Participants in the 1993 National Jamboree

Buffalo Trail Council

Troop 1531

2nd Row from the bottom, 4th from the right - Cris Elliot 

Troop 1532

Top Row (L to R):  David Pearce, Chris Pearce
Third Row:  5th from left, Adam Wallace; 7th from left, Tommy Perley
Second Row: 2nd from left, Victor Leggett; 7th from left, Andrew "Smiley" Beauchamp
First Row: 5th from left, Jackie Wilkes, Jr. 

Troop 1533

In the 2nd row from the top, on the far left is Chris Nathman (he is behind the scout with big sunglasses).  Next to him is Lee Weisenfeld (the one who appears to be "striking a pose").  In that same row, 2nd to the right is Ben Brezina (with his mouth wide open)
In the 3rd row from the top (2nd from the bottom), the 5th scout from the left is myself, Jesse Smelser. 

Our thanks to Kevin Morris, Midland, for scanning and providing us these photos from the Buffalo Trail Council office  And our thanks to Jesse Smelser for the information on Troop 1533 and Troop 1531!  We are looking for information on all these troops!

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