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Here are more photos of Scout Troops taken while they were at summer camp at Camp Billy Gibbons. The troop setting, as you can see by these troop photos, was very informal.  Scouts in the troop paid a fee for a copy of the photo which was normally delivered on the last day of camp. 

We do not have the identify of some of these troop photos as to what troop they were.  Some others we do not know  what year they were taken as the envelope they were found in had no date.  Any information on a given photo will be   greatly appreciated and can be sent to the webmaster.  His e-mail address is found at the bottom of the home page of this web site at HOME PAGE

Troop 30 Dublin 1948

Jimmie Stevens, Ross Word, Eldon Able, Ellis, Kenneth King (vistor), Roy L, Maxwell, "Skip" Prater, 
James, Yantis, Roger Crocker, Dickie Reed, Don S, Tommy Humphris (visitor), Donald Rabor, 
Clyde Kind (visitor), Dick Yantis
Troop 30 Dublin 1949

Clyde King, Jack Crouch, Charles Wiedner, Bob Crouch, unk, Charles Stewwart, Kenneth King, Millard Turner, Travis Brown Billy Durham, Darrell Allison, Snyder, and "Snake" Snyder.
Troop 30 Dublin 1950
Front Row, L to R: Clyde King, Travis Brown, Phillip Moore, Tommy Gee, Larry Walker, Darrel Allison, Joe Bob Pate, Kenneth Durham
Back Row, L to R: Baker, Lyndon Salyer, Charles Widner, Eddie Sikes,Dickey Reed, Jimmy Ray Walder, Jerry Brian, Pritchy Smith, Vance Forson, Mr. Gee
Troop 30  Dublin  1951
Troop 30 Dublin
Troop 99 Breckenridge - 1962
Troop 101 Cisco
Troop 33 Lampasas - 1957 0r 1958
Walter "Wally" Walske was Scoutmaster of Troop 33 of Lampasas from 1956 to 1961 when he moved to Brownwood. Wally Walske is just to the right of the troop flag. the tall Scout, in white T-shirt, to the right of Wally's left is Larry Hamilton, was his first Eagle Scout.  Todd Briggs is holding on to the flag pole to Wally's right, and Nelson Machen is to Briggs's right. Don Walske is sitting in front with dark shirt.  Photo taken at Camp Billy Gibbons in 1957 or 1958.
Troop 33 Lampasas - 1959
Troop 78 Brownwood - 1962
Wally Walske, Scoutmaster, 2nd from right, back row, is holding the troop flag. 
Bottom row, left to right:  Mike Humphries, Kirk Wied, John Smith, Mike Smith, Gary Walske.
Top row, left to right:  Mark Wied, ??, Don Walske, Roland (Rody) Smith, Pat Humphries, Walter (Wally) Walske, Robert (Bob) Rothe.
Troop 115 Rising Star
Troop 69 Morgan Hill & Troop 61 Eastland
Troop 1 Brownwood - 1962
The small Scout on the left is Joe Larry Barnett.  Number2 from left is Unknown, #3 is Robert Wolf, #4 is Phil Gaines, #5, Dan Morelock, #6 Thomas Allen Carriger, #7 Sam Curry, #8 Unknown.  We believe that the leader in the back row is Ric Wilkins.  Bill Lynn, Scoutmaster of the troop, is not pictured.
Troop 8 Brownwood - 1931

Note the swastika at the foot of the Scout, fourth from left, the Boy Scout Emblem in small rocks behind the 4th and 5th Scout, and the Indian head outlined in rock in front of the eighth Scout.  Also the camp patch emblem in small rocks in front of the three Sea Scouts. The photo is identified on the back as 1931, and the fourth Scout as Ben Sullivan.

We want to thank Thomas Carriger for providing information on Troop 1, 1962.

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