Participants in the 1964 National Jamboree

Buffalo Trail Council

Troop 64
No Order: Dan Blair, SM; LeRoy Wright, ASM; Bill Brown, J.A.S.M.; Wesley Wright, J.A.S.M.; George Stowe, SPL; Bill Feather , QM; Mickey Williams, Scribe; Jerry Cook, PL; Ronnie Muns, P.L.; Wayne Woody, PL; Rex Amini, Randy Bryn, Lucius Bunton, Jr., Jimmy Butler, Bill Cardwell, Helton Clark, Tommy Cook, Bill Dilland, Bobby Donnell, Conley Esmund, James Lynch, Paul Johnson, Jay Lendrum, Tommy Maxwell, Mike McCaskill, Guss McLaren ,James Merryman, Gary Monroe, Phillip McVean, Garry Rochelle, Roger Sapp, Warren Schneider, Bruce Shahan, Roger Sperberg,  Scott Walker, Jimmy Watts.
About 300 Boy Scouts and leaders from West Texas went to the 1964 National Jamboree at Valley Forge, PA.  Scouts of the Buffalo Trail Council left July 6, 1964 to tour the eastern seaboard prior to the Jamboree.  The Scouts stayed in Section 25, which consisted of 35 troops from Texas and New Mexico. 

The Concho Valley Council group left San Angelo and toured New York and its World's Fair prior to arriving at the 1964 National Jamboree held at Valley Forge. PA.  Some 300 Boy Scouts and leaders from West Texas were at the Jamboree. 

The Jamboree began with an aerial bomb exploding high in the sky to signal the raising of 1,800 flags by the 52,000 participating scouts and leaders standing at attention.  Joseph A. Brunton, Jr., Chief Scout Executive, looked over the city of 30,000 tents and said "This really represents what's good about America."

Canadian Scouts at 1964 National JamboreeShown to the left is the contingent of Canadian Scouts who participated in the Jamboree.  The Scouts participated in a "Showcase of Scouting" with demonstrations of camping and other Scoutcraft skills, fellowship and activities designed to help "Strengthen the America's Heritage."  Saturday, July 18, the Jamboree Scouts and leader took part in patriotic ceremonies, campfires, demonstrations and historical hikes at Valley Forge.  The Strengthen America's Heritage program was used in order to "provide a fuller personal understanding and appreciation for America's rich heritage of freedom - to find ways to enrich the heritage and pass it along to future generation - and to contribute to the understanding of all Americans the values of American's heritage."

The trading tents were jammed with hundreds of Scouts from every state in the nation and form many of the 44 foreign countries.  They sat cross-legged on the grass floor or crowded around wooden tables.  They had cigar boxes, shoe boxes, paper bags, stuffed with neckerchiefs, shoulder patches, lapel pins, stuffed turtles, rattlesnake rattlers, oyster shells, rocks and metal rings.

A council itinerary provided by Wallace Craig, one of the Scouts that went to the Jamboree gave a pretty detailed itinerary of the Jamboree trip:

National Jamboree Itinerary

"Leave Midland July 6, 1964.  Box lunches will be picked up in Lubbock, Texas and served to the boys in Dumas, Texas. First over-night stay will be in Dodge City, Kansas.  Evening meal will be served at Scholle's Cafe between 6:30 and 7:30 p.m.  Night's lodging will be in Dodge City Junior High School Gymnasium.  Breakfast on the 7th served by Scholle's Cafeteria.  Lunch will be served at Schillings Air Force Base in Salina, Kansas.  The evening meal will be served at Merchants Hotel, Moberly, Missouri.  Over-night stay in National Guard Armory in Moberly.  July 8th - breakfast will be served by Merchants Hotel.  Noon meal served in Leland Hotel in Springfield, Ill.  Evening meal served in the main dining lodge in New Salem State Park.  Over-night lodging will be in New Salem State Park barracks. July 9th - breakfast will be served in dining Lodge, New Salem.  Noon luncheon will be served in University of Indiana Park and Field House in Gary, Indians by Margo's catering service.  The evening meal will be served in Student Union Building, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Over-night stay will be in one of the university dormitories.  July 10th - breakfast at University Student Union.  Box lunches will be prepared by the University and will be carried to Greenfield Village, where boys will eat lunch.  They will have evening meal in Hamilton, Ontario at the YMCA where they will spend the night and have breakfast on the 11th. 

Noon lunch on the 11th will be served in the Honey Dew Coffee Shop at Niagara Falls, Canada.  Evening meal will be served at the VFW Hall in Cortland, New York. Over-night stay in New York State Armory in Cortland.  July 12th - breakfast at VFW, Cortland, New York.  Noon meal will be served in Middletown, New York at Middletown Diner.  Dinner will be served in New York City at Shelton-Towers Hotel, where they will spend the night and will have breakfast on the morning of the 13th.  Noon lunch will be bought by individual Scouts at the World's Fair. Leaving New York City on the afternoon of the 13th they will be fed the evening meal at Bolling Air Force Base Cafeteria in Washington, D. C., where they will spend the night.  July 14th- breakfast at Base Cafeteria.  Noon lunch in cafeterias in Washington, D. C. Evening meal served at Bolling Air Force Base Cafeteria, spending the night there and having breakfast on the 15th in the base cafeteria.  Leaving Bolling early on the morning of the 15th, we will pick up box lunches from the Hot Shopee, Inc. for the noon meal to e served in Philadelphia, Penn.  Checking in at the Jamboree before 6:00 P.M. on the 15th we will eat evening meal at campsite in the Jamboree grounds.

Leaving the Jamboree on July 24th our noon meal will be served at Endless Caverns at New Market, Virginia.  over-night stay and evening meal will be in Archie's Supper Club.  Box lunches will also be made by Archie's Supper Club for noon meal, which will be served the boys at Rogerville, Tenn.  In the high school parking area, where Wolf Dairy will provide fresh milk, fruit drinks and ice cream.  The evening meal will be served at Sewart Air Force Base in Nashville, Tenn., where they will spend the night in barracks, and will have breakfast on the 26th. July 26th - noon lunch will be served in Memphis, Tennessee at the Mark Twain CAfeteria.  Evening meal will be served at Red River Army Depot (Arsenal), Texarkana, Texas, where boys will spend the night in barracks and gymnasium.  July 27th - breakfast will be served in Arsenal's dining lodge.  Noon meal will be served at Wyatt's Cafeteria in Fort Worth, Texas.  Arriving in Midland, 7:00 P.M.  the boy will have evening meal at home with parents.

Go HERE for a story of this group's adventure to the 1964 Jamboree by Gary Stillwell of Odessa.

Below is a list of those Scouts and leaders from the council that went to the Jamboree:

Lewis Michaelson, Midland
W. M. Bosworth, Midland
A. B. Patterson, Midland
Dick Harris, Midland
Joe Payne, Midland
Lester Goswick, Big Spring
Craig Camel, Big Spring
LeRoy Wright, Big Spring
Rev. Grady McCullough, Van Horn
E. H. Wilke, Andrews
Harold Wilson, Andrews
Dan Blair, Odessa

Youth by Towns:

Joe Devenport

Douglas Irwin
John Parish
Mike Smith
Kenneth Ulmer
Charles Wester
Larry Williams
Terry Wilson

Big Spring:
Mike Alexander
Mark Alexander
Walter Cambell
Robert Campell
Jimmy Earnest
Carl Giles
Harman Hooser
Danny Hooser
James Johnson
Don Johnston
Paul Kionka
Russel Long
Jerry Price
Steve Stinson
Jason Tollett
Lloyd Williamson
Wesley Wright

Russell Stockes

Doug Cameron

Gary Hoyer
Gary McGowan
William Neace

Bill Christopher
Bruce Peevey

Richard Adams
Rex Amini
Dick Ames
Mike Austin
Steve Beck
David Bizzell
Martin Bosworth
Bill Brown
Robert Brown
Steve Brown
Michael Brozson
Randy Bryn
Jimmy Butler
Bill Cardwell
Mike Carter
Bill Chynoweth
Hilton Clark
Steve Conkling
Jim Craber
Mark Craig
Wallace Craig
Robert Creech
Mike Crockett
Howard Davis
Bill Dillard
Bobby Donnell
Bill Feather
Jay Dell Furry
Rick Fuszek
George Goolsby
Mike Hedrick
George Holland
Jim Hollrah

Midland Continued:
Bob Huff
Ronald Huff
Bill Kelough
Thomas Kennedy
Assim Khan
James Lehman
John Lendrum
Daivd Lever
Bob Lydecker
Kent Lydecker
Henry Mast
Roy T. Mast
Mike McCaskill
Curtis McFarland
Guss McLaren
Phillip McVean
Errick Michaelson
James Merryman
Gary Monroe
Steven Moore
Douglas Page
Tim Patterson
Joey Payne
Ralph Reline
Tommy Reiser
Bruce Shahan
David Smith
William Sole
Craig Spencer
Robb Stalls
Raymond St. Jermain
David Stones
Michael Stones
Ronnie Upchurch
Scott Walker
David Ward

James Andress
Ricky Browning
Steve Browning
Lucius Bunton
Jerry Cook
Tommy Cook
Steve Cord
Wayne Criswell
Conley Esmund
Sam Howell
Paul Johnson
James Lynch
Tommy Maxwell
Ronnie Muns
Steve Napper
Bob Newman
Gary Rochelle
Paul Rochester
Rober Sperberg
Gary Stillwell
George Stowe
Jim Watts
Dave Wier
Terry Wier
Mickey Williams
Price Womack

Bill Boswell
Biff Johnson
Bill Oglesby
John Oglesby
Walter Stubblefield
Dennis Worsham
Hill Glover

William Byars
Willie Everett
Jay Rogers
James Rannefield
Eddy Skans

Sterling City:
Robert Lively

Wayne Woody

Van Horn:
Jimmy Barnett
Andy Burne
Kenneth Greaves
Nuny Morris
Steve Mitchell
Jimmy Sammons
Larry Self

Section 25 Staff:
Lewis Robertson, Midland, Section Postmaster
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