The first copy of the Lodge newsletter Volume 1, Number 1, "ONWARD & UPWARD" was published on February 1, 1955. It was a one page newsletter printed on a mimeograph machine on tan legal size paper. The first newsletter gave a report on the 1954 Christmas Banquet and Winter Camp. There were one hundred Arrowmen and their guests present at the December 28th banquet. It was held at the Brownwood Hotel Roof Garden and they had to "battle the snow storm on their way home after bringing to a close the most successful Third Annual Banquet of the Order of the Arrow."

The newsletter also announced the availability of a new Brotherhood pin for $2.40. The pin was to be in the shape of an arrowhead with an Indian head in the center and a small chain connected to the arrowhead with an Arrow on the end of the chain. Also included in the first issue was an announcement of the C.A. Work Camp to be held at Camp Billy Gibbons on March 11-13. This was an annual event and one of Otena's main events of the year according to the newsletter. They announced that Otena Lodge was going to host the Region 9 Order of the Arrow meeting at Camp Billy Gibbons in August with representatives from about seven councils.

The "ONWARD & UPWARD" masthead was designed by Jimmy Erwin and first use on January 12, 1971. 

Neal Mann, Lodge Secretary from 2000 and 2002, published several newsletters under a modern "ONWARD AND UPWARD"  banner.  These were some of the last newsletters published in the lodge.  In 2000, Neal Mann was the first newsletter editor to put the “ONWARD AND UPWARD” newsletter on the internet so that all former members could read the happenings of the lodge.  He posted all newsletters from 2000 to the present in Adobe Acrobat on the web site. You may still read them by going to: Otena Newsletters



Neal Mann was responsible for getting the Otena Lodge on the World Wide Web and created a web site for the lodge in early 2000 while serving as Lodge Secretary.  The site was very popular among current and former members of the lodge as an immediate source of information on the activities of the lodge. 

The lodge page was linked from the Comanche Trail Council website maintained by Webmaster Frank Hilton for the council. The website was discontinued on December 31, 2002, when the council consolidated with the Chisholm Trail Council to form the Texas Trails Council.

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