Camp Tom Wooten

Provisional Troop

Capitol Area Council always provided a provisional troop during summer camp at Camp Tom Wooten. This gave an opportunity for Scouts to attend camp whose troop was unable to attend and also to provide a troop for those Scouts who wished to stay an extra week or two.  Sometimes the troop was large and sometimes small.

The photos below were provided by John Wittliff who was the provisional Scoutmaster during the summer of 1966. We also want to thankSteven Weber for providing us with some of the names for the provisional troop below.

Left to right, front row:  1) Unk, 2) Unk 3) Steven Weber, hands behind back, 4) Terry Poldrack, 5) Norman Autrey,light green uniform 6) Unk,  7)  Wayne Zieschang, 8)  Michael Leshikar, 9) Tim Rydell, clasping hands in front, 10) Unk
Left to right, second row: 1) Unk,  2) Unk, 3) Unk, 4) Unk, 5) Unk, 6) Unk, 7) Jeff Janke, 8) David Rydell, 9) Unk, 10) Tom Parker, 11) Tommy Henderson, 12) Unk
Left to right, last row: At the extreme right is Kermit Weber.
Here is the provisional campsite located behind the water tank in 1966
This is the provisional Scoutmaster's tent.  Note the water jug, chuck box, bulletin board and other items necessary for the troop.  The Scoutmaster stayed in a wall tent while the scouts stayed in Baker Tents.
Tents are down, flags folder, gear stored by the entrance as the season comes to a close.
This is Scoutmaster John Wittliff's 1962 Ford Falcon.
Do you recognize any of these Scouts?
Do you recognize any of these Scouts?
Steve Sawyer on the left and the shorter one on the right is Stanley Trekell. 
Do you recognize any of these Scouts?
Do you recognize any of these Scouts?
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