Camp Tonkawa

Patches & T-Shirts & Other

Print on Felt - Broken Choker 
Straight Line War Paint
Print on Felt - Solid Feathers
Embroidered - No Solid Feathers
Heavy War Paint
Different War Paint

Light Green - No War Paint

First Three Inch Patch
Staff Patch had red center.
Dark brown trees
Three Inches Across
This was the first of the multi colored patches and was designed by F. M. Arnold
Patch appeared around 1958
Three Inches Across
Embroidered Edge in 1963-1964
Three Inches Across
White T-shirt - Campers Did Not have "Staff"
Blue T-shirt - Note B.S.A. Added to Design
Camp Tonkawa Pennant
Neckerchief Slide
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Our thanks to Robert Hightower of Palestine for providing us with these designs of patches, T-Shirts, pennant and neckerchief slide.