Participants in 1950 National Jamboree

Concho Valley Council

Troops 28, 29, 30

Gateway at 1950 Jamboree

Three Troops from the Concho Valley Council went to the 1950 Second National Jamboree held at Valley Forge, PA.  Some eighty-six Boy Scouts and nine leaders boarded a Santa Fe train at 8:50 pm on a Friday night in San Angelo enroute to the Jamboree.  Before they left, they had a parade, barbecue and some speech making according to the San Angelo Standard of June 23, 1950.  Seventy two special trains from all over the nation brought Scouts to the Jamboree.

The Goodfellow Air Force Base Band led the Jamboree Scouts and other Explorers, Scouts, Cub Scouts and Senior Girl Scouts up N. Chadbourne Ave. about 4:40 pm that afternoon.  San Angelo Unlimited served them barbecue in City Park following the parade.  After the speeches that followed the barbecue they went over to the Santa Fe Depot and boarded the train with their horned toads, cactus, Concho Valley Council neckerchief slides and spurs carved from mesquite wood.  Ernest Henderson and Truett McClung made the slides and spurs.

The group arrived at the Jamboree on Tuesday morning after having had a 11-hour layover in Washington, D.C.  The Jamboree itself did not open until that Friday.

The Uvalde boys collected horned toads, crickets and other creatures peculiar to Texas to trade with Scouts from other states, according to a story in the Uvalde Leader-News of June 25, 1950

President Truman opened the Jamboree that Friday night after the group had a walking tour of Philadelphia which included the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Betsy Ross House and other land marks.

During the Jamboree the Scouts and a week of activities which included campfires, troop demonstrations, tours, and the swapping of souvenirs.  Some 47,000 Scouts and adults participated in the Jamboree.

On the return home the Scouts toured New York City and Niagara Falls.  They arrived back in San Angelo Monday afternoon, July 10th, after a six-hour delay.

Gordon Taylor, 13 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Taylor of Rocksprings, was stricken with poliomyelitis, on Sunday morning, July 2nd, while he was attending the Jamboree, and died Tuesday morning, July 4th, at 4 o'clock at the Navy Hospital in Philadelphia, where he had been taken when stricken.  He was a Second Class Scout in Troop 27.  A Honor Guard which accompanied the funeral possession from San Antonio to Rocksprings included the following Boy Scouts from Del Rio: Lorne Robertson, Robert Gilbert, Tommy Walker, Jackie Luce and Fred Robertson.  In addition, the following Scouts went from Del Rio to Rocksprings: Bucky Beasley, Johnny Diego, Eddie Marvin, Kenneth Sayer, Jordon Westmoreland and Leon Humpreys.  Boys from Uvalde who attended the funeral were Louis Manz, Jr., Russell Sutherland and Jack Rausch.

A Newton boy of Del Rio, was also reported to have a very slight attack, but was well on his way to recovery.  A rumor which was going around claimed that there was an epidemic in the camp had been discredited by reliable sources.

The leaders of the three 1950 Jamboree Troops who camped in Section 14 are:

Troop 28:
Scoutmaster - H. H. Gathings, Quemado
Assistants -  Frank Hubbell, Junction
                    Earl Backor, Crystal City
Troop 29:
Scoutmaster - O. I. Courtney, Big Lake
Assistants -  Jack Kendrick, Crane
                    Leonard B. Lee, Texon 
Troop 30:
Scoutmaster - Truett McClung, San 
Assistants - Alfred Broad, Brady
                   J. B. Morris, San Angelo
Here is a partial list of participants to the 1950 National Jamboree.  We are looking for the rest of the names and the photo that this list came from.  Apparently this was Troop 30, made up of mostly Scouts from the San Angelo area.
Front Row:
Dwyane Seagler
James Green
Buster Berryhill
Michael Horwitz
Robert Blackburn
Edward Henderson
Albert Booze
Bill Ricks
Frank White
Ray Hall Beck
Bill Turner
J. B. Morris
Second Row:
James M. Young
Charles Probant
Jimmy Kinsey
Lee Murchison, II
Don Anderson, esq.
Doyle Todd
Ronald Kelso
Byron Crocker
Larry F. Schwartz
Lemuel Miller
Marcus Young
Earl Boye
Third Row:
Fred Kennedy
John Ruder
Ray Hall Hernandez
Gary Sanderford
Stan Wallace
Truett McClung
Bobby Harris 
Stanley Sanderford
Robert Miller
Oscar Batts
Fred Northcutt

Uvalde Scouts
Lewis Venus -T-83
Larence Ray Smith - T-83
Herbie Carper - T-81
Billy Dillahunty - T-81
Victor Weehunt - T-120

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Some information for this story was taken from the Uvalde Leader-News, June 25 and July 6, 1950.
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