Participants in 2001 National Jamboree

Comanche Trail Council

Troop 1813

Photo taken at Jamboree campsite
The theme for the 2001 National Jamboree was "Strong Values, Strong Leaders...Character Counts."  The Jamboree was held again at Fort A. P. Hill, Caroline County, Virginia, 70 miles south of the first national Scout jamboree, which took place in 1937 on the Mall in Washington, D. C.   This Jamboree was held from Monday, July 23, through Tuesday, July 31, 2001.  The Jamboree was planned for some 30,000 Boy Scouts and Leaders plus another 6,000 staff members.  There were over 700 provisional units.  There were actually a little over 40,000 in attendance which resulting in the Jamboree committee having to open up another section to accommodate all the Scouts that wanted to attend this event.

The 36 Scouts and 4 leaders left on Friday, July 20, on Delta Flight #588 at 7:30 a.m. from DFW Airport for Washington, D. C..  They arrived at the Reagan Airport at 11:44 a.m. and immediately went to the Capitol to meet with Congressman Charles Stenholm and have their picture taken with him on the steps of the Capitol.  Later they checked into their hotel at Days Inn in Crystal City.  That night they did a night tour of the monuments in Washington. 

The next day they toured the Smithsonian, Supreme Court Building, Fords Theater, F. B. I. Building, White House and the Arlington National Cemetery.  At the Cemetery they laid a wreath at the Tome of the Unknown Soldier.  On their last full day in Washington, they attended chapel services at the National Cathedral and toured the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

They departed to the Jamboree site on Monday, July 23 by bus.  On the way they toured the Fredericksburg, VA Civil War Battlefield and arrived at the Jamboree by 2:00 p.m. that afternoon. After setting up camp, in Subcamp 18,  they participated in about every event at the Jamboree including archery, orienteering, running obstacle courses, shotgun shooting, boating, canoeing, hunting safety, disabilities-awareness trail, competitive events, the Merit Badge Midway, the arts and science fair and the National Exhibits.  They also attended the Opening and Closing Arena Shows.  A thunderstorm that hit the Jamboree on Thursday, July 26, did not put a damper on the activities. 

Two Scouts from Subcamp 6 were injured by lighting strikes during the storm and a third Scout was uninjured after a tent he was in was struck and caught fire. The two Scouts injured by lighting strikes were found to be in satisfactory condition after having been taken to a local hospital in Fredericksburg for evaluation.

Each participant was present with a black day pack, special council shoulder patches, T-shirts and name tag.  The cost of the Jamboree was $1,350, which include everything except their uniforms and spending money.

The troop shakedown camp to prepare for the Jamboree was held at Proctor Lake on May 18-20.  They drove into Stephenville and took their swim checks at Tarleton State University's indoor swimming pool.

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Troop Roster
Steve Ellis, Scoutmaster
Don Porter, 1st Assistant Scoutmaster
Carl Parker, 2nd Assistant Scoutmaster
Aaron Carpenter, 3rd Assistant Scoutmaster
Neal Mann, Brownwood, Senior Patrol Leader
Joey Ellis, Brownwood, Assistant SPL
Brian 'Buck" Paolino, Lampasas, Quartermaster
Andrew Rollins, Lampasas, Scribe

Red Phoenix Patrol:
Kendal Teague, Brownwood, Patrol Leader
Clifton Lee, Brownwood, APL
Bobby Barrera, Eastland
Lance Kilpatrick, Brownwood
Blake Padgett, Goldthwaite
Andrew Pavlicek, Brownwood
Lazaro Pena, Eastland
Matthew Sequra, Stephenville

Blue Dragons Patrol:
Lee Leatherwood, Dublin, Patrol Leader
Trini Long, Brownwood, APL
Seith Griffin, Brownwood
Robert 'Cutter" Johnston, Stephenville
Christopher Lamey, Lampasas
Keith Moore, Eastland
Logan Porter, Eastland
Josua Reinert, Goldthwaite


Yellow Jackets Patrol:
Cole Leatherwood, Dublin, Patrol Leader
Matthew Cowan, Dublin, APL
Eric Kincheloe, Eastland
Patrick Oswalt, Eastland
Blake Henton, Lampasas
Scott Harper, Dublin
Alex Huse, Dublin
Aaron Tassin, Brownwood

Green Bats Patrol:
Colton Duffy, Brownwood, Patrol Leader
Michael Van der Pol, Brownwood, APL
Christopher Gist, Goldthwaite
Jared Gist. Goldthwaite
David Mann, Brownwood
Ian Sears, Lampasas
Zachary Swann, Brownwood
Thomas Weaver, Lampasas

Additional Responsibilities:
OA Representative: David Mann
Historian: Alex Huse
Chaplain Aide: Zach Swann
Asst. Chaplain Aide: Keith Moore
Buglers:  Matt Cowan, Thomas Weaver, Colton Duffy
               & David Mann
Hometown Correspondents:  Lee Leatherwood, 
               Matthew Segura, Ian Sears, Michael
               Van der Pol, Christopher Gist &
               Patrick Oswalt

National Staff:
Pamela Barnes, Brownwood
Hilda Griffin, Terrell
Marc Griffin, Terrell
Alford Havens, Dublin
Ronnie Huse, Dublin
Vicki McLean, Earley
Windy Porter, Eastland
Christy Swann, Brownwood
Shirley Teague, Brownwood

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