First Scout Troops in Texas

Organized in 1926

The first Silver Buffalo Awards for distinguished service to boyhood were presented.  Twenty-two awards given: the first to Baden-Powell and the second to the unknown Scout whose Good Turn brought scouting to America.  Sir Robert S. S. Beden-Powell, founder of Scouting, attended the annual meeting in 1926 and traveled throughout the country inspecting Scouting centers.  Membership at the end of 1926 was 783,574.
Littlefield Dallas Morning News, January 18, 1926.  "Special to The News. Littlefield, Lamb Co., Texas.  Jan. 17. - A Boy scout troop has been organized in Littlefield.  T. Windsor, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, is scoutmaster.  The Chamber of Commerce is solidly behind the movement."
Troup Dallas Morning News, March 28, 1926.  "Special to The News. Troup, Smith County, Texas, March 27. - A troop of Boy scouts has been organized here by the Rev. C. L. Williams, who as named as scoutmaster."
Ralls Dallas Morning News, April 18, 1926.  "Boy Scouts at Ralls. Ralls, Crosby Co., Texas, April 17.  A troop of Boy Scouts has been organized here.  Twenty-one boys took the tests and made good grades.  L. C. Byerley was selected Scout master and four patrols arranged.  The boys are very much interested and other troops may be organized when this one is filled."
Dallas Morning News, June 6, 1926.  "Special to The News.  Mineola, Texas, June 5. - A portion of the Lions' Troop No. 1, Mineola Boy Scouts is shown in the picture.  It was founded by Mineola Lions, and despite the fact that it is only three months old, already has won distinction in scoutcraft.  Assistant Scoutmaster Dean Aaron is pictured on the extreme left, Scoutmaster W. L. Cannan, who is also pastor of the Methodist Church, on the extreme right."
Whitewright Dallas Morning News, June 27, 1926.  "Special to The News.  Whitewright, Grayson Co., Texas, June 26. - The organization of a troop of Boy Scouts took definite form at a meeting here recently.  J. E. Montgomery, student minister of T. C. U., Fort Worth, and pastor of the Central Christian Church here, is directing the movement."
Kosse Dallas Morning News, July 19, 1926.  "Kosse Scouts Join Outing.  Special to The News.  Kosse, Texas, July 15. - Five members of the Kosse Boy Scouts will join 120 other Limestone County scouts in the annual outing at Lake Worth on July 20 to Aug. 1.  C. H. Richard, Limestone County scout executive will be in charge."
Putnam Dallas Morning News, July 26, 1926.  "Putnam Scouts to Visit Sesqui Exposition, By The Associated Press.  Putnam, Texas, July 25. - Twenty-five Boy Scouts are to leave here on Aug. 16 in a bus to attend the Sesquicentennial EXposition at Philadelphia.  They will be in charge of the Rev. John W. Price, scoutmaster of Putnam, and C. C. Day, assistant scoutmaster.  They expect to travel by way of Indianapolis, going first to Dallas.
"The boys will camp on the way.  They expect to visit New York and Washington,  The West Texas Chamber of Commerce is endorsing the plans and the scouts will visit the organization's agricultural exhibit at the exposition."
Hereford Dallas Morning News, August 1, 1926.  "Hereford Scouts to Attend Highway Meet.  Special to The News.  Hereford, Texas, July 31. - Boy Scouts from the Hereford Council will go as official delegates to the annual meeting of the Texas-New Mexico Highway Association at Taos, N. M., Aug. 2 and 3.  Between fifteen and twenty local scouts will make the trip.  The Rev. James T. Ross and Assistant Scoutmaster Marland Ghilland will be in charge.  Si Orr will be camp cook.
"The youngsters will visit the beautiful Taos Mountains and will inspect a number of the famous art studios located there.  They will return by way of Santa Fe and will attend the historic Indian fiesta while there."
Howe Dallas Morning News, August 17, 1926.  "Special to The News. Howe, Texas, Aug. 16. - A meeting of the court of honor of the Howe district, Boy Scouts of America, was held Sunday.  the court promoted second-class badges to the following scouts; Weldon McCord, Carl Whitefield, E. R. Broadhead, William Mitchell, William Carnes, Carl Clark, Homer Grigg, R. B. Green Jr., Oliver McCoy, J. A. McDouough, Lather Taylor and W. W. Collins.
"County Scout Executive H. O.. McLean administered the scout oath to Raymond Hanna and Thurman Q. Thompson, who were presented with tenderfoot badges upon recommendation of their scoutmaster J. L. Blackburn."
Breckenridge There was a Troop 1 in Breckenridge from 1926 until 1927, two years prior to being accepted into the Eastland County Council in 1`929.  Stanley Durall was Assistant Scoutmaster of the troop.   Information from "Ninety Years of Service, A History of Comanche Trail Council, Boy Scouts of America, 1910-1999," 1999, page 7, by Frank T. Hilton.
Sanderson West Texas News, August 17, 1926. Camp Del Rio Formally Opens With 169 Scouts. Routine Started As Flag Raised on Devil's River.  Camp Del Rio is open...Sanderson boys were the first to arrive at the camp.  Twelve of them arrived yesterday afternoon...The camp will last for ten days." 
Ganado Dallas Morning News, October 17, 1926.  "Special to The News. New York, Oct. 16. - Texas Boy Included in Life-Saving Honor.  Thirteen boy heroes living in all parts of the country have been accorded official honor as life-savers by the Boy Scouts of America.  Clifford O. Briant, Ganado, Texas, who rescued a boy who sank while swimming, was included in the list."
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