1982 Tres Ritos Camp Staff

1st Row left to right: Jim Bateman (Nature and Ecology) , Nowell Godfrey (Nature and Ecology) , Steve Starkey (Commissary), Don Cash (Nature and Ecology), Camp Director Harry Massingale, and International Scout Martin Hartley  (prone is Program Director John Cox)
2nd Row left to right: Shelby Sanderson (Pioneering), Cameron Clark (pioneering), unk, Bobby Cash, unk, Robert Bellah (Nature and Ecology) on the end of the British flag leaning on Harry.
3rd Row left to right: Jon Farris (Jon the Methodist - camp pastor), Scott Schmitz (trading post), Craig Briscoe (Indian lore/pioneering)), Derrick Holcombe (Nature & Ecology) and Bobby ?, Jerry Stegall (Camp Ranger for Camps Post and Tres Ritos).
Robert Bellah shared this story with us about this staff:

"This group, to me, was the last of the age of one group of staffies, passing the torch to the next. Don (Cash), Steve (Starkey) and the 3 guys in the middle had worked the camp for a couple years prior to this one while the rest were new. Jim (Bateman) and myself were actually CITs that year.  I may be confusing my years (I worked 5 more after this one) but one story was of Don (Cash) and I leading a group of scouts to Angustura meadow for the Wednesday night Wilderness survival class.  I stayed up all night with the scouts - (no one can sleep during that trip).  The next morning we headed back into camp for breakfast.  I was sitting across from Harry (Massingale) and the next thing I know he is holding my head up with one finger so that I don't fall asleep in my cereal bowl.  Sappy- I know.

"I will tell you this was a very important point in my life.  First time to be away from the folks for an extended period of time.  Great role models to help form my life values.  Scouting and Staffing was an important duty to the youth of the day. It was Safe.  Like I said before, I worked 5 more summer camps and none were as foundational and as memorable as this one.  I think of my kids who are now the same age I was in this picture.  They don't have this - it was a very different period in time.  Yes a wee bit nostalgic."

We want to thank Robert Bellah for providing us with the names of the members of the 1982 Staff and his story. Our tnaks for LTC Bill Millar, who was on the camp staff from 1976 to 1980, for helping us to identify some of the unknown staff members.

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