Photos of Participants in 1937 National Jamboree

Comanche Trail Council

Troop 20

Everyone was dressed in Indian outfits that they made themselves for the Jamboree.
Frank Pellizzari, Jr. is nineth from the left with a "dot" in his bonnet.

Scouts from Breckenridge that went to the 1937 National Jamboree
L to R: Sea Scout Ray Nix, C. K. West, Jr., Glenn Miller, Price Dosier, Stanley Kirk,
Frank Pellizzari, Jr., Alvin Highers and Raleigh Banes

View of teepees used in the campsite

Gateway of Troop 20 of Comanche Trail Council


Photos of 1937 Jamboree
Additional Photos of 1937 Jamboree
Letters from Marvin H. Carr
Frank Pellizzari, Jr.'s 1937 Jamboree Journal

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