Camp Tonkawa

Activities in Camp

1.  Bows and arrows furnished
2.  All class Scouts eligible
3.  Contests on Friday for Scouts and Explorers

1.  To learn the parts of an axe
2.  Safety in passing and carrying
3.  Methods of using the axe
4.  Sharpening techniques

1.  Bird hikes
2.  Museum displays

1.  Principal points of a compass
2.  How to read degrees for directions
3.  A compass course with three changes in direction.

1.  Leather
2.  Metal
3.  Nature Crafts
4.  Wood & others

1.  Nature
2.  Forestry
3.  Axe
4.  Cooking
5.  Compass
6.  Survival Craft

FIRST AID:  (First Class)
1.  Shock
2.  Heat Exhaustion & Sun Stroke
3.  Snake bite and rabies
4.  Poison Ivy & Internal Poisoning
5.  Bleeding & Fractures

1.  Re-adjust normal step for distance judging
2.  Distance & height judging
3.  Practical uses of judging in Scouting Skills

1.  Practical use of compass
2.  How to make and read maps (Map camp area)
3.  Degree reading from Camp Tonkawa to home town.

1.  Learn to identify trees by their bark, leaves and limb arrangement
2.  Check by Patrols or individually on the tree identification trail
3.  Wild flower hike may be arranged for
4.  Nature Merit Badge (New requirement)

1  Lashings - Square, Diagonal and Shear
2.  Proper use of each lash will be explained
3.  Discuss Pioneering as a Possible Troop Project

1.  Physical Fitness Trail
2.  For fun or score
3.  Caution handicapped boys

RIFLE:  (Marksmanship)
1.  All may participate
2.  Learn safety in handling firearms
3.  Small cost for shells and targets
4.  Contest on Friday for Scouts that shoot a 30 Standing or 40 Prone.

1.  Learn the six basic knots and taut-line hitch
2.  Rope Throw
3.  Rope tying competition

1.  Encourages Scouts to think in terms of safety precautions
2.  Safety and accident data is brought to light
3.  How to camp and play safely

1.  The simplified Morse Teaching Method "didah"
2.  Simple two and three letter words
3.  Competitive games after Group I is mastered

1.  Skills of stalking; walking; looking & camouflage
2.  Stalking games
3.  Hiding techniques

1.  Swim twice daily (Scout Buddy System)
2.  Instructional Swim in the morning
3.  Fun Swim in the afternoon
4.  Big Swim Meet on Saturday

1.  Tracking by trail marks
2.  Tracking games and problems
3.  Animal tracks

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We want to thank Ken Raney, Eagle Scout of Troop 201, Longview, for providing us with this information from the 1959 Leader's Guidebook.