First Scout Troops in Texas

Organized in 1910
The Boy Scouts of America was Incorporated February 8, 1910 under the laws of District of Columbia by W. D. Boyce, Chicago publisher, and the National Headquarters was opened at the International Y.M.C.A. office, 124 East Twenty-eighth Street, New York, N. Y.   On June 21, 1910, a promotional meeting was held with representatives of 34 national organizations.  Mr. James E. West was appointed Executive Office. 
Comanche  Rev. George W. Sheafor, pastor of the First Baptist Church, Comanche, was the 37th and also the first Texas Scoutmaster registered with BSA.  In the early days of Scouting, BSA listed the Scoutmasters in a book (Registration Records, Vol. 1,1910 On, BSA) starting with the number 101. No date was posted by their name nor was any record of their troop kept at the time. 

He moved on to Brownwood, Texas on July 1, 1914, to become pastor of the Coggin Ave. Baptist Church.  There is no record of him having served in Scouting in Brownwood, nor how long the troop in Comanche was active.
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Fort Worth - First Patrol The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, dated July 9, 1910, stated that "The first boy scout patrol in Fort Worth was formally installed at a meeting at the Young Men's Christian Association Friday afternoon.  Arthur G. McLarren was elected captain and Tom Calhoun corporal.  R. George Hill will hold the office of scout master, which is appointive."

By December 11, 1910, the paper reported that "The Boy Scout movement was started in Fort Worth during the spring with the organization of a patrol at the Y.M.C.A.

"This troop was organized among the larger boys that they might be trained as patrol leaders, scoutmasters and advance to the higher branches and be able to train their younger associates.

"Now there are three troops in Fort Worth.  The Y.M.C.A. troop is under the charge of Scoutmaster R. George Hill,.  The Neighborhood House troop is commanded by Scoutmaster Tom Larson of Texas Christian University and the Hemphill Street Presbyterian Church troop is under the charge of Charles M. Herring."

San Antonio Palestine Daily Herald, October 11, 1910, "First Patrol Organized. (Herald Special.) San Antonio, Texas, Oct. 11. - San Antonio is to have Boy Scouts.  The first patrol has been organized under the leadership of Geo. S. Chessum, director of the boys' department.

"An emblem will be selected and this oath required" "I give my word of honor that I will do my best to do my duty to God and the country; to help others at all times; to obey the scout law."

On November 8, 1910, a story appeared in the Dallas Morning News, headed Boy Scouts at San Antonio, which said "The boy scout movement has been launched here permanently with six patrols.  The following are the scout leaders:  George Burnett, Raymond Cobb, Oscar Drisdale, Will Mitchell, Prime and Maury Maverick.  Their leaders have enlisted under them thirty-five young boys."

A letter to Dr. Arthur Schuck, dated March 18, 1954, by C. M. Richmond, the first Scoutmaster in Dallas, in part said "Following Oct. (1910), I was called as boys sect'y to Dallas, Tex. YMCA.  Immediately I formed a troop 1 at the "Y".  We used British Scout handbooks, also badges.  We never had any troop meetings.  We'd meet Saturday mornings and go on a hike; oftentimes to Marsailas Park, (Now the Zoo)."  Above is a copy of a photo he sent to Dr. Schuck with his letter.

The first story about Scouting having been started in Dallas appeared in the Dallas Morning News on November 2, 1910, and said, "Patrols of Boy Scouts have been formed in a few cities of Texas, and the movement is to be taken up in Dallas by the Boys' Department of the Dallas Young Men's Christian Association.  C. M. Richmond, the director in charge of this department of the Y.M.C.A, is a regularly appointed scoutmaster, and will organize the boys."

Two weeks later, the November 16, 1910 edition of the paper said, "More than 100 boys are now on the rolls and twelve of them are real scouts and many of the others will soon be sworn in."  The group met in the gymnasium of the Y.M.C.A. who organized the scouts, according to C. M. Richmond, boys secretary. Two months later it was reported that Dallas had three Scout troops.

Floresville The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported on December 26, 1910 that "The organization of Boy Scouts for Floresville is another splendid move in keeping with the progressive moves of the larger cities."

The Galveston Daily News, February 5, 1911, Special to the News  - Floresville, Tex. Feb. 4 - "At a meeting of the Boy Scouts at their hall last night, another patrol was organized, making five for this little city.  The total membership is thirty-five."

The Weekly Advocate, Floresville, Tex, Sept. 24, 1911 - "Following the announcement that the Boy Scouts of the state will hold a three days' encampment at the San Antonio Fair, the Floresville Boy Scouts are already planning to attend.  The local organization was the second to be organized in the state, and has been one of the most successful.  Their order is constantly increasing."

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