Camp Tom Wooten

First Summer Camp Brochure 1939

Martin Holeman attended that first week of summer camp at Camp Tom Wooten.  Here is his remembrances of that week.

I cannot remember a lot of the details of my week there, but the ones that stand out in my mind is that I was bored most of the time and the food was not like Mothers home cooking. I stayed in a cabin, screened in enclosure with bunk beds, with two brothers from my troop, Jimmy and Jack Miller. None of the leaders from my troop were present. we did not have any organized activities. I think some of the other troops did though. I spent a lot of my childhood in the swimming pool at Metz park and I can only remember one time that I was in the pool at Camp Wooten, probably because there was no life guard all the time. 

One thing that stands out in my mind is a hike that the entire camp went on. We hiked from camp down what is now Loop 360 to a point that took us up the mountain to what I think is now Jester Estates. At the top of the mountain we built a large fire and cooked on it. I remember that one of the scouts splashed hot grease on his leg and the counselors that were there searched for something to relieve his pain and I was the only one there with a first aid kit, it wasn't much but it did help. I can't remember whether it was Pat Moreland or his younger brother that burned himself. There was going to be a swimming contest on the last day, a Sunday, and Jimmy and Jack Miller  were counting on me to win the prize, which was a watermelon, but my Mother came up on the Saturday before and I decided to go back home with her, a day short of my week.

I do not know of any patches that were given out..

Be Prepared
Martin Holeman
May 21, 2014

Our thanks for Don Cluck for providing us with this first 1939 CTW summer camp brochure found in his father's collection.

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