The 1960 Jubilee National Jamboree

by Milton Leon Broughton
Leon Broughton, now a Scouter of the Texas Trail Counci, living in Dublin, TX, was a Scoutmaster of a troop that attended the Jamboree from the Rose District of the East Texas Area Council.  This story of the Jamboree was taken from his book "This Is The Way," volume one, East Texas Area Council.

"The 1960 Jamboree opened with 72,000 roaring the welcome to Jamboree.  The crowd, believed to be the largest ever assembled in one place in the Pikes Peak region, covered the slopes of the natural amphitheater at the Jamboree site eight miles north of Colorado Springs.  There was a dramatic flag raising in the morning with a fireworks and pageant at the opening of the Fifth National Boy Scout Jamboree.  Being present at this event was really enjoyed by all of us.  According to news sources, there was a $10,000 display of fireworks.

Captain Doug McCaughey"During the Jamboree, Navy Jets performed with a display of precision Jet flying by the Navy's Blue Angels.  Four Navy airman flying Grumman Tigers gave an hour long demonstration over the Jamboree site to all 56,000 Scouts and leaders could see them.  Captain Doug McCaughey was the right wing man for the Blue Angels.

"Most of the Troops time was very busy, with three Skill-O-Rama areas in operation.  Scouts were able to show their talents as cooks, rope makers, folk lore, fire starting and native and Indian dancing.  Scouts fro various states showed their specialty from Colorado Scouts cooking bear and deer, Texas Scouts cooking cactus, Alaskan boys - Northern light cooking featuring seal, walrus and Alaskan fish.  There was also music by the 120 piece band made up of boys from Kentucky, West Virginia and Ohio.  Skill-O-Ramas gave all scouts a place to practice skills and learn new skills form scouts of all states and foreign scouts.

"Trading ideas, was not the only type of trading.  Scouts from all area and states traded Boy Scout patches, neckerchiefs, neckerchief slides and many items from their home state.  Some Texas Scouts had horned toads to trade for souvenirs of other states.  Scouts brought many items to trade: knives, carvings, beadwork, leatherwork, ceramics, etched metals, swords, kerchiefs and badges. Foreign Scouts items brought big premiums in trading.  Many of our patches fro our area commenced large premiums such as Region Nine patch and Boy Scout Order of the Arrow lodge patches.

"President Eisenhower visited the Jamboree and took part in a parade.  It was reported that probably more than 100,000 pictures were made of President Eisenhower as he visited the 56,176 scout campers.  Many of us saw a President of the United States, and many would not ever get to see the President ever again.  It was a thrill to all.  President Ike was presented a jamboree neckerchief and slide by Eagle Scot Don Long who was from Clinton, Iowa.

"News sent back home from all Jamboree troops was from the 1,500 boys who became reporters.  Scout City really buzzed with activities every day.  Cooking and meals were prepared by patrols of each scout troop.  Before each meal, the food and items for that meal were picked up by Scouts from each patrol,  The food was excellent, and most of our scouts became good cooks.  Many troops used wagons to get their food and supplies, and haul them back to their troop areas.

"Another highlight for many of the Scouts was the Jamboree Rodeo Preview which had specialty acts, as well as the rodeo events of bull riding, bull dogging, saddle bronco riding, calf roping and bareback riding.  One of the promoters of the rodeo said that it is probably one of the largest captive audiences, an American has every played to Marshall Matt Dillon (James Arness visited the Jamboree and also visited the Matt Dillon patrol from Dodge City Area of Kansas.

Protestant Services at 1960 National Jamboree"On Sunday, July 24, 1960, there was a United Protestant Worship Service.  Religious services for many other Faiths were held including:  Lutheran, Episcopal, Christian Science, Buddhist, Greek Orthodox, Morman, Jewish and others.  The Protestant service of worship was in the open area facing Pike's Peak.  This was the largest service with over 30,000 scouts in attendance.  Due to the time marching in and getting seated, most of us were tired and hot.  I told my scouts to keep their caps on due to the hot sun.  However, many scouts did not keep their camp on and were carried off due to heat exhaustion.

"At this occurrence finally one of the leaders interrupted the Preacher to tell every one to put their camps on - since many scouts had to be taken to the hospitals by the Army medics on duty with their ambulances.  Our leader - Elmer Burns, can tell you about the wild ride he had when one of our scouts failed to keep his camp on and was taken to the hospital in an Army ambulance, with Elmer Burns accompanying him.  The was the only one of our scouts who had to be taken out; he had refused to keep his camp on during the service.

The week long Jamboree ended with a spectacular closing ceremony celebrating "Jubilee Birthday Party" marking the 50th Anniversary of Scouting in America.  Each of us lighted a candle at the end of the Birthday program.  The Birthday party signals the end of what has been termed by Scout Officials as the largest youth gathering in the free world involving scouts from each of the councils in America and from 38 Foreign countries.  As the Scouts' tent cty vanished and clean up began, Troops stared their trips by home."

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