Participants in 1997 National Jamboree

Buffalo Trail Council

Troops 1638 & 1639

Troop 1638

Front Row:
1st from left - Jerry Cook
2nd from left - Ryan Miracle
3rd from left - Bert Dennis
4th from left - Joe "Turtle" Garner
7th from left - Aaron Kerley
9th from left - James Wright

Middle Row:
Kneeling on left - David Pearce

Back Row:
1st from left - Steve Dennis
3rd from left - Eric Harding
4th from left - Nick Cook
6th from left - Ryan Sumpter
8th from left - Jay Vaden
11th from left- Jerry Tochterman
12th from left- Daniel Houy

Troop Roster 1638

Steve A. Dennis, Odessa, Scoutmaster
Jerry E. Tochterman, Andews, 1st ASM
Ray Vaden, Midland, 2nd ASM
Daniel F. Houy, Fort Davis, 3rd ASM
Nicholas L. Cook, Midland, Senior Parol Leader
Eric L. Harding, Odessa, Asst. SPL
Kenneth H. Mills, Alpine, Scribe
John D. Wright, Jr., Andrews, Quartermaster

Wolverine Patrol
Joseph "Turtle" T. Garner, Andrews, PL
Jerry Cook, II, Midland, APL
Ryan T. Miracle, Big Springs, Historian
Matthew D. Cox, Midland
Bert P. Dennis, Odessa
Aaron A. Kerley, Odessa
Michael M. Mazoch, Alpine
Adam C. Ray, Midland

Pedro Patrol
Daniel S. Holguin, Alpine, PL
Montgomery L. Brock, Tyler, APL
Brent L. Farris, Midland
Jesus M. Holguin, Alpine
Kevin P. Kohl, Midland
Christopher Royce, Midland
Ben W. Wade, Andrews
James R. Wright, Odessa

Roadrunner Patrol
Mitchell M. Mazoch, Alpine, PL
Hector S. Holguin, Alpine, APL
Scott C. Houy, Fort Davis
Christopher Modisett, Midland
Larry R. Patterson, Midland
Dustin T. Robertson, Andrews
James P. Wilhite, Odessa
Logan Yeats, Andrews

Buffalo Patrol
Jay Vaden, Midland, PL
Ryan Sumpter, Midland, APL
Terry J. Hutto, II, Muleshoe
Austin S. Matthews, Alpine
Matthew D. McKinney, Midland
Doc A. Pearce, Alpine
Tyson C. Purdy, Muleshoe
Jery E. Tochterman, Jr., Andrews, Chaplain Aide

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the four .pdf files below:

Go HERE for Parents's Information Letter
Go HERE for Hotel Room Assignment
Go HERE for DC Picture List
Go HERE for Wrapup Letter

Troop 1639

Kevin Morris, one of the Scouts that went to the 1997 Jamboree with Troop 1639, provided the following information about their troop's experience at the Jamboree and trip.  We have have printed part of his story on this page and continued it on another page which you can access at the end of this part of his memories.

"We had a 'staff patrol' and four other patrols: Beaver, Frog, Rattlesnake, and Pedro. I was in the Beaver Patrol with David Barlow, Tim Bock, Justin Clark, Kody Guynn, Tim Harry, Jordan Horton, and Jossie Johnson, if my memory serves.

"Before we went to the Jamboree, we toured Washington, DC and rode the bus to Fort AP Hill. I took pictures of our trip, however, they are mostly of the sites and not of the people. But they do remind me of what I saw (the ones that turned out that is). We stayed in a hotel in Virginia and rode the Metro train in and out everyday. Usually we took the Metro to the National Mall area. I remember on the first day we went to the Smithsonian, what order, I don't recall. I can remember us touring the memorials in the evening ... we went to Iwo Jima, Korean, Vietnam, and Lincoln one in one night and Jefferson and Roosevelt on a separate evening (at least I think it was two evenings, might have been one). We got to go up the Washington monument one day (took the elevator both directions ... I don't think they let anyone walk up and down), which on successive trips I haven't gotten to do due to the renovations on it. I can distinctly remember being on top and looking out of the windows onto the capitol and the white house. We went to the Holocaust museum, Mount Vernon, the National Cathedral, and Arlington National Cemetery. I can remember being at the tomb of the unknown soldier and at Kennedy's grave.

"I'm going to move onto the picture below which was taken in front of our gateway. The derrick squirted water and the pumpjack moved up and down. The patrols are listed on the gateway.  You can see the Troop 1638 gateway in the background. I can't ID everyone, but I'll give you who I know. Back left is Fred Morris III, Jordan Horton is next to him, then Kody Guynn, then Justin Clark, then Mr. McCain. The next two I don't know, then is James (who goes by Graham) Keefe. I don't know anymore on that row except the last three who are Joe Pickering, David Harrington, and David Pierce, who was the trip coordinator for both troops. Okay, next to last row from left ... Myself, then skip to the last three and you have Robert "Robbie" Martin, Chris Harrington, and Peter Telck. Second row ... on the left is Luke Jackson and on the right is David Barlow, I think. Bottom row from left, Tim Harry, skip one, Mike Gilluly, skip to the end, Clay Herriage.

For the continued story on their participation at the 1997 Jamboree go HERE.

We want to thank Kevin Morris for sharing these memories with us!  He also provided us with the shoulder patch and the  troop photo below, plus some other items of the Jamboree that he saved, which you can view by going to HERE.

Troop Roster 1639

David P. Harrington, Midland, Scoutmaster
Ralph M. McCain, Odessa, 1st ASM
Joe Pickering, Midland, 2nd ASM
Fred A. Morris, III, Colorado City, 3rd ASM

Samuel J. Alexander, Midland
David G. Barlow, Odessa
Timothy Bock, Midland
Matthew K. Brinker, Midland
James H. Butler, Midland
Brandon E. Carr, Midland
Mikel S. Casey, Jr., Midland
Brad D. Clark, Midland
Justin J. Clark, Odessa
Daniel W. Corey, Midland
Paul F. Corey, Midland
Michael J. Gilluly, Midland
Kody A. Guynn, Odessa
Chris D. Harrington, Midland
Timothy S. Harry, Odessa

Clay D. Herriage, Midland
Casey Hoch, Midland
Jordan T. Horton, Odessa
Drew A. Howarton, Odessa
Luke Jackson, Odessa
Jossie D. Johnson, Odessa
Sam H. Colliffee, Midland
James G. Keefe, Midland
Jack D. Ladd, Midland
Steven Marston, Midland
Robert Martin, Midland
Chase J. McCain, Odessa
Chris L. Miles, Midland
Kevin Morris, Midland
Daniel B. Partain, Midland
Daniel Pender, Midland
Jeff Pickering, Midland
Bud L. Presley, Midland
Peter A. Telck, Midland
Clay J. Yarbrough, Midland
Chris Yount, Odessa
On the plane.
Navy Museum
Arlington National Cemetery
Walking in Arlington National Cemetery
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
At John F. Kennedy's Grave
On the bus to somewhere.
FDR Memorial
Arena Show
Walking to Arena Show
Jerred Tochertman
Fun on a ballon
Steve Dennis Resting
Smith Jet Engine
Boy Scout Memorial

We want to thank Kevin Morris, Midland for scanning and providing us with these photos. Our thanks also to James Busby for the information on Troop 1638.

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