Participants in the 1989 National Jamboree

Buffalo Trail Council

Troop 1632
Bottom row left to right:   ???, ???, Nathan Telck, ???, William Hawkins, Chris Tipton, Sam Bowley, Derek
Wingo, Nathan Adams, Kent Pilkington
Middle row:  5th from left- Robert Olvedo; 6th from left- Gregory Bodin; 11th from left- Bennet Poitevint
Top row, left to right:  David Pearce, Tom Florer, Josh Knight, John Gist, Carrick Carpenter, Tommy Craddick, Chris Pearce, Casey Hendrix, ???, Andy Self, Tim McBrayer, ???, Stephen Aguirre, Jaime Subia, Josh Smith, Josh Rangel, Gary Barker, Mark Smith

Troop 1633

Top Row: 4th from the left:  Wade Kidwell;  7th from the left:  Darrell Smith; 8th from the left - Andrew Hughes; 9th from the left: This adult might be Ron Hilliard?
2nd Row from the top: 5th from the left - Rob Florer; far right - Matt Buckingham
3rd Row from the top: 4th from the left - Max Stuart; 5th from the left - Louis Brezina;  2nd from the right - John Basham 

Our thanks to Kevin Morris, Midland, for scanning and providing us these photos from the Buffalo Trail Council office.   And to Jesse Smelser and Rob and Tom Florer for providing us the names above. We are looking for more information on these two troops!

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