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Scouts Attend 1937 World Jamboree in Holland
Scouts who attend 1937 World Jamboree
Three Scouts of the Concho Valley Council attended the Fifth International Jamboree held July 23 to August 13, 1937, in Vogelenzang, Bloemendaal, Holland.  The three Scouts were George Horner, 15, of Uvalde (in picture upper left); Jack Shurley, 16, of Sonora; and Wesley Sawyer, 18, of Sonora.  After having attended the First National Boy Scout Jamboree in Washington, D.C. earlier that summer, they sailed from New York on the S. S. Scythie to Liverpool.  They left Liverpool by rail to Leamington and motored through the Shakespearian country on to London. 

Following the International Jamboree, the three Scouts visited Cologne, Cobienz, Pengen, Meidelberg, Lucerne, Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome, Nice, and Paris.  They left on the S. S. Berengaia on August 28th from Cherburg for the return trip home, arriving in New York on September 3. 

Cover of Passenger list for July 16, 1937 sailing of the Schthia

Text on the Scout participation in the sailing.

Page with Sawyer and Shurley listed

Page with Homer listed.

Cover of the Farewell Dinner menu for return sailing.

Autograph page of same menu.  All three West Texas Scouts signatures listed.

1957 World Jamboree

From the Standard-Times, July 4, 1957

Two Boy Scouts from the Concho Valley Council won't make the return trip from the Fourth National Jamboree at Valley Forge with the rest of the group, July 23.

Walter Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wilson, and Tommy Wilson, son of Mr. and Mrs. homer Gatlin, both of Del Rio, will go directly form the Jamboree to Quebec, Canada, to sail for Britain's Jubilee Jamboree at Sutton Park, Warwickshire, England, to be held Aug. 1-12.

They will leave aboard the merchant vessel "Fairsea" of the Sitmar Line, July 22.  They will arrive at Plymouth England, July 30.

The English Jubilee Jamboree will commemorate the 100th anniversary of the birth of Lord Baden-Powell, founder of scouting, and the 50th anniversary of the movement he founded.

About 35,000 boys and leaders from most of 62 nations with Boy Scout groups will camp together.  Boy Scouts of America will be represented by 1,745 scouts and leaders.  Ninety-six of these live in Europe.  The sons of American military, diplomatic or business personnel, they are members of the Transatlantic Council of Boy Scouts of America.

Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh will visit Sutton Park, Aug. 3.

Following the Jubilee Jamboree, the U. S. scouts will divide into eleven groups for two weeks of touring before sailing home from Le Havre, France.

Walter and Tommy will be in the New Mexico, Oklahoma and Texas group which will tour England, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and France.

Tommy Wilson was selected to give the annual report from his council to Gov. Price Daniel last year in Austin.  He also presented the governor with copies of the Scout Handbook.

1967 World Jamboree

The 1967 World Jamboree was held in Farragut State Park, ID two years prior to the 1969 National Jamboree being held at the same place.  Ed Palmer of Del Rio went to that Jamboree.  Here is what he has to say about this first picture. 

"This picture is one taken of me as we boarded the bus in Amarillo late at night to begin the trip to Idaho.  I was very apprehensive about being gone and so far away from home, but when we woke up the next morning in Colorado Springs, the adventure was on. 

A special side note... when this photo appeared in the local Del Rio paper, it was seen by a wonderful young lady (2 years younger than my 16 years then) and she clipped it out and said that this was the boy she wanted to marry! I hadn't even met her yet and wouldn't for 2 more months, but this year will be our 33rd wedding anniversary!  I suppose all of us had big ears and black rimmed glasses then, but that's the best thing that could have ever happened to me!." 

Photo of Lon Sailers and Ed PallmerHere is a photo of Ed Palmer with Lon Sailers, the Scoutmaster of Host Corps Troop 59.  The troop was made up of Eagle Scouts from Region 9 and Region 10.  Lon Sailers was a lawyer in Dallas.  Other Assistant Scoutmasters were Dr. T. C. Graves fro Goldthwaite and Bill Johnson from Arlington (or Grand Prairie).

Ed Palmer and Lady Baden PowellAlso here is a photo taken of Lady Baden Powell and Ed Palmer when she came to visit each subcamp.  Others who attended the World Jamboree were Vice President Hubert Humphrey, Astronaut Scott Carpenter and Actor Jimmy Steward.  Total attendance to the Jamboree was approximately 12,000 from all over the world.  The motto for the Jamboree was "For Friendship."

Group photo of Host Troop 59 at 1967 World Jamboree
This is a group photo of the entire troop in Idaho.  Clint McNabb was Senior Patrol Leader and is directly behind the sign at the bottom.  Lon Sailers is to the left and Dr. T. C. Graves is to the left of him.  Bill Johnson is to the right of Cling McNabb ... and Ed Palmer is to the upper-right of Johnson.  Host Corps Troops were assigned to other foreign troops as ambassadors and Troop 59 was assigned to a group from Sussex, England.  It seems there was a troop from France nearby that was either also assigned to us or we interacted with them often.

1975 World Jamboree

Uvalde County was well represented at the fourteenth World Jamboree in Lillehammer, Norway during the summer of 1975.  Accompanied by Assistant Scoutmaster, Dr. J. Howard Carr on the left, are Eagle Scouts Paul Carr, Paul Gorman, Robert Carr and Edward Cowsar.

The United was allotment was only 2,500 of which 2,100 were scouts and the other 400 were their adult leaders.  The total attendance at the Jamboree was 15,000.

1983 World Jamboree

A contingent of 13 Scouts and leaders left June 29, 1983 from the Council to participate in the 15th World Jamboree near Calgary, Canada.  On the way to the Jamboree they toured the Air Force Academy, Salt Lake City and Yellowstone National Park.  They arrived at the Jamboree on July 4th.  There they participated in numerous international events for twelve days, returning to San Angelo on July 15th. 

Walter S. Campbell of Fort Stockton served on the headquarters staff at the Jamboree.  Robert Fierro, Jr. of  Sonora served as 3rd Assistant Scoutmaster of  Jamboree Troop 509. 

The following Scouts from the Council were a member of Troop 506:  Jeffrey A. Dice, Phillip H. Harris, Paul J. Hendricks, Jeff C. Johnson, Brian A. McCallister, Kevin J. Tyra and David R. Young, San Angelo; Terry D. Duren and Kurt Kauffman, Sonora; Gary L. Milam, Del Rio; and Eric E. Heupel, Laughlin Air Force Base. 

1987 World Jamboree

Three Scouts from the Council attended the XVI World Jamboree held December 30, 1987 to January 10, 1988 near Sidney, Australia.  Thomas R. Davis and Loyd B Harris of San Angelo and Robert D. Shandley of Leakey were among the some 13,000 Scouts and leaders from all over the world that camped together under the theme of “Bringing the World Together.”

2007 World Jamboree

Two Scouts from the Council attended the 21st World Jamboree held in Hylands Park, Chelmsford, U.K., which celebrated the 100th Anniversary of Scouting.  Cal Hengst, III, an Eagle Scout of Troop 363, San Angelo and Mathew Smart, Troop 222 of Del Rio.  They were in World Jamboree Troop 207 with Scouts from San Antonio, Austin and the Rio Grande Valley.  Hengst served as Assistant Senior Patrol Leader of the Troop.  They, along with 40,000 Scouts and leaders from all over the world, spent 12 days in activities, under the Jamboree theme "One World, One Promise."  The opening ceremony was held on July 28, 2007 and the closing ceremony was held on August 7, 2007.

The jamboree program consisted of seven different modules: Global Development Village, World Villages, Starburst, Gilwell Adventure, Splash, Scouting's Sunrise, and Choice Time. Choice Time let the Scout choose what they wanted to do, i.e., taking part in the numerous activities around the site, shopping in the central plaza, or talking to new friends over a cup of tea. There were several key program areas designed for use in Choice Time that included Village U.K., Energize and Faith and Beliefs.

We want to thank Kent Brooks for providing us with the photos of the 1937 World Jamboree Passenger List and Menu.

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