Additional Photos of National Jamboree Troop 1813

Comanche Trail Council

We want to thank Steve Ellis, Troop 1813 Jamboree Scoutmster, for providing us with these photos!

Jamboree Site Map

Troop was camped in Section 18 at top of map in Southern Region
            Cover to National Scout Jamboree Brochure
                        Photo taken in front of Capital with
                         Congressman Charles Stenholm

Troop 1813 Laying Wreath at Tome of the Unknown Soldier

Visiting with Baden Powell at Brownsea Island!

    Picture of Troop in front of National Cathedral

            And then the rains came at the Jamboree

            Photo of Troop 1913's Gateway

  Order of the Arrow Meeting at National Jamboree

     Relaxing at the Jamboree Shakedown Camp

       Group photo taken at shakedown camp at Lake Proctor

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