Participants in the 1964 National Jamboree

Concho Valley Council

Troop 69

Front Row (L to R):  Ray Tubbs?, Dale Dodson, unk, unk, Billy Bolen?, Mike McCau?, Joe Foy, unk, unk, Johnny Givens?, unk, unk, unk
Middle Row (L to R) :  Sam Swenson, Pat Nally?, Kirk Hawkins, unk, Wayne Proffitt?, unk, Terry Newton, Joe Ray Jones, Jim Keller?, unk, Don Pfiester?, Mike Reidel
Back Row (L to R): John L. Givens, ASM, James Matthews, ASM, unk, unk, Mike Vaslecu, John A. Dodson, Steve Matthews, unk, Mike Decote, Wynn Anderson, Bill Givens, unk, unk, Art Reidel, SM.
Others in photo not identified:  Galen Aken, Derrel Dorrance, Bob Eckherdt, Randy Farris, Tom Hall, Boniel Low, Tommy Miller, Pat Nally, Brian Price, Barron Rector, Jerry Stewart, Frankie Stringer, Roy Stubbs, Mike Valescu & Kim Williams.
Photo provided by Joe Jones.  Identification provided by Joe Jones and Mike Reidel, son of the Scoutmaster.

Troop 70


Troop 71

Twenty-six Uvaldeans helped to make up Troop 71 of Concho Valley Council.  Included in front row: David Horner, Blaine Bennett, Ken Kimble, Raymond Harrison, Jr., Terry Crawford, Nick Finley, George Sutton; middle row: Summer Hunter, Bill Gardner, Mike Moore, Ronnie Stewart, Virgil Vickery, Larry Crawford, Judd Harrison, J. Horner, Phillip Hunter, Garry McNiel; back row: David Sutherland, Mike Harris, Bo Laffere, Robert Hensarling, Cliff Chapman, Barry Ballard, and Bubba Blair.  Standing are Uvalde Scoutmasters Raymond Harrison, Sr., and Robert McNiel
The Concho Valley Council group left San Angelo and toured New York and its World's Fair prior to arriving at the 1964 National Jamboree held at Valley Forge. PA.  They also went on a sightseeing trip to Philadelphia.  Some 300 Boy Scouts and leaders from West Texas were at the Jamboree. The contingent from Concho Valley stayed at the Times Square Hotel in New York City and at the Ambassador Hotel in Washington. They went from Manhattan on the subway to visit the World's Fair in New York City.

Ninety-five Scouts departed on a Charter flight from San Angelo, Mathis Field and twenty-five on a Delta Air Lines commercial jet.  Scouts were limited to $35 of spending money as a maximum and were suppose to send all of their spending money over $5 to their Troop Treasurer.  J. T. Henderson, of San Angelo, painted twenty baker tents a full size picture of a painted animal or bird on the front flaps of each tent.  Robert Tisdale of San Angelo said that Henderson put in 600 hours on the art work.

Go HERE to see the tents painted by J. T. Henderson

Scoutmaster Reidel, Troop 69,  brought along a 50-foot weather balloon that floated some 100 feet above the Concho Valley Council campsite.  Underneath it fluttered a Texas flag. 

Joe Ray Jones had this account of his stay at the Jamboree:

"Canada Scouts and rainstorm

"Our Troop 69 was set up next to a Troop from Canada and we visited back and forth.  One day it rained very hard.  Being from West Texas we knew what to do when it rained.  We celebrated such a rare event and put put on our rain ponchos and ran out in it and danced around.  After awhile we noticed that the Canadian Scouts were huddled in their tents and peeking out between the flaps to see just what those crazy Texans were doing.  Thru we experienced the Jamboree experience of bringing together scouts form widely varied backgrounds.

"Jamboree Food

"I remember we were issued food rations each day from a troop central supply to cook and prepare our meals.  I do not remember if it was the quality of the food or the questionable cooking but we began not to look forward to our meals.  Breakfast was especially troublesome as this was our first encounter with powered eggs and we had not achieved any high proficiency in their preparation.  We eventually hit on the idea of combining them with the one item of which we had copious supplies - peanut butter.  Not a bad combination, actually tasty, and it got us through.

"Campfire Assemblies

"I can remember hiking for hours in dense throngs to ge to the amphitheater for the all jamboree assemblies.  I can remember siting in the amphitheater with 54,000 other Scouts.  I can remember the hoopla when President Johnson arrived to address the gathering.  I can remember everyone having small, personal candles and lighting them one from another.

"Flew in private plane from Del Rio to San Angelo

"A small group of Scouts (John A. Dodson, Dale Dodson, Joe Ray Jones and Terry Newton) flew in a small private plane from the Del Rio airport to San Angelo with John L. Dodson as pilot.  We landed at the San Angelo airport and transferred from the small private plane to the commercial airliner waiting on the same runway.  Both were the longest plane rides I had ever taken.

"Washington DC

"Smithsonian - saw the Wright Brother's airplane, the Star Spangled Banner, George Washington's teeth and tent, the Hope diamond, the Smithsonian Castle, the locomotive exhibit, the wax mummy.  We walked through the Capitol and saw the Washington Monument.

"OC Fisher's Office

"We met with our U. S. Rep and toured his office and presented him with a Jamboree contingent neckerchief and slide which was still in his glass display case in his office when I visited eight years later.

"Traded stuff from Mexico

"In addition to standards like rattle snake rattles, we border Scouts also took souvenirs from Mexico including small woven items, wooden toys, decorative sheath knives and leather goods.  Bullwhips were the biggest prize of this lot and commanded quite a premium in trade.

"My father was proud that I came back from Jamboree with more money than I went with.  Due to trading that sometimes included an exchange of cash, I took the required limit of $35, spent lavishly on my personal expenses and returned with $39.  I used proceeds to buy new clarinet for my use in the High School band the following year."

The Jamboree

Canadian Scouts at 1964 National JamboreeThe Jamboree began with an aerial bomb exploding high in the sky to signal the raising of 1,800 flags by the 52,000 participating scouts and leaders standing at attention.  Joseph A. Brunton, Jr., Chief Scout Executive, looked over the city of 30,000 tents and said "This really represents what's good about America."  President Lyndon B. Johnson addressed the participants at one of the campfires.  He declared that, "Government is not to be feared or attacked.  It is to be helped as long as it serves the country well, and changed when it doesn't."

Show to the left is the contingent of Canadian Scouts who participated in the Jamboree.  The Scouts participated in a "Showcase of Scouting" with demonstrations of camping and other Scoutcraft skills, fellowship and activities designed to help "Strengthen the America's Heritage."  Saturday, July 18, the Jamboree Scouts and leader took part in patriotic ceremonies, campfires, demonstrations and historical hikes at Valley Forge.  The Strengthen America's Heritage program was used in order to "provide a fuller personal understanding and appreciation for America's rich heritage of freedom - to find ways to enrich the heritage and pass it along to future generation - and to contribute to the understanding of all Americans the values of American's heritage."

Sleep was hard to come by with all the activities one could participate at the Jamboree.  This rare shot of a Scout actually sleeping was taken by Tommy Bright, a Scout of Jamboree Troop 70. 

The trading tents were jammed with hundreds of Scouts from every state in the nation and form many of the 44 foreign countries.  They sat cross-legged on the grass floor or crowded around wooden tables.  They had cigar boxes, shoe boxes, paper bags, stuffed with neckerchiefs, shoulder patches, lapel pins, stuffed turtles, rattlesnake rattlers, oyster shells, rocks and metal rings.

Phillip Hunter agreed to pose for a photo at the Jamboree and ending up getting soaked and having that picture show up in the July 20, 1964 Jamboree Journal as well as a story by the AP.  Go HERE to read the story and see the photo.

Go HERE to see maps of the 1964 National Jamboree.  The map with the black circle shows where the Concho Valley Council contigent camped at the Jamboree.

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Listed below are the leaders and Scouts who attended the Jamboree from this council: 
Art Riedell, Del Rio, Troop 69 Scoutmaster
Herbert Fields, Sonora, Troop 70 Scoutmaster
Robert McNiel, Uvalde, Troop 71 Scoutmaster
John L. Givens, San Angelo, Troop 69 ASM
Steward Hawkins, San Angelo
Raymond Harrison, Sr., Uvalde, Troop 71 ASM
Charles Haeisch, Eden
James W. Matthews, Big Lake, Troop 69 ASM
Audgre Baker, Menard

Youth Roster by Towns:

John E. Green

Big Lake:
Billy Bolen
John Dolan
Boniel Low
Steve Matthews
Tommy Miller
Wayne Proffitt
Jerry Lee Stewart

Boyce Lee
Jim Morrow
Bryan Richards

Del Rio:
Wynn Anderson
Dale Dodson
John A. Dodson
Joe Ray Jones
Terry Newton
Mike Riedel
Sam Swinson
Mike Valescu

Barry Haenisch
David Hall

Buddy Calk

Fort Stockton:
Randy Farris
Bob Hayter
Glenn Honaker
Don Pfiester
Gary Puckett
Ray Stubbs
Kim Williams

Maurice Nethery
Neil Nethery

Billy R. Young

Craig Collier

Tom Carter
Tom Robinson

San Angelo:
Galen Aken
Clayton Alfred
Tommy Bright
Gregg Browne
Dale Byars

San Angelo Continued:
Larry Cates
Bob Chandler
Craig Dorrance
Darrel Dorrance
Mike Ducote
Bobby Eckherdt
Bobby Elliott
Joe Foy
Buddy Gaston
Bill Givens
John Givens
Tommy Hall
Bill Harris
Bubba Harrison
David Harrison
Kirk Hawkins
Dale Hayter
Randy Holdridge
Tommy Jones
Jim Keller
William D. Lane
Drake Leddy
Larry Matson
Michael McAfee
Mike McCaw
Charles Nalley
Marvin Pipkin
Murry Randle
Lee Ray
Bryon Rector
Bill Rich
Barry Rountree
Randy Roundtree
Jay Staley
Frank Stringer
Craig Taylor
David Terry
Robert Tisdale
Brian Trice
Calude Wilson

Al Elliott
Bill Elliott
Jim Elliott
Dick Hardgrave
Cliff Merrill
Jimmy Trainer
Jimmy Wilson

Barry Ballard
Blaine Bennett
Dudley Blari
Cliff Chapman
Larry Crawford
Terry Crawford
Nick Finley
Bill Gardner
Mike Harris
Judd Harrison
Raymond Harrison
Robert Hensarling
David Horner
Mike Horner
Phillip Hunter
Sumner Hunter
Kenneth Kimble
Bo Lafferre
Gary McNiel
Mike Moore
Ronnie Stewart
David Sutherland
George Sutton
Virgil Vickery

Section 25:
J. T. Henderson, Contingent Director & Assistant Activities Officer
Dr. Tom R. Hunter, Assistant Medical Officer
Gilbert (Buddy) Wyman, Cooking Officer
Lewis Robertson, Section Postmaster

We want to thank Joe Jones, Austin, TX, for providing us the photo of Troop 69, of which he was a member, and relating to us his experiences at the Jamboree.  Also, we want to thank Tommy Bright of Jamboree Troop 70, for sharing his scrapbook he made of the Jamboree. 

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