Kevin Morris's continued story about his troop's participation

in the

1997 National Jamboree:

"My patrol was very interested in getting all of the "arcs" or "segments" that go with the Jambo Compass patch. We got all of them. The first thing that we did was Rappelling (this is the first time that I had done that). The reason why we did it is because it was literally across the street from our campsite. In fact we are looking at the rappelling station in the group picture. Also that first day we did the motocross, bikathlon, archery and trap shooting. I think the second day we worked on the conservation and the Army patches (both items scanned). Another day we did the snorkeling and scuba event. I can't remember doing the fishing event or buckskin games at all ... but I must have. Some of the other events I remember doing them, but not when I did them. The Raft Encounter was an interesting event in that the entire idea was for us to get in rafts and splash the heck out of each other (probably wasn't the point, but that's what I remember happening). I remember having to get a ticket for the raft encounter because it was limited.

"I can remember a few snippets the 5k Run/Walk and the religious service. I remember my patrol didn't waste any time at the Merit Badge Midway (it wasn't why we were there). I can remember going to the OA Odyssey, but I don't remember the show other than a few still pictures in my mind. I can remember the OA gathering quite well ...the ceremony team was really impressive. I still have a candle from the last gathering where we had the candle's lit and turned off the lights, that was cool too. I remember Jambo being my first introduction to the patch mongers and throngs of people that would gather around ... I have really been turned off of patch trading since. It doesn't seem to have the same "feel" as the way the tradition started. I remember getting sick of drinking water. The only other time I hated water more was when I was at Field Training (that's another can of worms though). Our class "B" uniforms were blue T-shirts (the other troop had identical ones, except theirs were red). I remember our scoutmasters not approving that we traded shirts with other people (like the way patch trading should be done).

"A little more on the human side of things, my patrol was an oddity in our troop. We had a core of us that wanted to earn the patch segments, I remember Luke Jackson (who might have been in my patrol???) and Robbie Martin (he was in the Pedro Patrol with Mike Gilluly) tagging along to get the segments too. (Robbie and Mike worked summer camp staff with me at Hughes Aquatics Base in the dim dark ages when we still had summer camp there). Luke and Robbie were very good friends of mine. Most of the other patrols traded patches, sat around at camp, went to Merit Badge Midway, or hung out at the trading post. Anyway, Justin Clark was our ring leader ... we went were he went. I don't know who our patrol leader really was ... not anymore. I didn't have a position.  I missed the initial Jambo meeting where they elected the positions. Tim Harry was was the Hometown correspondent for the troop was unable to hang around with us much at Jambo. I remember sharing a tent with Justin for awhile, and then it switched for some reason. Jordan and Kody were fairly close and were usually together, they shared a tent. I think Tim Bock and Tim Harry shared a tent, I could be wrong.

"I remember the shower facilities there provided the coldest shower I have had in my entire lifetime ... I can remember it being painfully cold.  Almost as if ice turned to water just before it came out of the showerhead. The favorite food item I had there was the Tony's Pizzas that they sold at the main trading post. I remember walking down that way most nights to call home ... and then get a pizza. I remember wearing our Class B T-shirts with a swimsuit most of the time. I also can remember loading the tractor trailer that hauled our stuff home from Jambo (we took a plane there and back)."

Kevin Morris

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