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Twenty World Jamborees have been held since the first Jamboree was held in 1920.  Baden Powell attended five of those Jamborees before his death in 1941.  His last participation in a World Jamboree, at age 81,  was in Holland in 1937.  The largest attended Jamboree was the one held in England in 1929 with some 50,000 in attendance. 

The first Jamboree was held indoors in the arena of Olympia, England. It was a huge glass-roofed building covering six acres. The concrete floor had to be covered with 12 inches of earth for the competitions.  For a complete story on the first World Jamboree and how it came about, go to The Jamboree Book.  Here you will also find the story of the Boy Scouts of America's participation in the Jamboree at America Contingent.

The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve has been chosen as the site for World Scout Jamboree 2019! The North American Scout Associations (Boy Scouts of America, Scouts Canada, and the Scout Association of Mexico) won the bid to host the 24th World Scout Jamboree. 

Here is a list of the World Jamborees and where they were held:

World Jamboree Location Year Theme Countries
1st World Jamboree England 1920 34
2nd World Jamboree Denmark 1924 22
3rd World Jamboree England 1929 "Coming Of Age" 69
4th World Jamboree Hungary 1933 46
5th World Jamboree Holland 1937 54
6th World Jamboree France 1947 "Jamboree Of Peace" 38
7th World Jamboree Austria 1951 "Jamboree Of Simplicity" 41
8th World Jamboree Canada 1955 "New Horizons" 71
9th World Jamboree England 1957 "Jubilee" 82
10th World Jamboree The Philippines 1959 "Building Tomorrow Today" 44
11th World Jamboree Greece 1963 "Scout Higher And Wider" 88
12th World Jamboree United States 1967 "For Friendship" 105
13th World Jamboree Japan 1971 "For Understanding" 87
14th World Jamboree Norway 1975 "Five Fingers, One Hand" 91
15th World Jamboree Canada 1983 "The Spirit Lives On" 102
16th World Jamboree Australia 1987 "Bringing The World Together" 98
17th World Jamboree South Korea 1991 "Many Lands, One World" 135
18th World Jamboree The Netherlands 1995 "Future Is Now" 119
19th World Jamboree Chile 1999 "Building Peace Together" 157
20th World Jamboree Thailand 2003 "Share Our World, Share Our Culture" 157
21st World Jamboree United Kingdom 2007 "One World, One Promise" 150
22nd World Jamboree Sweeden 2011 "Simply Scouting" 166
The 21st World Scout Jamboree was hosted by the United Kingdom, in celebration of the Centenary of Scouting. It took take place at Chelmsford Hylands Park in Essex, from 27 July to 8 August 2007.

The theme of the 21st World Scout Jamboree in 2007 was “One World, One Promise” – which captured the aspirations and hopes of young people for the future. 40,000 young people camped, live and work alongside each other. They came from a variety of different cultures, backgrounds, and religions. Together they celebrated what unites them, and learn what they could do together to help build a better world.

The Boy Scouts of America sent a contingent of 80 troops and Venturing crews, that includes some 320 adult troop and crew leaders.

We have a couple of pages of information about Scouts and Leaders who attended one of these World Jamborees.  You can find their photo or story as follows:

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