Participants to 1960 National Jamboree

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Troops 77 and 78
The 1960 National Jamboree was held as part of the celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, known at the Golden Jubilee Year of Scouting.  A news clipping from the Tyler Morning Telegraph, July 23, 1960 carried a story, titled "Boy Scout Jamboree To Open," about the Jamboree.

"Explosion of an aerial bomb will signal the opening Friday at 9 a.m. of the fifth national Boy Scout Jamboree.

"Simultaneously, the flags of the 50 states and U. S. possession will be raised on lofty flagpoles extending parallel in two long line in this makeshift city of some 56,000 Scouts form all over the world.  At the same time, section flags will be elevated over 2,400 wind swept acres now blanketed with 26,000 tents basking in the shadows of snow-tipped Pikes Peak. ...."

Go HERE for story about the Jubilee Jamboree as told by Leon Broughton who was there.

Troop 77

Troop 77
Oren Sumpter, Scoutmaster, Brownwood
Lois Gee, ASM, Dublin
Walter "Wally" Walske, ASM, Lampasas
John Thomas Taylor, Junior ASM, Brownwood
Larry Handlton, Junior ASM Lampasas
Tom Seely, Senior Patrol Leader, Brownwood
Jerry Duren, Scribe, Goldthwaite
Bobby Sparks, Quartermaster, Brownwood

Jimmy Thomason, Patrol Leader,Brownwood
Wesley Krueger, APL, Goldthwaite
Gene Auldridge, Scribe, Goldthwaite
Martin Lehnis, QM, Brownwood
Steve Oliver, Goldthwaite
Frank Thomas, San Saba
James A. Childress, Goldthwaite
Edward Lamb, Brownwood

Eddie Lerner, Patrol Leader, Brownwood
James Deen, APL, Brownwood
Clyde Cockrum, Scribe, Goldthwaite
Ervin Addy, III, QM Cisco
Alan Senterfitt, Cisco
Jimmy Russ, Brownwood
David Wayne Henley, Brownwood
Cecil Campbell, Goldthwaite

Ned Snyder, Patrol Leader, Brownwood
Nicky Ragsdale, APL, Brownwood
Phil Duren, Scribe, Goldthwaite
Gary Orloff, QM, Brownwood
David Snyder, Brownwood
Samuel Billings, Brownwood
Dan Lewis Locker, Brownwood
L. V. Benningfield, Goldthwaite

Jim Wilson, Patrol Leader, Brownwood
Lewis Smith, APL, Brownwood
Todd Briggs, Scribe, Lampasas
Terry Pribble, QM, Goldthwaite
Jerry McCullough, Brownwood
Howard Stone, Lampasas
Jimmy Dean Daniel, Goldthwaite
Donnie Laughlin, Morgan Hill

Troop 84
Dr. Wade Andrews, Scoutmaster, Stephenville
James D. Horn, ASM, Eastland
Bill Moylan, Junior ASM, Eastland
Dick Carey, Senior Patrol Leader, Breckenridge
Mike Andrews, Scribe, Stephenville
Lester Kupperman, Quartermaster, Breckenridge

Charles Gerhardt, Patrol Leader, Breckenridge
Richard Rominger, APL, Breckenridge
Walter Black, Scribe, Breckenridge
Tim Ball, QM, Breckenridge
Stephen E. Hanna, Breckenridge
Jimmy Ratliff, Ranger
Kenneth Jameson, Ranger
Ben J. Dean, Breckenridge

Chester Cedars, Patrol Leader, Stephenville
Bill Horn, APL, Eastland
Ray Newnham, Scribe, Ranger
Craig Loper, QM, Ranger
Aubrey Cawyer, Stephenville
Robert Self, Stephenville
John Hopper, Ranger
Richard Early, Eastland

Randy Chandler, Stephenville
Bernard W. Clegg, Jr., Breckenridge


Troop 84

Need information on this Jamboree Troop 84

Story of 1960 Jamboree by Milton Leon Broughton

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