Participants in the 2001 National Jamboree

Buffalo Trail Council

Troop 1818
Scoutmaster -  Chip Chapman  Midland
1st Asst. SM - John Balden  Midland
2nd Asst. SM - Mike Turner   Odessa
3rd Asst. SM -  Mark Harding   Odessa
Senior Patrol Leader - CaseyChapman  Midland
Assistant SPL - Brian Langhoff  Midland
Quartermaster - Ryan Linebarger  Midland
Scribe - Sam McBride  Midland
OA Representative - Grant Garrison  Odessa
Historian - Donovan Owens  Odessa
Chaplain's Aide - Marcus Perez  Midland
Water Buffaloes Patrol
Patrol Leader - James Barrett  Midland
Asst. Patrol Leader - Justin Perez  Midland
Zane Cox  Midland
Logan Foust  Odessa
Marcus Perez  Midland
Preston Thetford  Midland
Brandon Turner  Odessa
Jim Wyche  Midland

Vikings Patrol
Patrol Leader - Jonithan Subia  Midland
Asst. Patrol Leader -Morgan Farmer  Midland
Andrew Kennedy  Odessa
Kevin Speed  Odessa
Christopher Cliver  Midland
CP Findlay  Midland
Kyle Farmer  Midland
Patrick Truitt  Midland

Chiefs Patrol
Patrol Leader - Brandon Sweatt  Odessa 
Assistant Patrol Leader - Christopher Walton Odessa 
Matt Langhoff  Midland
Jason Brown  Midland
Michael Pena  Midland
Bradley Williams  Midland
Joshua Harrell  Midland
Joseph Barge  Kuwait City, Kuwait

Moose Patrol
Patrol Leader - Justin Shanks Midland
Assistant Patrol Leader - Ryan Scott  Midland
Grant Garrison  Odessa
Wesley Appleton  Midland
Kyle Balden  Midland
Donovan Owens  Odessa
Tyler Shanks  Midland
Bryce Nail  Midland

Troop 1825
Scoutmaster - Jay May  Midland
1st Asst. SM - Kris Gregg  Odessa
2nd Asst SM - Alvey Bass  Odessa
3rd Asst. SM - Josh Gregg   Odessa
Senior Patrol Leader - Ryan May  Midland
Assistant SPL - Michael Ellsworth  Odessa
Quartermaster - Derek Bass Odessa
Scribe - Kristian Gregg  Odessa
OA Representative - Matthew Ellsworth  Odessa
Historian - JC Cooper  Odessa
Chaplain's Aide - Kevin Yancey Odessa
Patriots Patrol
Patrol Leader - Alexander May  Midland
Asst. Patrol Leader - Joey Kucirek  Midland
Brance Armstrong  Odessa
Daniel Budke  Big Spring
Lonnie Crow  Odessa
Nathan Duzan  Andrews
Mathew Ellsworth  Odessa
Chad Cowdrey  Odessa

Pine Trees Patrol
Patrol Leader - Luke Russell  Odessa
Asst. Patrol Leader -Adrian Pena  Odessa 
JC Cooper  Odessa
Shane Reed  Midland
Marty Stock  Odessa
Kevin Yancey  Odessa 
Brent Yater  Big Spring
Tomilee Loyd  Andrews

Eagles Patrol
Patrol Leader - Josh Farrow  Andrews
Asst. Patrol Leader - Corey Houston Odessa
Hunter Cunningham Odessa 
Chaz Hendricks  Odessa
Ryan Kelly  Odessa
Adam Page  Odessa
Richard Savery  Alpine
Travis Yarbrough   Andrews

Roadrunners Patrol
Patrol Leader - Robert Palmer  Odessa 
Asst. Patrol Leader - Clayton Loyd  Andrews 
Cody Dean  Odessa 
Mathew Gregg  Odessa
Vicente Holguin  Alpine
Colin Hunnicutt  Big Spring 
Cole Pool   Andrews
CJ  Sherrick  Odessa

Both Troops in front of National Cathedral

Itinerary for Washington DC and National Jamboree.

Troop 1818 departed Midland at approximately 8:15 am Wednesday July 20, 2005, arriving in Baltimore at 3:35 pm.
Troop 1825 departed Midland at approximately 6:25 am Wednesday July 20, 2005, arriving in Baltimore at 1:20 pm.

We tayed at Quality Hotel and Suites in Arlington, VA  used the used New World Tours Busline

Both Troops took a private bus to the motel in Virginia where we checked into the motel and got settled.  From there we departed from the motel and took the metro for a Baseball game between the Washington Nationals and the Baltimore Orioles at RFK Stadium.  We ate at the stadium.

Thursday July 21, 2005 - We had breakfast at the hotel.  We toured the White House, the Bureau of Engraving and the Holocaust Museum.  The afternoon we had some free time to explore other of the Smithsonians as well as the monuments.  That evening attended the Marine Corp parade at the Arlington National Cemetary.

Friday July 22, 2005 - We took Capitol Tour and also got our pictures taken on the Capitol steps.  We met with Congressman
Mike Conaway at this same time.  Friday afternoon we had free time.

Saturday July 23, 2005 - we eat breakfast in the hotel, then departed by bus for a tour of the embassies.  Our final departure that morning was the Udvar-Huzy branch of the National Air & Space Museum where we saw things like the Enola Gay, a SR-71 Blackhawk,the space shuttle, and many other historic birds of flight.  There was theIMAX theater in the museum and flight simulators.  We departed the museum at approximately back to the hotel.  We left for the waterfront at about 5:30 pm for a special dinner that evening.

Sunday July 24, 2005 - That morning we ate breakfast at the museum, then we departed by Metro to the National Cathedral where we had church services, a tour of the Cathedral, and then attended the National Zoo that afternoon.  We ate lunch at the Zoo.  We hadhaving pizza at the hotel that evening, swimming at the pool, and laundered clothes.

Monday July 25, 2005 - We departed for the Jamboree at approximately 7:30 am by private bus.

July 25 - August 3, 2005 - National Jamboree!

Wednesday August 3, 2005 - We returned from the Jamboree arriving in Midland about 5:55 pm, a tired but a very happy group of Scouts and Scouters.

Page of photos of trip to Jamboree

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