Participants to 1960 National Jamboree

Northwest Texas Council

Top Row (L to R): John H. Hall, J. L. Moss, Edmond Rollkins, Mike Horn (Nocona), Jerry Payne (Nocona), Douglas Taylor, Joe Clay Ross, Mike Matherly SPL, Elmo Hoover, Ulric H. Lea, R. E. Matherly Scoutmaster, Jamboree Troop 81
Middle Row (L to R): Roy Hartman, Tommy Hartman, Johnny Morris, D. Hilton, Norman Wooten, Bobby Wallis (Nocona), Mike Bennett (Nocona), Mike Magill, Eddie Fenoglio (Nocona), Rusty Radlife, Drew Sawyer, Lynn Moss
Bottom Row (L to R): David Floyd, Danny Wilde, Clyde Burnett, Chris Christenson, Bill Carruthers, Bill Moore, Jim Goetz, Michael Dall, John Kemlele, Randy Clement, Gene Tipps (Not shown Donny Jacks)

Note:  Those with "Nocona" by their name were from Nocona, TX

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Story of 1960 Jamboree by Milton Leon Broughton

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