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Here is a listing of all the known professional Scouters who have worked in the Buffalo Trail Council.  We are indebted to David O'Neill for taking on the task to get as many names as possible.  The names will be listed in alphabetical order with an attempt to list them in the district they presided over, or their job title in the Council.  We will include the dates when they served in the Council where that information was available. 

To start this page, here is an earlier staff photo.  At this time we only have the name of two of the professionals.

Unknown year, but is definitely before the council's current office, so it must be early 50's.  Only two persons
are identified.  One is Bill McRee, District Executive, Lone Star District.  He is located on the top row, far
left.  Stuart Painter is second from the left in the top row.  He was the District Executive for the Black and Gold District in Odessa during the 1950's according to Jim Mayo, Ph.D.

Here is a known list of other professions in the council:

Last, First Position(s) District(s)  Start End
Acosta, Paul DE Comanche Trails  7/1/2001 6/15/2002
Acosta, Valerie FiD Finance Director. New title is Development Dir 4/1/2010 Present
Anderson, Christopher SDE Chaparral 6/16/2009 4/15/2010
Bascus, Celestina DE Chaparral 9/24/2007 8/1/2009
Bennett, Todd  CD & FD Camping Director 5/1/2010 Present
Boroski, Karl DD Chaparral 9/15/2010 Present
Britton, Scott DE, SDE, DD Chaparral, Comanche Trails, Sand Hills, Big Bend 5/1/2005  Present
Collette, Nicole DE Chaparral, Comanche Trails  9/1/2007 5/15/2010
Connell, Brad DE, SDE, DD, FD Chaparral  2/1/2000 4/30/2007
Cook, Nicolas DE, SDE Chaparral, Comanche Trails 7/16/2004 10/5/2007
Garcia, Adrian DE Chaparral 10/1/2009 8/11/2011
Hartman, Greg DE Lone Star 11/1/2008 11/15/2009
Houston, Bill CD Camping Director
Kennedy, Bob SDE, DD Comanche Trails 5/15/1998 1/31/2003
Koneschik, Travis DE Chaparral
Kulbeth, Deanna DE Lone Star 11/1/2009 11/30/2010
Loris, Roy SDE, DD, FD Chaparral, Sand Hills, Big Bend, Comanche Trails 2/15/1997 7/31/2003
Martinez, Nicky DD Comanche Trails  12/1/2007 6/15/2009
McKinney, Chase DE Comanche Trails 9/1/2010 Present
O'Neill, David DE, SDE, DD, FD Chaparral, Lone Star, Sand Hills 9/1/2001 Present
Sweeney, Brian  DE Lone Star  1/1/2011  Present
Thomas, Tiffanye DE Comanche Trails 10/1/2003 3/31/2005
Wallace, Warren DE, SDE, PD Lone Star, Sand Hills, Big Bend  8/1/1990 8/31/2008
White Jim DE Big Bend / Sand Hills 12/16/2003 7/15/2004
Wilemon, Guy SDE, FD Served Chaparral, promoted to FD  4/22/1996  7/31/2001

Last Updated:  October 6, 2011
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