Participants in 1981 National Jamboree

Concho Valley Council

Troop 781
This information about Jamboree Troop 781was received from John Hinnard, Gene Hinnard's son, who is currently in the Navy in  Virginia Beach, VA.  He writes:

"As for our activities,  I remember going to DC before the Jamboree, then on a walking tour of Fredricksburg, VA, and a tour of Mount Vernon, VA (George Washington's homestead).  At the Jamboree, I remember seeing Burl Ives and the Oakridge Boys perform.  Our demonstration was Nachos with cheese and jalepenos.  We ran out of chips and cheese right after opening a can of jalepenos.  We had guys out in the road trying to get visitors to try the jalepenos.  The guys from the troop would have to eat one to get one of the passers-by to try one.  It was quite humorous.  I can't remember the actor's name, but we met one of the actors from the tv show 'Dallas' while waiting for our plane out of DFW airport on our way to DC."

Gary Milam, who is now in the Air Force, sent us the following:  "I had a great time at both the National and World Jamborees.  Also I could tell you a story of how when we arrived at the National Jamboree, we were just bringing our bags to our camp site when I got stung by some kind of wasp that had their nest in the ground by our bags.  There were about 3-4 of us that got stung, a couple guys got stung more than once.  Well, I think someone got a can of spray and took care of the wasp and for good measure I think we built the fire on top of the spot.  Didn't have anymore wasp problems! "  Thanks Gary!

The theme for the 1981 National Scout Jamboree was "Scouting's Reunion With History."  The nation's heritage was reflected in many of the activities at the Jamboree.

One of the VIPs   visiting the Jamboree was King Carl Gustaf of Sweden, who spent two days at the gathering.  The arena shows include the Oak Ridge Boys, Burl Ives and fireworks by the Great Zambelli.  Included in the shows were the Marine Corps Drum and Bugle team,  the U. S. Naval Academy Band and of course, the Jamboree Youth band.  At the closing of the last arena show, as has been at every Jamboree before it, some 25,000 Scouts lit candles and rededicated themselves to the Scout Oath. Thunderstorms whipped by 50 mph winds, hit the Jamboree around 7 p.m. in the evening.  The wind shipped through the camps, tents were collapsed, and many of those that did not collapse by the wind were taken down by their drenched occupants. However, they only got about .74 inch of rain but it did give the Scouts something to remember the Jamboree by. 

We want to thank Patrick Shannon of San Angelo for sending us the group photo of this troop.

Troop Roster
Gene H. Hinnard, Robert Lee, Scoutmaster
Victor C. Meza, Del Rio, 1st Assistant Scoutmaster
Marcus E. Young, San Angelo, 2nd Assistant Scoutmaster
Walter S. Campbell, Ft. Stockton 3rd Assistant Scoutmaster
Mike Brosig, San Angelo, Senior Patrol Leader
Bill Shannon, San Angelo Assistant Senior Patrol Leader
Victor C. Meza, Jr., Del Rio, Scribe
Kelly E. Peregoy, San Angelo, Quartermaster

Bob White Patrol:
David J Brosig, San Angelo, Patrol Leader
Bill T. Childress, Ft. Stockton, Assistant Patrol Leader
McNeil W. Allison, Christoval
Lee S. Blankenship, San Angelo
Robert Fierro, Sonora
Ross W. Magill, San Angelo
John M. Santry, San Angelo
Max D. Walden, Uvalde

Roadrunner Patrol:
Roy W. Moore, Rocksprings,  Patrol Leader
Joe W.  Ross, Sonora,  Assistant Patrol Leader
Jeffrey A. Dice, San Angelo
John W. Hinnard, Robert Lee
Jeffrey G. Hopper, Uvalde
Ernie J. Keller, De. Rio
Derek J. Roberts, Ft. Stockton
Patrick L. Shannon, San Angelo

Frontier Man Patrol:
Mike R. Graves, Ft. Stockton, Patrol Leader
Rob Campbell, San Angelo, Assistant Patrol Leader
Chris K. Brame, Uvalde
Terry D. Duren, Sonoro
Karlton Hagelstein, Sanderson
Darin M. Hartman, San Angelo
Brian A. McCallister, San Angelo
Rene C. Meza, Del Rio

Rattlesnake Patrol:
Jeff C. Johnson, San Angelo, Patrol Leader
Jacob M. Berry, Ft. Stockton, Assistant Patrol Leader
Mark R. Chipman, San Angelo
Reynaldo M. Galindo, Jr., Ozona
Donald W. Huckabee, Eldorado
Gary L. Milam, Del Rio
Brian D. Ross, San Angelo
David R. Young, San Angelo

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