Participants in the 1960 National Jamboree

Concho Valley Council

Troops 70, 71, 72, 73

Troop 70

Troop 71

Front row L-R: Julius Graw, Harry Pierce, Oscar Vickery, John Donaldson, Jim Jones, Lindsay Davis, Dwaine Moore, Arthus Gonzales, Steve Brown, -?- and Mike Harris.
Middle Row L-R: David Shaw, Baxter Bennett, Billy Huddleston, Carson Bennett (?), -?-, Bill Ballard, Richard Senter(?), Bob McNeil, Don Smith, -?-, -?- and -?-
Standing L-R: Bobby Burditt, John Petry, Fred Whitecotton, -?-, Norman Morse (?), -?-, TENT, -?-, Lee Graves, Ernst Graw, -?-, Gary Spring, Tommy Ridgeway and Paul Burrier
In 1960, Concho Valley sent it largest contingent ever with four troops to Colorado Springs, CO.  We are looking for more information on these four troops.

The 1960 National Jamboree was held as part of the celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Boy Scouts of America, known at the Golden Jubilee Year of Scouting.  A news clipping from the Tyler Morning Telegraph, July 23, 1960 carried a story, titled "Boy Scout Jamboree To Open," about the Jamboree. 

"Explosion of an aerial bomb will signal the opening Friday at 9 a.m. of the fifth national Boy Scout Jamboree. 

"Simultaneously, the flags of the 50 states and U. S. possession will be raised on lofty flagpoles extending parallel in two long line in this makeshift city of some 56,000 Scouts form all over the world.  At the same time, section flags will be elevated over 2,400 wind swept acres now blanketed with 26,000 tents basking in the shadows of snow-tipped Pikes Peak. ...." 

Go HERE for story about the Jubilee Jamboree as told by Leon Broughton who was there.

Troop Rosters

Troop 70:
J. T. Henderson, San Angelo, Scoutmaster
Doyle C. Maddux, San Angelo, ASM
Dick Wyatt, San Angelo, ASM

Mike Albert, San Angelo
Billy Baker, San Angelo
Hamp Beesley, San Angelo
George Benson, San Angelo
Gerald Breeding, San Angelo
John Calkin, San Angelo
Bob Coleman, San Angelo
James T. Collins, San Angelo
David Drake, San Angelo
Jim Fulgham, San Angelo
Jim Grissen, San Angelo
Charles "Skip" Harless, San Angelo
John Alvin Hay, San Angelo
Chris Hershberger, San Angelo
Mike Hill, San Angelo
Randall Holdridge, San Angelo
John Hooker, San Angelo
Steve Hooker, San Angelo
Lee Horton, San Angelo
Don Jones, San Angelo
John Karl Koschak, San Angelo
Mark McCarr, San Angelo
Dick Morrison, Waco
Richard O'Quinn, San Angelo
Foy Owens, San Angelo
John Popkin, San Angelo
Frank M. Pool, San Angelo
James B. Randle, Jr., San Angelo
Steve Ricci, San Angelo
James Robert Rich, San Angelo
Louis Rork, San Angelo
Larry Seibert, San Angelo
Scott Shelton, San Angelo
Curt Steib, San Angelo
Craig Warner, San Angelo
Eddie Webster, San Angelo
Eddie Wyatt, San Angelo

Troop 71:
H. Robert McNiel, Barksdale, Scoutmaster
Robert B. Vesper, Carrizo Springs, ASM
Paul Burrier, Uvalde, ASM
Ernst Graw, Uvalde ASM

Bill Ballard, Uvalde
James Beres
Stephen Brown, Uvalde
Bobby Burditt, Leakey
Mike Credicott, Crane
Lindsey Davis, Rocksprings
Jon M. Donaldson, Uvalde
Julius Graw, Uvalde
Henry Lee Groves, Leakey
Mike Harris, Uvalde
Scott Henderson, Ozona
Tommy R. Hester, Carrizo Springs
Billy Ed Hooks, Junction
Billy Huddleston, Uvalde
J. M. Jones, III, Del Rio
John Loeffler, Junction
Bill Martin, Carrizo Springs
Norman Morse, Uvalde
Jon Neal, Junction
Mike Otto, San Angelo
Howard Overstreet, McCamey
John Petry, Carrizo Springs
Harry S. Pierce, Uvalde
Eugene Price, Knippa
Tommy Ridgeway, Uvalde
Richard Senter, Uvalde
David Shaw, Uvalde
Don Smith, Uvalde
Jimmy Smith, Crane
Gary Spring, Uvalde
Robert Tafolla, Uvalde
Lee Umphries, Carrizo Springs
William R. Vereecken, Eagle Pass
Oscar Vickery, Jr., Uvalde
Fred Whitecotton, Uvalde
Jack Whitworth, Rocksprings


Troop 72:
Herbert Fields, Sonora, Scoutmaster
Stratton Cralle, San Angelo, ASM
J. B. Lupton, San Angelo, ASM

Gil Allison, Sonora
Robert Briggs, San Angelo
Jodie Buchanan, San Angelo
Eddie Carruth, San Angelo
Joe H. Cornelison, Jr., San Angelo
Nathan W. Coulter, Jr., San Angelo
Walter Curry, San Angelo
Delbert Daugherty, San Angelo
Bill Elliott, Sonora
Mike Ellis, Sonora
Herb Fields, Jr., Sonora
John David Fields, Sonora
Donny Goodlet, San Angelo
Jon Hamilton, San Angelo
Dick Hardgrave, Sonora
Rex Harris, San Angelo
Mike House, Junction
George Irvine, III, San Angelo
Bobby Kelly, Sonora
Steve Kollmyer, San Angelo
Ned LeLoach, San Angelo
Shad Longenette, San Angelo
Roy Lynn Love, Eldorado
Jim Bob Lupton, San Angelo
Robert R. Matthews, San Angelo
Tom McGregor, SanAngelo
David Meador, Eldorado
Lynn Meador, Eldorado
Chris Meadows, San Angelo
Tommy Meider, San Angelo
Joe Moore, Sonora
Richard Preston, Eldorado
Barry Rountree, San Angelo
Jim Runge, Christoval
Herman Walker, Eldorado
Robet Weatherford, San Angelo
Charles West, Eldorado
Teddy Wheeles, Sonora

Troop 73:
Willie H. Templeton, San Angelo, Scoutmaster
Ted Hogen, Crane, ASM
Lynn Yantis, McCamey, ASM

Charles Adkisson, McCamey
Jimmy Agnew, Crane
Jeff Barton, Crane
Mike Brooks, McCamey
Charles Curtis, Crane
William Darby, II, McCamy
Lonnie Ferrell, Rankin
Terry Gilley, Ft. Stockton
Eddie F. Glenn, Bronte
Clark Godwin, Robert Lee
Tom Gossett, Rankin
David L. Green, Ballinger
Spencer Hamilton, Crane
Joel Huff, Ozona
Jim Ivey, Rankin
Tommy Jacob, Ballinger
Howard Lott, McCamey
Carlos Lopez, Ozona
Joe Martinez, Ozona
William McMillan, San Angelo
Joel Tom Meador, Eldorado
Dwaine Moore, McCamey
Chip Oswalt, Ft. Stockton
Chuck Oswalt, Ft. Stockton
Sam Pfeister, Ft. Stockton
Bill Roach, Robert Lee
Frank J. Smith, San Angelo
Jackie Smith, San Angelo
William L. Smith, San Angelo
David Talbot, Eldorado
Eric Tanner, Crane
David Tomlinson, Crane
John Werst, Big Lake
Larry Wright, Big Lake
Lynn B. Yantis, Jr., McCamey

Note:  Tom Meyer from San Angelo was at Jamboree but we do not know which troop.
Section Staff:
Dr. Tom Hunter, San Angelo
Earl G. Wisdom, San Angelo
Joe S. Marsala, San Angelo
H. G. Wyman, Menard

Story of 1960 Jamboree by Milton Leon Broughton

We want to thank David O'Neill for providing us with the photo for Troop 70.  We want to thank Julius Graw for providing the photo of Troop 71.

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