Camp Tonkawa


There were plenty of places to take hikes on the dirt roads of camp.  Here you see a group of Scouts off on one of those hikes. Note the sandy road leading to the entrance to camp.
Scoutcraft was an important part of the camp program in the early days.  Here you see scouts learning how to sharpen an axe. 
This black and white photo was taken in 1953 and shows a similar activity as the one above.
Here is the Archery Range where Scouts learn to use a bow and arrow and work on the Archery Merit Badge.  The Archery Range was located behind the spring and in the north end of camp.
The rifle range was located off the camp property.  Scouts were able to work on NRA Awards and the Marksmanship Merit Badge as it was called then.
This photo of the rifle range was taken from The Garrison News, June 26, 1953.
This is a First Aid Merit Badge Class.  Also First Aid skills were taught for Second and First Class Scouts.
Not all instruction was of the "action type."  Here a group of Scouts are receiving instruction in handicraft from a sit-down area. 
This building was called "The Birdhouse."  In the building was a museum of stuffed birds and was the basis of the Bird Study Merit Badge. 
Everyone was proud of the signal tower they build as part of the pioneering class.  Here you see one display in the main part of camp.  Not sure just exactly how strong it was!
Campcraft was a part of the camping program.  Here in this photo you see a shelter set up and logs for Scouts to sit on while receiving instruction in campcraft. 
There was a program at camp called "The Ranger Trail."  Included in the program was making a monkey bridge across the stream.  Not everyone make it across the bridge without falling in the stream.
Free Swim, as well as instructional swim, was very much a part of the camp program.  Here a group of Scouts are enjoying cooling themselves in the river.
This is the last NRA certificate for the Camp in 1964.  Photo provided by Ken Raney.
This is the 1967 JLT Staff at Camp Tonkawa.  Ken Raney is standing top right.  He was SPL for Troop 2.  David Duncan is standing next to him in center.  We think he was SPL Troop 1.  Both of the Scouts are Troop 201 Eagle Scouts.  Photo provided by Ken Raney.

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Color slides provided by Robert Hightower of Palestine, TX.