Camp Tonkawa


We present some of the neckerchiefs used by the staff members at summer camp.  Most Staff neckerchiefs were home made except for the printed ones.

One Of The Early Staff Neckerchiefs
Staff Neckerchief With Printed Design
Camper Neckerchief
Staff Neckerchief
1958 New Patch Design Sewed on Neckerchief
1959 First Known Year When They Dated The Staff Neckerchief.
1960 Staff Neckerchief
1961 Staff Neckerchief
1962 Was First Year To Have Neckerchief Embroidered.
1963 Staff Neckerchief "Staff" & "Year" Embroidered.
Last Staff Neckerchief Issued In 1964

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Our thanks to Robert Hightower of Palestine for providing us these staff neckerchiefs.