Camp Tom Wooten

Maps of Camp


Aerial view of Camp Tm Wooten taken on July 7, 1938.
Click on map for larger photo or click HERE
This is a 1943 hand drawn map of Camp Tom Wooten.  Note the location of a campsite called "Iron Wheel" in the lower left hand corner of the map.  Also there were campsites known as "River Site" and "Indian Trail" down by Bull Creek that were later removed from future maps.
This map was published in the March 1956 council newsletter called "The Corral."  There were 11 campsites.  The map shows the old dining hall (B).  Work began on the new dining hall, located where campsite 11 is, in the early part of 1957.  For a larger picture of the map, just click on the map.
This map was published in 1958 after the new dining hall (B) was built. The old dining hall now became the Trading Post - Warehouse (D).  A new Arrowhead Ring (V) was added just below the Rifle Range, replacing the one located behind the log cabin.  Some of the campsites (Karankawa, Iowa and Tejas) were moved and Darnell (6) and "No Name" (7), later to be named Cartwright, were added.  Click on the map to see a larger picture.
This was one of the last maps made of the camp.  Notice that the Chapel is ow located below Crockett campsite.   Also the parking lot has been moved and the Arrowhead Ring has been deleted from the map.  Click on the map to see a larger picture.
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We want to thank Leo Lee for providing us with the 1956 map and thank Paul Snider for providing us with the 1958 and the last map of the camp.  And thanks toTe Starr for the aerial view of camp in 1938.