Camps of Buffalo Trail Council

The first known summer camp, held in the area now covered by the Buffalo Trail Council, was held on Mr. George McEntire's ranch near Sterling City, Texas in August 1924.  The Scout Executive's wife, Mrs. Scott Barcus, served as the camp nurse.  Pete Hardman was the cook and did all his preparations of food on an old army range and with dutch ovens.  Some 118 Scouts attended this camp and stayed in Army Pyramid tents.  The kitchen area was covered with a large canvas tarp.  The Scouts swam and bathed in the river.  Troops from Sweetwater, Colorado City, Snyder, Dunn, Roby and Rotan, Texas participated in the camp.

August 1925 - This summer camp was held on Dr. Rudd's Ranch located about seven miles west of Maryneal in Nolan County.

1927 - No record or where they went in 1926 but the 1927 camp was held below Blackwell on Oak Creek.  The former campsite is now covered by Oak Creek Lake.  Sweetwater Scouts hiked 30 miles to camp that summer.

In the 30's the Council rented space from other councils.  Camp Fawcett near Barksdale, TX in 1932; Camp Louis Farr outside of Mertzon, TX; Weed, NM; Balmorhea State Park at Balmorhea; Madera Canyon; Indian Lodge in the Davis Mountains; Camp Post at Post, TX; Big Springs State Park; Fort Stockston and Lake Sweetwater were places the council held summer camp.

Go HERE to see photos of the summer camp held at Camp Fawcett in 1932.

1941 - Camp was held back at Camp Fawcett on the Nueces River near Barksdale, TX.  This was the most successful camp they had up until that time.

1945 - Two camps were held that summer, one for the western half of the council and one for the eastern half of the council.  Both camps were held at the same time, June 4-9, 1945. Madera Canyon is located in the western part of the council and the units from that part of the council came to the camp.  Each troop brought its own food, equipment and did their own cooking.  A fee of 50 cents was charged each person.

The eastern half of the council went to Sweetwater Lake.  Cooks and food were to be provided and each troop furnished its own shelter.  Cost was $6.00.

By 1948, the Scouts were attending summer camp at the council's camp at Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch and continue to do so today. To read the story on the Buffalo Trail Scout Ranch click on the name at the bottom of this page.

In 1958, the council acquired a property named Camp Ed Murphy located near Lake J. B. Thomas.  We know that there was a committee to develop the camp and that a set of regulations on the use of the camp was published.  But, we do not know if it was ever used as a summer camp.  There is a photo of a Jamboree Shakedown Camp being held at the camp.

In October 1980, the council received title to the ColTex Aquatic Base, later to be named the Hughes Aquatic Base.  This camp has been used for many different purposes including summer aquatic camps.  To read the story on the Hughes Aquatic Base click on the name below.

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Material taken from West - Texas Cubs, Scouts and Explorers by Olan B. Draper, 1973 and other sources.

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