Participants in the 1981 National Jamboree

Buffalo Trail Council

Troop 778
Front Row ( L to R): 
 1.  Tommy Hill, Jr.
 2.  Joe Shuffleld
 3.  Todd Baldwin
 4.  Shawn Murray
 5.  Tim Florer
 6.  James Waddell
 7.  Brad Gambrell
 8.  Tom Florer
 9.  Phil Cochran
10.  James Bryant
11.  Billy Overhulser
2nd Row (L to R):
 1. Tracy Baldwin
 2. Charlie Harris
 3.  Burt Frost
 4.  Jeff Craig
 5.  Michael Balmbridge
 6.  Joshua Brodnax
 7.  Scott Hurt
 8.  Mike Wagoner
 9.  John Hamlett
10.  Lee Franke
3rd Row (L to R):
 1.  Greg Lane
 2.  Joel Joslin
 3.  Kyle Vernon
 4.  Mark Miller
 5.  Shawn McCarter
 6.  Roger Cleere
 7.  Paul Nelson
 8.  Phil Rowe
 9.  Shawn Cooper
10.  David Harwell
11.  Victor Burns
Back Row (L to R):
 1.  Jerry Norton
 2.  Bill Foster
 3.  Joel Hamlett
 4.  Tommy Bizzell
 5.  Larry Ward
 6.  Jamie McCarter
 7.  Dodd Griffith
 8.  Mike Stephens
 9.  Jeff Daily
10.  Bill Waddell
11.  J. P. Dodson
12.  Jeff Rowe
13.  Doug Rowe
14.  Jerry Stephens
15.  Steve Miller
Jamboree Staff:
Robert Davidson - Transportation
Tommy Hill, Odessa - Transportation
Samuel E. Howell, II, Odessa - Subcamp 14
Kenneth E. Lantrip, Midland - Aquatics
Charles Stephens, Odessa - Commissary Aide
Malcolm T. Upton, Colorado City - Subcamp 14
K. D. Van Horn, Midland - Subcamp 14
Bill Youngblood, Midland - Assistant Medical Officer
Troop Leadership

Adult Leaders:
Scoutmaster - William J. Waddell, Odessa
1st ASM - Joel Hamlett, Snyder
2nd ASM - Todd Baldwin
3rd ASM - Tommy Hill, Jr.
Youth Leaders:
Senior Patrol Leader - Jerry Stephens
ASPL - Jeff Daily
Quartermaster - Todd Baldwin
Scribe - Shawn Cooper
Patrol Leader - J. P. Dodson
Patrol Leader - Burt Frost
Patrol Leader - James Waddell
Patrol Leader - Dodd Griffith

The group traveled to the National Jamboree by chartered bus leaving on July 20, 1981 from the Permian High School parking lot in Odessa at 5:00 a.m.  They loaded additional boys and equipment at the council office in Midland and at Colorado City.  They visited Opryland in Nashville, TN and Gettysburg and Valley Forge.  They spent a day sightseeing in Washington, D. C. and arrived at Fort A. P. Hill, VA for the National Jamboree on July 28th.  On July 31st, they made a special trip from the Jamboree to Williamsburg and Richmond, Virginia and back to the Jamboree.  They arrived back home on August 8, 1981, after having been gone for 20 days.

Each member of the troop received a special Buffalo Trail Council Jamboree neckerchief and shoulder patches on the bus.  Also each person received a travel bag and South Central Region jacket patch and t-shirts.

The theme for the 1981 National Scout Jamboree was "Scouting's Reunion With History."  The nation's heritage was reflected in many of the activities at the Jamboree. Some 28,000 Scout participated in this first Jamboree to be held at Fort A. P. Hill, VA.  Every Jamboree since 1981 has been held at this spot due to the tremendous cost of setting the Jamboree up and tearing it down at the end. 

One of the VIPs  visiting the Jamboree was King Carl Gustaf of Sweden, who spent two days at the gathering.  The arena shows include the Oak Ridge Boys, Burl Ives and fireworks by the Great Zambelli.  Included in the shows were the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle team, the U. S. Naval Academy Band and of course, the Jamboree Youth band.  At the closing of the last arena show, as has been at every Jamboree before it, some 25,000 Scouts lit candles and rededicated themselves to the Scout Oath. 

Thunderstorms whipped by 50 mph winds, hit the Jamboree around 7 p.m. in the evening.  The wind shipped through the camps, tents were collapsed, and many of those that did not collapse by the wind were taken down by their drenched occupants.  However, they only got about .74 inch of rain but it did give the Scouts something to remember the Jamboree by. 

Our thanks to Kevin Morris, Midland, for scanning and providing us this photo and leader's list from the Buffalo Trail Council office.

Updated:  April 28, 2004

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