Camp Tom Wooten

Alpha Phi Omega
Alpha Rho Chapter


Alpha Rho Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega at the University of Texas helped with many projects with the Capitol Area Council, Boy Scouts of America.  Above you will see a picture taken from the bugle tower at Camp Tom Wooten, that shows the attendance at a weekend Junior Leader Training Course.  The group kneeling in front are the members of the Alpha Rho Chapter.

Several members of the fraternity served on the summer camp staff.

Here you see members of the fraternity posing for a photo after completing a project at Camp Tom Wooten.  The member on the left is holding up a pair of very muddy shoes, the results of working at camp in wet weather.  Gumbo is what most people called the dirt at camp after a rain.

The second person sitting from the left is Bill McDougald who also worked with Troop 3 sponsored by University United Methodist Church.

There was never a lack of rocks at Camp Tom Wooten.  Here you see members of the fraternity relining the parking lot.  Note the ruts in the lot from the recent rain.
It was really a cold and wet day that the fraternity picked to clean up the parking lot at Camp Tom Wooten.  One member felt that he came well prepared for the weather.

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