The first Lodge Banquet was held December 22, 1952, at Chisholm's restaurant in Brownwood under the leadership of Lodge Chief Burts Kennedy. The opening ceremony was led by Dabney Kennedy with all Arrowmen giving the Obligation. President Thomas Taylor of Howard Payne College gave the address. Mr. H.O. Wilson presented a magic show for the main program. Following this program the election of new officers for 1953 was held. The banquet closed with the OA song led by Brantley Hudson, a professional Scouter of the Council. The menu for this first banquet featured a typical Christmas event with turkey and dressing, creamed potatoes, English peas, combination salad, cranberry sauce, apple cobbler, tea and coffee.


We know that the annual Lodge banquets were held for the next thirty-three years, usually in December or January. They were the highlight event of the year with the recognition of achievements for the year and the elections of new officers for the coming year.

Dabney Kennedy in a letter written to the Lodge in 1963, said, "We've come a long way since that first banquet in 1952. Printed programs, Hotel Roof Garden, beautiful dates, -- few will remember those crayon colored programs, Chisholm's old restaurant, and Arrowmen attending stag."

1952 - Chisholm's Restaurant
1954-1963 - Hotel Brownwood Roof Garden
1964 - Browntower Motor Inn
1965 - Rooms A & B, Brownwood Coliseum
1966 - Holiday Inn, Brownwood
1967 - Gomez Mexican Restaurant
1968 - Tarleton State University 
1969 - Howard Payne College 
1970 - Howard Payne College 
1971 - Par Country Club, Proctor Lake 
1972 - Holiday Inn, Brownwood 
1974 - Howard Payne University 
1975 - Holiday Inn, Brownwood 
1977 - Par Country Club, Proctor Lake 
1982 - First United Methodist Church, Ranger 
1983 - Howard Payne University 
1984 - Par Country Club, Proctor Lake 
1985 - Scheduled for December 7 Place unknown
1994 - 4-H Center, Lake Brownwood (This was the first banquet in many years)
1995 - First United Methodist Church, Comanche (50th Anniversary Banquet)
1996 - First United Methodist Church, Stephenville
1997 - First United Methodist Church, Stephenville
1998 - First Christian Church, Brownwood
1999 - First Christian Church, Brownwood
2000 - Council Service Center, Brownwood
2001 - Council Service Center, Brownwood
2002 - Austin Avenue Church of Christ, Brownwood
2003 - Austin Avenue Church of Christ, Brownwood

Lodge Chief Dabney Kennedy
1955 Lodge Banquet


Lodge Chief Carl B. Sanders
1963 Lodge Banquet

Elected officers at 1964 Banquet
L to R: Bill Garner, Jimmy Woods, Marty Lehnis, Kenneth Journey, Carl Sanders, Gary Orloff, Eddie Lehner, Don Walske

1966 Lodge Banquet 
Lodge Chief Bill Boles
giving New Lodge Chief Jerry Jackson
the Lodge Neckerchief

Left to Right:  Lodge Chief Bill Boles, Guest Speaker "Running Elk," Publication Chairman John Yantis
1966 Lodge Banquet
Ric Wilkins remembered one year at a Lodge banquet during elections when "Tom Dooley" was nominated for Vice-Chief of the Lodge. Now, this was not a real member of the Lodge, but the "Hang Down Your Head, Tom Dooley," a song that was popular at the time. The election was held, and Tom Dooley won. They had to go back and again hold the election so that a real Arrowman could be elected as Vice-Chief.

Vigil member Frank Griffin, loaned to Otena Lodge a complete display of all the patches and neckerchiefs of the lodge at the 1996 Lodge Banquet held at the 4-H Center on Lake Brownwood.  The displays were returned to Griffin upon the consolidation of the Otena and Kotso Lodge into a new Penateka Lodge on January 1, 2004.  Griffin made each of the frames, and for several years, the patch collection was displayed at the Comanche Trail Council office in Brownwood.


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