Participants in the 2001 National Jamboree

Buffalo Trail Council

Troop 1815

The theme for the 2001 National Jamboree was "Strong Values, Strong Leaders...Character Counts."  The Jamboree was held again at Fort A. P. Hill, Caroline County, Virginia, 70 miles south of the first national Scout jamboree, which took place in 1937 on the Mall in Washington, D. C.   This Jamboree was held from Monday, July 23, through Tuesday, July 31, 2001.  The Jamboree was planned for some 30,000 Boy Scouts and Leaders plus another 6,000 staff members.  There were over 700 provisional units.  There were actually a little over 40,000 in attendance which resulting in the Jamboree committee having to open up another section to accommodate all the Scouts that wanted to attend this event.

Two arena shows were held, one to open the Jamboree on July 25th and the other to close the Jamboree on July 29th.  There were Regional Action Centers, a Merit Badge Midway and Outback Centers that featured fishing, aquatics, canoeing, scuba, kayaking, rafting, snorkeling, and sailing.

In addition, where were an Arts and Science Expo, a Brownsea Island Camp, an American Indian Village, daily stage shows, and Disabilities Awareness Trial, Scoutopia and an Outdoor Adventure Place, known as (TOAP."  It was impossible for a Scout to participate in everything that was offered at the Jamboree, so they had to pick and choose those activities that interested them the most.

We are still looking for information on this troop!

We want to thank Kevin Morris for scanning and providing us with these photos.

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