First Scout Troops in Texas

Organized in 1924

The Every Scout a Swimmer program was inaugurated.  The Lone Scouts of America merged with the Boy Scouts of America. The Second World Jamboree was held at Copenhagen, Denmark; our delegation numbered 56.  Membership at the end of 1924 was 696,620.
Cameron Dallas Morning News, January 17, 1924.  "Special to The News. Cameron, Milam Co., Texas, Jan. 16. - As a result of an official visit here by W. P. Knox of Austin, regional executive of the Boy Scouts of America, interest in the organization of local troops of the Boy Scouts is running high among the boys and the men who will work with them.
"Forty-two boys have already applied for membership i n the organization following preliminary organization work by the Lions' Club, which is sponsoring the movement here."
Walnut Springs Dallas Morning News, February 13, 1924. "Special to The News. Walnut Springs, Bosque Co., Feb. 12. - the Rev. J. L. Chunn, pastor of the Methodist Church of this place, is organizing a Boy Scout team.  A suitable building will be secured for indoor sports and a good library obtained in the near future."
Honey Grove Dallas Morning News, February 19, 1924.  "Special to The News.  Honey Grove, Fannin Co., Texas, Feb. 18. - the annual service of the Boy Scouts was held at the Baptist Church Sunday night.  The Rev. S. R. Smith delivered the sermon.  The Boy Scout and Camp Fire Fire organizations attended in a body."
Madisonville Dallas Morning News, April 27, 1924.  "Special to The News.  Madisonville, Texas, April 26. - C. C. Reagan, commissioner of Boy Scouts, met the business men of Madisonville to perfect plans for organizing a troop of Scouts in this town.  The following committees were appointed:  Finance, W. W. Underwood, T. B. Viser and O. E. Parten; organization, J. R. G. Darby, W. P. Skaggs, W. E. Boney and J. T. Hollis; camping and outdoor amusements, J. E. Gray, W. O. Carter and J. B. Hensarling.  The commissioner will return on May 5, at which time organization will be completed."
Lancaster Dallas Morning News, June 19, 1924.  "Special to The News.  Lancaster, Dallas Co., Texas, June 18. - A Boy Scout troop of twenty-two boys has been organized in Lancaster.  This troop has been busy during the last two weeks taking the tenderfoot test, and seventeen have completed this test.  As a stimulus to the completion of the test the scout authorities will not permit any scout except the second class to go to the annual summer encampment in August."
Taylor Dallas Morning News, June 21, 1924.  "Special to The News. Georgetown, Texas, June 20. - The Georgetown Troop of Boy Scouts entertained the Taylor Scouts with a field day Tuesday, having arranged a track meet in the forenoon, tennis and baseball in the afternoon, and swimming contest in the late afternoon at Goodlett Park. 
"The program was arranged and carried out by Scoutmaster Sam V. Stone of Georgetown and Scoutmaster Ploeger of Taylor.
"About twenty-five boys were here from Taylor, and about as many Georgetown boy s took part in the contests."
Marlin Dallas Morning News, July 19, 1924.  "Special to The News.  Marlin, Texas, July 18. - Raising of Marlin's $1,000 toward the $5,000 quota set for the Fall-Milam-Robertson Counties area would make Boy scout work in this city 100 per cent more effective, Ernest E. Fannin, scoutmaster, declares."
Lueders Dallas Morning News, July 22, 1924.  "Lueders, Jones Co., Texas, July 21. - The Central West Texas Baptist Encampment in session here had a record-breaking attendance...Large crowds have been a feature of the entire session, and, with the aid of the Boy Scouts, order has been maintained throughout."
Canyon Dallas Morning News, September 13, 1924.  "Special to The News. Canyon, Texas, Sept. 12. - Defense Day was celebrated here with elaborate ceremonies, including a huge parade in which the American Legion, Women's Auxiliary, 'Forty and Eight' Society...Boy Scouts, West Texas State Teachers' College football team...and other participated."
Haskell Dallas Morning News, December 16, 1924.  "Special to The News. Haskell, Texas, Dec. 15. - Teachers from Knox, Stonewall, Kent and Haskell Counties are gathering Monday for the four day's institute to be held in Haskell. ... Boy Scouts are acting as guides and taking guests to homes and hotels assigned to them."
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