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Over the years several different styles of patches have been issued to the Scouts and leaders who attended summer camp.  At least one shield patch, the size of a back patch, was also issued.  Here are some of those patches with the approximate date of use.
Issued Around 1938
Shield patch about size of a back patch.
Maybe issued in the 1930s
1942 - Silk Screened on felt
Composite material on back.
1941 - Silk Screened on felt
1941 OA Conclave at camp.
1940s through early 1950's
Silk Screened on felt
1945 - Silk Screened on felt
1945 OA Conclave at camp.
Cut out of a 1944 Camp Pennant
1943 - Silk Screened on felt
Explorer Bivouac - Woven
In the early 1950's through the late 1950s  the camp started using woven patches, with a gray background, that looked out from the porch of the log cabin across the parade ground to Cat Mountain.  The star, located  on the right, in the patch represents the Lone Star Trail.  The "TW" on the left was the camp brand.
In the late 1950's through the middle 1960s woven patches were used with a white background keeping the same view as in the previous patches.
Patch used from 1959-1962 for both
Camp Tonkawa and Lost Pines Scout Reservation
Patch used in council from 1968-1972
Teepee - Camp Tonkawa
Oat leaf - JILT
Chief's Bonnet - Camp Staff
Canoe - Pack and Paddle
Shovel - Conservation Work
Pine Cone - Lost Pines Scout Reservation
Staff T-Shirt worn by Hank LaRowe in 1954.  Camper shirts did not have "staff" on them.
Camp Pennant from the early 1960's
Neckerchief Slides Used in 1960's
Several different neckerchiefs used by campers and staff at Camp Tom Wooten.

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We want to thank Paul Snider of San Marcos for providing us these pictures of the patches of Camp Tom Wooten, Richard South and Larry Lindsay of Austin for helping to identify the patches, neckerchiefs and other items and Hank LaRowe of Comanche for the T-Shirt.