prisoners at Colorado State Penitentiary to do the beading for the outfit.  The Ermine tails brought from Taylor Fur Company in St. Louis.  All the leather was bought locally. 

Mr. Clapp traveled from Lubbock to other council camps during the summer months with a group of older Scouts from Lubbock to help out at those camps.  We know for sure that he participated in Camp Kickapoo in 1928, a summer camp of the Concho Valley Council, which was held on the San Saba river ten miles southwest of Menard, Texas from June 4 to 13.

Dwight Hunter, Jr. and J. T. Henderson, who both attended Camp Kickapoo, told this story about Clapp.  "K. N. Clapp, one evening during the campfire program that he was leading, suddenly, without explanation, started taking off his Scout shorts and then his underwear right in front of everyone!  Everyone in the audience was horrified until Clapp explained to the Scouts that a stinging scorpion was in his pants."

Hunter said that Clapp was very upset at the Scouts because he just knew that one of them had put the scorpion in his shorts. However, according to the two Scouts who told this story, this was not true, the scorpion apparently crawled into his shorts before he put them on for the campfire, or while he was sitting down at the campfire.

Clapp also participated in Camp Connellee, held on a 5,000 acre ranch owned by C. V. Connellee, which was the site of the 1929 summer camp of the Concho Valley Council.  Clapp was a self-educated naturalist.  We also know that he was on the staff from August 14 to 29, 1929, at Camp Louis Farr, near Mertzon, TX, the second camp for the summer of the Concho Valley Council.  He returned in 1930 to Camp Connellee and served on the staff from May 26 to June 4.

Clapp ran the waterfront at the first summer camp held at Camp Fawcett from August 1 to 7, 1928.  Camp Fawcett was the new camp of the Southwest Texas Council, Uvalde, TX.  The camp is located on the Nueces River outside of Barksdale, TX, and is still in use today.  In 1929, along with four Eagle Scouts from the South Plains Council, Lubbock, he directed the waterfront activities as well as a camp museum at Camp Fawcett.

Clapp was the head of Anderson Clayton Cotton Company of Lubbock. 

Photo of Clapp in his Indian outfit below was taken in 1930.  Clapp came to Brownwood, TX every year to go fishing at Lake Brownwood.  John R. Wood was asked to go with him in about 1942 and did so in the month of May for some twenty-five years.  They became personal friends.

When the 1950 National Jamboree camp up, Clapp paid half of the expenses for Wood to go to the Jamboree and gave his Indian outfit to Wood to wear to the Jamboree at Valley Forge . The council paid the other half of the fee.  Wood is pictured on the right at the Jamboree with Clapp's Indian outfit on.  The former Comanche Trail Council (now known as the Texas Trails Council) still has his Indian outfit in the original trunk as it was given to Wood.

K. N. Clapp, 1930
K. N. Clapp
       John R. Wood 

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